Email is Blank after changing the email template

Version 3


    After changing your email template, your associated emails are now blank or the main template is showing.


    Why does this happen?


    This happens because the editor cannot associate the unique "mktedtable" divs  from the template to the email. When creating a template, each section that can be changed will have a class of "mktEditable" and a unique "ID".


    <div class=”mktEditable” id=”1body”> your editable content</div>



    To fix your current emails, preview the current approved email and verify there is infact content.


    1.discard draft

    2.edit draft, it will still look blank until step 3 is complete

    3.replace html with no changes, the html content should show again.

    4.approve the email

    Don't change anything and click OK. Your orginal email content will be restored.


    Caution: This only works if you did not approve the email when it was blank.
    rtaImage (1).jpg
    Note about the blank "template":
    • When using the blank template in general, it means you intend to address your email at the main email level.
    • Adding style to the blank template invalidates it as a blank template. The best practice would be to create a new template and add your custom code.