Updating your Profile + Adding a picture

Version 1

    Courtney Grimes


    Adding an image and updating your profile is pretty straightforward if you've done this sort of thing with any other social platform in the past: head on over to the circle next to the pencil on the top of your screen and click the triangle to drop down to all of your account options:


    FireShot Screen Capture #030 - Updating your Profile + Adding a picture I Marketo Marketing Nation Community - nation_marketo_com_message_92040#92040.png


    From there, the first screen you should see directly deals with setting images:




    The first, primary image will set your profile photo; the second through tenth photo sets the side images for your profile; it's sort of akin to cover photos on Facebook. Because Jive is ridiculous and likes to have you have separate profile photos and avatars, setting your actual avatar is just another scroll of the screen down:




    Simply repeat the upload process one more time!