SFDC/MSD - changes to Score type fields made in the CRM get reverted by Marketo

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Issue Description
When there is a change to a field in your CRM that is mapped to a Marketo score type field, the next time the sync processes the change will be reverted and there will be a "Sync Person Updates" activity logged showing that the original value got pushed back from Marketo to the CRM.


Issue Resolution
Score type fields are designed to be managed solely by Marketo, since that is a unique field type to our system.  Scoring is intended to be handled by the scoring campaigns that you set up in Marketo, and pushed to the CRM if necessary.


If you have a score field that you intend to put processes in place where your CRM will be updating the values, simply make sure that the Marketo field that it is mapped to is an Integer type field.


Who This Solution Applies To
All instances with a native CRM integration (SFDC or MSD)