Marketo Email Link is not redirecting to a Non-Marketo Landing Page

A document by KCS Integration on behalf of Leo Baltazar on Feb 15, 2018Last modified by Roxann McGlumphy on Feb 16, 2018
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Issue Description
Clicking on a link in a Marketo e-mail that re-directs to a non-Marketo webpage destination does not open the page.


Issue Resolution
Complete the troubleshooting step below. If they do not resolve the issue, include the results in a Marketo Support Ticket.


  • Check the CNAME is correctly setup for the email tracking link [Related DOC]
  • Check that the Default Branding Name matches the CNAME in Step 1 (check for typos). [Related DOC]


If you are unsure you can visit CNAME lookup on mxtoolbox and enter the default branding name to check. Under the Domain field enter your default branding name.


Do you have SSL for tracking links enabled?

  • If Yes, tracking links in emails should start with HTTPS://
  • If No, tracking links in emails should start with HTTP://


If you do not have SSL enabled, but when you click the link it resolves to HTTPS://,try a different network and see if it still occurs. Your network may be configured to automatically use HTTPS automatically even if the link is specified as HTTP. (Check with your network admin)


If you are re-directed to the non-Marketo landing page but the page does not load:

  • Check with the website admin if there are any redirect rules setup on the website.
  • Try cutting out parts of the additional URL Parameter to see if that fixes the issue to identify which part of the URL parameter is causing it. Sometimes lead tokens or the mkt_tok may affect a redirect rule, since mkt_tok generates random characters and sometimes the token contains percentage '%' characters. It very common for websites to interpret a % followed by a character as an encoding. Seen in this website here


If you are unable to resolve the issue in the steps above, provide the test results and information in a Marketo Support Case.