RTP - How to add div ids to your website for In Zone campaigns

Version 5

    Adding a div id to your website involves modifying the underlying HTML code of the site. This is a task that needs to be handled by your web team.


    Before your developers can add a div id tag, they will need to know the name of the corresponding Zone id of the RTP campaign.


         Go to Campaigns page


    RTP - Get to campaigns.png


         Edit the existing campaign


    RTP - Edit campaign.png


         Find the Zone id in the In Zone tab of the campaign editor


    RTP - Zone id.PNG


    Your web team will be able to add the div ids if you provide the Zone id and point out the regions of the website that you wish to be used for your campaign. We recommend to provide your developers with a PowerPoint including screenshots of your website, marking the areas that should be used by the campaign.


    A developer will be able to add the div ids by editing the HTML and simply including id="Zone_id" into the desired div tags, replacing Zone_id with the given Zone id.