How to Resolve Technical Issues Quickly

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Are you having technical difficulties or unintended behaviors in your Marketo instance? You can leverage Marketo's documentation, community and support team to quickly resolve issues. Here's how.


Search Marketo's Product Docs


Marketo's Product Docs contain essential information on Marketo functionality. If you have questions on topics such as how to build a smart campaign, setting up a Salesforce integration, or running email programs, this is the first place to look.


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Search Marketo's Developers Site

Documentation for developers on topics such as APIs and Webhooks can be found at Marketo Developers. It also includes a Developers Blog and information on Marketo for Websites (such as custom forms) and Marketo for Mobile.


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Explore Marketo's Nation


If Product Docs doesn't provide the information you need, log in to Marketo Nation for further resources. Click on the Products & Support tab on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. The drop down list includes two options that offer troubleshooting resources: Support and Discussions.



The first place to look is under Support. Here you can navigate to the Knowledgebase or do a keyword search. Keyword searches made here will return results from both the Product Docs and the Knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase is filled with valuable articles and information from Marketo employees, including Technical Support Engineers.



Reach Out to the Community for Answers


If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, click on the Products & Support tab at the top of your screen and select Discussions. This is where Marketo users turn to their peers in the community to ask questions and share knowledge. You can do an advanced search or start a discussion on the issue you are experiencing.


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Searching Discussions is the quickest way to find an answer. You can choose a category from the left-hand pane and also sort the results. If you find a relevant discussion, you can reply to the original post or to any comment in the thread for further clarification.


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If you can't solve your issue with a search, you can Start a discussion. Make sure the Mark this discussion as a question checkbox is clicked if you are asking a question. You can also add links, images and attachments, so this is a good place to include screenshots and links to public pages that are experiencing the issue. Provide detailed information so that others in the community can help you.


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Contact Marketo Support


If all else fails, it's time to log a case with Marketo Support. There are three ways to log a case.


1. Click the Submit a Case button via the Support Portal in Marketo Nation at Products & Support > Support > Submit a Case.

2. Call your local Marketo support number. (Phone numbers are included below.)

3. Email Support directly at


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Log A Case


When logging a case with Marketo Support, provide detailed information on the issue you are experiencing. This will allow the support engineer assisting you to resolve your case more quickly and efficiently. You should include the following information in your initial case comment:


1. What error or technical difficulty are you are experiencing? State the problem as clearly and thoroughly as possible. Include full, uncropped screenshots that show where the error occurs. Include additional screenshots if they provide further information on the error.


2. Include links to resources where errors are occurring. Make sure that you provide links to one or more affected leads. Links to affected programs, campaigns, landing pages or other assets should also be included. If you are having trouble with a landing page, include the URL to where the landing page can be found inside your Marketo instance, not the live page URL. Likewise, if the issue is a campaign, be sure to include a link to the campaign URL in your Marketo instance.


3. What causes the error to occur? Issues often need to be replicated to be resolved. By providing information on the steps that led to the error, support engineers can more quickly replicate an issue and bring it to resolution.


4. How have you tried to solve the issue, and what happened as a result? Sharing this information ensures that Marketo Support focuses on solutions that will directly assist you instead of responding to your case with suggestions you've already tried.