Unexpected Leads Showing Up On Smart List with 'Opportunity ID' Filter vs. SFDC List

Version 2

    Issue Description
    Customer created lists in SFDC and Marketo with identical filters/constraints for a field on the Opportunity Object, but the Marketo List is returning many more leads than the SFDC list.

    Issue Resolution
    The issue is due to Marketo field string values not being case-sensitive. Salesforce is case-sensitive, and will generate Opportunity IDs with the same letters, but with different capitalization arrangement.

    For example:

      • In SFDC: "0060y000016PzXw" is a different Opportunity ID than "0060y000016PZxW"


      • In Marketo, these two IDs are considered identical.

    As a result, Marketo will return leads that are not showing up on the Salesforce list.


    Adding the varied-case ID to the SFDC list filters will return the extra leads from Marketo.




    Smart List filters are not case-sensitive in Marketo, and will qualify leads with matching field values, regardless of letter case. One work-around option would be to use a 'Company Name' filter (or other known value) to further limit the leads in Marketo associated with the Opportunity. 


    Who This Solution Applies To

    Customers synced to SFDC