Marketo Security Enhancements

Version 1

    At Marketo we take security seriously. As a part of an industry-wide initiative, Marketo is upgrading our web authentication and encryption to enhance our security protections.  The rollout is scheduled to occur on December 12, 2015.


    Who will be affected?


    Only a small number of users will be affected, only those who have an integration to Marketo from a system that is over ten years old and hasn't been updated recently.  See this list  for more info on what systems and versions are supported.     


    The following users will not be impacted:


    • End users accessing through modern browsers (see list)
    • Customers using integration partners such as Informatica, Dell Boomi, and Scribe.   
    • Customers using Launchpoint partners.


    Rollout schedule


    The following rollout schedule is planned:

    ServiceURLSHA-2 Rollout Date
    API accessmktoapi.comDec 12, 2015
    API accessmktoresp.comDec 12, 2015
    Part of MLM Applicationmarketodesigner.comDec 12, 2015


    All other Marketo domains already use SHA2 certificates.