Are You Ready to Get Certified?

Version 2

    How Well Do You Know Marketo?

    In 2013, the first Marketo Certified Experts were recognized for their validated expertise in Marketo- and demand has been growing ever since.  To keep our program current and give you even more ways to validate your skills, we’re updating the program with a completely new Marketo Certified Expert exam, a new certification prep course, and a variety of new Marketo Specializations – all designed to help you showcase your skills and advance your career.


    New Marketo Certified Expert Exam. The new Marketo Certified Expert exam contains scenario-based questions covering real-world practical knowledge. And passing this new exam will certify you for 2-years!! Learn More about the new Exam.


    New Marketo Specializations. Marketo Certified Experts can now earn Specializations that demonstrate proficiency with key features and concepts. See available Specialization assessments.


    New Certified Expert Preparation Course. Preparation is the key to success and this course will help you to get ready for the new Certified Expert exam. Until Summit 2017, we’ll be offering this half-day instructor-led virtual training at no charge – that’s a $375 value! View the course schedule.


    Getting Certified, Are You Ready?


    Marketo recommends a combination of:

    • Foundational marketing automation knowledge
    • 1 year of experience as a marketing automation professional
    • 1-2 years of general marketing experience
    • 1+ years (800-1000+ hours) hands-on experience using Marketo
    • Conceptual knowledge and understanding the business context of using marketing automation

    Specialist designations are available to extend the MCE credential.




    Why did the Marketo Certified Expert exam change?

    With the constant evolution of Digital Marketing best practices and Marketo software, there is a need to update the Certification exams and Specialization assessments in order to maintain the integrity of the Certification Program.


    How do I register for the Certification exams and/or Specialization assessments?

    You can register for the Marketo Certified Expert exam and the Marketo Specialization assessments through WebAssessor at


    Is there a proper sequence for acquiring Certification and Specializations?

    You must be MCE certified before you can take the Marketo Specialization assessments.


    How much does it cost to take a Certification exam or a Specialization Assessment?

    • The Marketo Certification Expert exam is priced at $225 USD. It is the same price to re-take an exam and/or for recertification.
    • The Marketo Specialization assessment are priced at $25 USD. It is the same price to re-take an assessment.


    What is the passing score on Marketo Certification exams and Specialization assessments?

    The passing score on Marketo Certified Expert 2017 exam is 70%.

    The passing score on Marketo Specialization assessments is 75%.


    You can find more information on the Marketo Certification program, new Certified Expert exam and Specializations online.  There’s no better time to get certified!