How to Join a User Group

Version 6

    If you are looking for a great way to connect with other Marketo customers in your region, join a Marketo User Group (MUG) today!


    First you must have your profile completely filled out including profile photo, avatar, bio, city, state and more. This way the leaders know who you are and where you're located. To learn more view Set Up Your Profile. If you are declined from a group it is most likely due to an incomplete/incorrect profile.


    Next follow these steps:

    1. Find your MUG by either going to Marketo User Groups (MUGs) and clicking 'View Regional User Groups' or you can simply search "User Group" or the city you are searching.
    2. Click Follow in the upper right corner of the group
    3. You're subscribed!
    4. NOTE: User Groups are restricted to marketers in a particular region.


    To unsubscribe, simply 'unfollow' the group.


    To receive email communications about the MUG in your area, fill out this MUG Sign Up Form.


    If you don't see a city in your region, you can request to start one. Before you do, please read our User Group Leader Responsibilities & Benefits.

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