Reply Logging (SFDC)

Version 2

    ToutApp arms you with the ability to automatically log your prospects' replies to Salesforce. The structure that allows you to do this is based on our email reply tracking. If we can track a prospect's reply, then we can log that reply to Salesforce.



    • Must be logging emails via API logging
    • Must be able to track a reply
    • Must be connected with Salesforce
    • Must have Salesforce API calls available


    Enable Reply Logging

    To enable reply logging you can head over to your Salesforce settings page. Once API logging is checked off you will see the option to check Log Replies.

    2017-07-26 at 7.54 PM.png


    NOTE: Reply logging will follow the same rules you have in place for logging emails sent. This includes how emails are logged; to Leads and Contacts; when there is a duplicate record; if no matching records are found.

    Setting Type to Reply in Salesforce

    Getting meaningful data from your Salesforce reports is important. Having the ability to have the Type field populate as 'Reply' allows you to get that data through your reports.

    Partner up with your Salesforce admin to get this setup. The steps below should provide you with a straightforward setup.

    1) Go to Setup > Customize > Activities > Task Fields

    2) Click Type

    Reply Logging.png

    3) Click New under Task Type Picklist Values

    Reply Logging 2.png

    4) Type 'Reply' into the empty box. Make sure you capitalize the 'R' and click Save

    NOTE: You will not need to select a Default under the Type picklist. ToutApp will see that this Activity Type is available in your Salesforce instance and populate the task field on your incoming activities accordingly.


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