Getting an Error Message Of "Insecure Landing Page" When Your SSL Certificate Has Expired

Version 3

    Issue Description
    Your SSL certificate has expired and you still want your landing pages to work while the SSL cert is being renewed.


    Issue Resolution
    If you try to connect to a page that uses HTTPS but the SSL cert is not valid, you will get a message that says "Your connection is not private." You can use the following steps to make sure you will not see that error message while you wait.


    Note: Please keep in mind that this will make the pages unsecure and will use HTTP instead of HTTPS.


    To remove the error message while your SSL certificate is being renewed, follow these steps:


    1. Go to Admin > Landing Pages > Landing Page Options > EDIT
    2. Set "securePages" to No.
      Note: When you turn off the "securePages", all Marketo Landing Pages for this instance will be served as HTTP:// instead of HTTPS://
    3. Modify the "Fallback Page" by adding an additional character (e.g., www.fallback.comM -- in this example, M is the additional character added).
    4. Click Save.


    After the certificate is renewed, you MUST complete these steps. Do these every time "securePages" is modified.

    1. Set "securePages" back to Yes.
    2. Remove the additional letter (e.g., the "M") from the "Fallback Page".
    3. Click Save.


    Who This Solution Applies To
    This would only be used if your SSL certificate is expired for your landing pages, but you still want your landing pages to be accessible while the SSL certificate is being renewed.