Leads Not Syncing from Marketo Program to SFDC Campaign

Version 5

    Issue Description
    Leads are members of a Marketo Program that is synced with a SFDC campaign, but there are some leads that have not synced to SFDC.


    Issue Resolution
    This is generally caused by a Salesforce Sync Error


    1.) In Notifications, check for the subject 'Salesforce Sync Error: Unable to Add Leads to Campaigns'. This will list the details of the SFDC Error and a list of sample leads along with the Salesforce campaign that they failed to sync to


    Example error: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id


    Sample Leads:    Salesforce Campaign

    lead1@mail.com    Campaign name

    lead2@mail.com    Campaign name


    2.) Once the details are collected, contact your Salesforce admin for further troubleshooting.


    Here below are example articles that help address the example SFDC error above:





    Who This Solution Applies To
    Customers using Marketo with Salesforce integrated

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