RingLead presentation deck

Version 1

    Hi MUG members,

    Here is the deck from Gregg at RingLead yesterday.


    Also, here are some of my key takeaway notes:


    “The creators and consumers of the data should be in charge of it”


    Marketo checks Salesforce ID to match records that are manually entered into Salesforce, not email address


    “The best practice is to get your data right the instance you create it.”


    Salesforce Data Quality Forum on LinkedIn is a group Gregg runs and asked us to join if we’d like


    “Data quality is a journey, not a destination”


    “Contact data ages like fish, not wine.”


    Someone wrote a webhook to fix the issue with Marketo combining demo scores with merging


    Thanks for joining us yesterday! See you in March! You can RSVP now!