Aug 26 MUG Meeting Recap - Marketo Technical Secrets

Version 2

    Last week in our New York MUG meeting, Sanford Whiteman shared some interesting technical insights about munchkin, forms 2.0 and more.  If you weren't able to attend or would like a refresher, you can see his presentation slides at NYC MUG 2015-08 v2 by sanford.


    The following were a few of the takeaways.

    • Implementing SSL on your website and Marketo landing pages can improve page rank and ensures complete referrer info will be logged in the Visit Web Page activity
    • Munchkin can log 'synthetic' Visit Web Page activity to track events like how far someone viewed a video, time on page, etc.
    • Munchkin can fail to log page visits if the request takes longer than 350 ms
    • The Click Link activity can slow down page load times, which can affect UX, page rank and cause Munchkin Visit Web Page requests to time out
    • Intelligent use of the mchNoDecorate javascript class to suppress unneeded Click Link activity logging and deployment of Munchkin.beaconize() helper can help minimize the failure of page visits to be logged.
    • To set up a referral / kiosk form you need to remove munchkin.js from the page, archive the existing _mkto_trk cookie before the form post and restore it after the post
    • The online presentation page source has sample code for doing the following with forms.
      • Use Google typeahead to normalize company names
      • Validate email address format in real-time
      • Upload an image
      • Translate text comments
      • Localize form prompts
    • Pre-fill embedded forms using a Data Transfer Object


    Please feel free to follow and connect with Sanford in the New York User Group area.


    Keep spreading the word about the new Community and our NY MUG.  Let us know your ideas for our next MUG meeting likely in late October..