What is a User Group?

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What are Marketo User Groups, or "MUGs" as they're more commonly called?

They are region specific meetings that are by customers for customers. With over 50 MUGs, we have a wide array of 75+ talented customers that are dedicating their time to planning and holding meetings, anywhere from quarterly to monthly. The purpose of these groups is for Marketo customers who are using the platform to meet to face to face and collaborate, network, and problem solve. In a digital world, we know how hard it is to ALWAYS rely on your global network for fast and relevant help, so it's important Marketo provides a region-specific group to help support you in your role as a marketer so you can succeed.


Is there a cost to attend these events?

No! But we highly encourage participation whether that be hosting a meeting, speaking at a meeting, or providing content or suggestions on hot topics that the group would benefit from. Our leaders are just as busy as you are, which makes group participation in planning the meetings not only helpful, but a recipe for undeniable success! 


How are the groups structured?

Each User Group has their own private group where you can connect with members, talk about content, and register for meetings in hopes that this makes our groups more successful and streamlined. You must request to join, and must be a marketer located in that region. This new process also means it's much easier to start a group near you! Visit Marketo User Group (MUGs) home today and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Click here to access more User Group Information in our Events Section. 


What does it take to start a new User Group?

Read our User Group Leader Responsibilities & Benefits and/or Virtual User Group Leader Responsibilities & Benefits to see what we look for, and request to start a group by filling out the Marketo User Group Leader Application if you don't have one near you.


So...what are you waiting for?

Join a MUG today and you’ll have an opportunity to get answers to the top questions on your mind, gain new insights into how other companies are taking advantage of Marketo and network with other marketers. To find a MUG near you, click here. If you don't see a MUG, request to lead one.


Click here to learnHow to Subscribe to a User Group.