Customer Account Manager's Suggested Reading

Version 2

    As Marketo customer and a member of the Marketing Nation, it's important to have something you can reference, a brief guide or checklist.  Here is a collections of articles that we think will be invaluable to you as you move along in your Marketo journey.


    Marketing Nation

    Marketing Nation Glossary



    Marketo Icon Glossary

    Managing Marketo Users

    Managing User Roles and Permissions



    Sales Insight

    Sales Insight is super easy to use and will give you the visibility needed to prioritize and close business faster.


    Issue a Marketo Email License

    Publish an Email to Sales Insight

    Using Interesting Moments

    Sales Insight Email Performance Reports


    Email Marketing

    Add Editable Sections to an Email Template

    The Engagement Dashboard


    Demand Generation

    Add Editable Sections to a Landing Page Template


    Revenue Explorer

    Revenue Explorer Report

    Revenue Explorer Report Types

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