Salesforce Sync Error: Daily API Limit Reached

Version 5

    Issue Description
    You receive an error "Salesforce Sync Error: Daily API Limit Reached"


    Issue Resolution

    The API limit for Salesforce is determined by your Salesforce agreement.  The Marketo sync bundles updates to minimize API calls, but depending on the amount of data you need to sync and your Salesforce API limit, you may encounter this error.  To minimize the number of API calls made to Salesforce by your Marketo instance, try the following:

    • Avoid "Sync to SFDC" flow steps.  These require one API call per lead.
    • Use the Marketo Program to SFDC Campaign sync to add people to SFDC Campaigns
    • Use Salesforce assignment rules to route leads and contacts rather than using Marketo to update lead ownership


    Who This Solution Applies To

    Customers integrated with Salesforce