How Marketo compares with the various ABM point solutions on the market

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    I thought this comparison of Marketo ABM would be helpful to you. This is from a comment to one of the threads by Brian Glover.


    I'm on Marketo's product marketing team and can give you some overall guidance on how Marketo compares with the various ABM point solutions on the market today.


    • Point solutions need to integrate with a marketing automation system to access leads, Marketo ABM is built natively on our marketing automation platform and manages the relationships between Accounts Lists, Named Accounts, Opportunities and Leads
    • Typically, only one or two channels are supported natively in an ABM point solution, Marketo ABM supports a broad number of channels (e.g. email, Web, ads, events, social, mobile), as it runs on Marketo, plus it has the benefit of powerful cross-channel orchestration capabilities whether the channel is native to Marketo or via partner integration
    • Marketo ABM consolidates ABM metrics (engagement, pipeline, revenue, etc.) plus buyer activity into Named Account and Account List dashboards
    • If you start with ABM point solutions, you will quickly face integration/workflow challenges
      • E.g. syncing account lists, orchestrating campaigns between channels, aggregating data for account analytics, all from the different solutions and interfaces.
    • Marketo perspective: Start with the solution that gives you the 3 essentials for ABM success in one place (Target, Engage, Measure) and then extend
      • Marketo has over 250 integrated partners in its Launchpoint partner ecosystem