Transforming Big Data Into Smart Advertising Insights Lessons Learned from Performance Marketing about Tracking Digital Spend

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Note: This guide was provided by our LaunchPoint partner, Cake.


Intro:  When it comes to where and how to invest their digital advertising resources, today’s marketers have more choices than ever. From display banners and mobile apps to email promotions to social media campaigns, the options available for engaging with consumers are diverse, varied and continually evolving. But while digital opportunities may be numerous,

marketing budgets have limits. Now more than ever, decision makers need ways to quickly assess what’s working and what’s not so they can intelligently allocate available spend. This requires more than instinct and intuition. Data that provides accurate, rich, real-time insight into digital campaign performance is needed. Thanks to the explosion of data generated online, a goldmine of performance-related information is now available to digital advertisers. But with so much to track, organize and analyze, making sense of it all can be challenging. Transforming “Big Data” into “Smart Data” that guides fact-based decision making is the key to digital marketing success.


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