Get more out of the Community: Videos (Updated on 6/30)

Version 14

    We call these the Nation in 90

    In 90 seconds you can watch a video and learn how to get more out of the new Marketing Nation Community



    Nation in 90: What are Streams: Learn the definition of and how to set up your Activity Streams on the site (NEW)


    New Search: See our new Spotlight search that becomes more personalized over time -- uses your history, includes your bookmarks and more. (NEW)


    Learn about the key features of our new Community!  Hear an introduction about the new Marketing Nation Community


    Your Preferences: Learn how to set up your preferences to control how much and how often email your receive from the Nation


    Your Profile:  Set up your profile so other Members of the Nation can learn about your interests, your interests, ... and connect with you


    People Search: Use this powerful feature to locate Champions, User Groups Leaders and Marketing Experts


    Inbox and Activity Streams: Find your inbox and customize activity streams so you can easily follow people, places and content (Inbox accurate, streams outdated)


    Community Discussions  Learn how to easily participate in Community discussions


    How to Join a User Group: Hear how you can join a User Group in your area. (We also have Virtual User Groups)



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    Find more resources here;


    Icon Glossary

    A quick overview of all the new icons on on the site

    Community How-to's and TipsA list of all Community Help Articles.


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