Troubleshooting Web Personalization (RTP) - Segment not Matching Organizations Visiting the Website

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    Using segments, you can target specific organizations by using the Named Accounts attribute in the segment editor. With this attribute, you can select all organizations in a Named Account List or by manually selecting organizations.


    RTP - Named accounts.PNG


    However sometimes we see one of those organizations visiting the website but it doesn't match the segment, even though it is included in the segment list.




    Checking for Segment Matches


    If a list was created manually, it's possible the organization wasn't included in the segment list in the first place. To check:


         Go to the Organizations tab


    RTP - Go to organizations.png


         Use the search bar RTP - Search bar.PNG to search the name of the organization in question


    If the organization was entered in the list correctly, it will be found through the search. If it does not appear in the search results, there are two issues that are likely to have arisen.



    Reasons for not Matching



    Luckily, typos are easy to fix. Simply edit the organization's name to match the spelling you wanted it to take on.


    Non-exact Matches

    Even if an organization is spelled correctly, it will still not match the organization listed in the segment if the names aren't exactly the same. It is very common for companies to have different names for their organization.


    RTP - Salesforce example.PNG



    To fix these non-exact matches, you'll have to be clever about how you name your organizations. In RTP, an important character to know is the wildcard character, represented by an asterisk (*). A wildcard character will match with any character or sequence of characters


    For example, the string "Salesforce*" will match all three of the above spellings ("", " Inc.", and "Salesforce Ltd") because they all begin with "Salesforce". For more examples on how to use wildcard characters, follow this document: RTP Glossary - Marketo Docs


    However, you must be careful using wildcards characters, because you could potentially match organizations that you didn't intend to match. For instance, the string "Salesforce*" will not only match the three examples above, but also a company named "Salesforce Finance", a completely different company.