How Do I Remove Microsoft Word or Dreamweaver Formatting?

Document created by Jamie Carey on Dec 29, 2014Last modified by Jamie Carey on Jan 20, 2015
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If you paste from other applications into the rich text editor (when editing a landing page or email), the email editor will do its best to maintain the style in your email and remove extraneous CSS and HTML that could affect the rendering of your email.  However, it's possible that  some extra CSS or HTML will end up in your email and cause your emails and landing pages to render incorrectly.


When pasting from Microsoft Word


The rich text editor automatically cleans up the formatting of content from Word.  It should appear normal when you paste it into the editor.


When pasting from other applications


If you have content from another application, such as Dreamweaver or other HTML editors, that you want to add to Marketo, you first need to remove the formatting before pasting it into Marketo:


    1. Open the landing page up for editing

    2. Open your source document

    3. Open a new file in notepad (windows) or textedit (osx). Make sure it's in plain-text mode (no formatting)

    4. For each rich text section:


        - Copy the content you want to add from the source application to your clipboard

        - Paste the content into your desktop text editor (notepad, textedit)

        - Copy the content from your desktop text editor

        - Drag in a Rich Text box onto your landing page

        - Paste the content from your clipboard into the Rich Text box


If you need to clean up content pasted into Marketo


If you've already pasted content from an app into Marketo and notice that the formatting is messed up, follow these steps.


    1. Before making any edits, make sure you have the original content backed up somewhere.  If you don't, save the landing page as an HTML file.

    2. Open the affected landing page or email for editing in Marketo.

    3. Open Notepad (windows) or TextEdit (osx). Open a new, plain-text file (no formatting)

    4. For each rich text section:


        - Open the rich text editor for that section

        - Copy the content from the Rich Text editor

        - the content into your desktop text editor

        - Click the HTML button in the toolbar of the Rich Text editor

        - Delete everything in the HTML box

        - Close the HTML box

        - Copy the content from your desktop text editor

        - Paste the content into the Rich Text editor

        - Fix any remaining formatting issues


When you're done, test your emails and landing pages in different clients and browsers to make sure they render correctly.