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Hello Marketing Nation!


Marketo Support is excited to announce a change that we are deploying on Monday, November 5, 2018.  Marketo Support will be launching a brand new customer phone system with a new "Voice of Marketo Support."


There will be no changes to how you connect with Marketo Support.  All of our contact numbers and support email addresses remain the same and there should be no or very limited interruption in service while deploy our new services.


Some of the things you will notice with our new platform:

  • New Phone IVR experience with a new engage voice from Marketo...exciting times call for a fresh voice to say "Thank you for calling Marketo Support..."

  • Our phone system will now identify if you have an open case and are calling about the case and route your call and the case to the next available support you the trouble of reading off the case number.

  • We will continue to offer a callback feature in the event you prefer to not wait in queue for a support engineer....we can ring you back for sure.

  • A new online chat with screenshare (in the community)!


There are numerous features that will greatly improve our services all running in the background....things like more dynamic skills based routing and better real-time metrics that allow us to adjust our focus to changing volumes and customer needs.  All elements that we will focus on to deliver to all of you the World-Class Customer Service you have come to expect from Marketo Support

Hello Marketing Nation!


As we promised, the additional features to enhance your Universal ID experience in the Support Portal have been released.


1.  Now, the Support Portal will recognize both your authorized support and non-authorized UID Contacts in the Support Portal.


2.  You can now change the default UID contact instance you selected by going to the My Info tab, and selecting a new instance and then saving.


default instance select.png


As a customer using Universal ID, you will now be able to freely access all of your cases and use all the features associated to your UID contact and associated level or Marketo Support.


Please stayed tuned to the Marketo Support Blog for news about our Quarterly Enhancements to the Support Portal for Q2.


Thank you

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Greetings Nation!


Marketo Support has released a few new features into our Support Portal to better align how the Case Submission and Case Management activities work with Universal ID.


1. Default instance selection


When a customer is identified as a Universal ID contact and uses the Support Portal for case submission for the first time, they will be presented the option to select a default UID contact based on the instance the contact was created from.  This default user will be the contact that the Support Portal loads with each time.

At this time, the default Universal ID contact must be set up as an authorized support contact


 default contact.png



2. UID Contact Switch


After a default UID contact has been selected the customer can dynamically switch their UID contact from within the CaseConnector.


At this time, the selector drop down will only show UID contacts that are set up as authorized support contacts.

To increase the security and privacy of our customer data, Marketo Support has introduced the option for our customers to tell us whether they allow Marketo Support Staff and our authorized representatives to access their instance while troubleshooting support cases.


Do note that denying or delaying approval for Marketo Support Staff and our authorized representatives to access the instance might prevent us from fully investigating the issue raised in the support case, and can result in extended resolution times or the inability to fully resolve the reported issue.

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Authorized Support Admin

The Authorized Support Admin can set the remote access permissions for the entire instance by navigating to the ‘Manage Remote Access’ option in the Support Portal. This selection applies to cases raised under the entitlement by either the Authorized Support Admin or Authorized Support Users. The options that are available are:

  • All Cases: By default, Marketo Support Staff and our authorized representatives can access the instance for all cases raised under the entitlement. When a case is raised, this selection can still be changed during the case creation process.
  • Approval Needed: By default, Marketo Support Staff and our authorized representatives are denied access to the instance for any new case raised under the entitlement. When a case is raised, this selection can still be changed during the case creation process.
  • Never: Marketo Support Staff and our authorized representatives are denied access to the instance for any new case raised under thes entitlement. This cannot be changed during the case creation process without explicit permission from the Authorized Support Admin.




Authorized Support Users

Authorized Support Users can set the remote access permissions on a per case basis during the case creation process.

  • Allowed: Marketo Support Staff and our authorized representatives can access the instance for the life of the case for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Denied: Marketo Support Staff and our authorized representatives are not allowed to access the instance at any time during the life of the case.

If the Authorized Support Admin has opted to Never allow remote access, the permission on the case will be set to Denied and cannot be changed by an Authorized Support user.



Getting Permission

In the case where Marketo Support or our authorized representatives require access to an instance, and the remote access permission is denied for the case, we have the option to request permission. We will send the contact on the case an email with a link so that the change in permission can be recorded in our system.

If the access permission on the case is Denied, and the instance wide setting by the Authorized Support Admin is either All Cases or Approval Needed, both Authorized Support Users as well as the Authorized Support Admin can grant us access for that case.

If the access permission on the case is Denied, and the instance wide setting by the Authorized Support Admin is Never, only the Authorized Support Admin can grant us access for that case.

Marketo Support is excited to announce beginning March 12, 2018 the email address will be live!  This new email address will replace that many of you have used for addressing your general access and Marketo Support needs.


During the transition both email addresses will receive customer cases over the next two months, so there will be no interruption to you receiving our award-winning customer support, however, we encourage you to start using the new address today so you won’t be left out when the old address goes away.


The email address will officially close on May 4, 2018.


We thank you for being a part of The Marketing Nation.

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Hello Wonderful Purple People!

We've made some long awaited changes as well as some enhancements that we think will make our case submission form even more productive.  This is just the first step for a slew of amazing enhancements that are planned for Marketo Support and the Support Portal in 2018!


#1.  Select an Instance - If you have multiple instances or even sandboxes and you want to submit a case for one of them, in the past you would have to write that into the description of the case, now you can select the instance that appears under your account.


#2.  Attach a file to the Case - You've asked for it and now you have it.  You can finally attach a file when you first create the case.  We hate that you've waited so long for this, but we are glad that it is finally here for you to use.


#3.  Save and Cancel Buttons - We received feedback that our placement of the Save button and the Cancel button were in odd placements and should be reversed.  As requested, they've pivoted.


Create Case V1.png


#4.  Case Update Box - To better set expectations on when you should expect to see an update on your case, we have added a Next Update Due Box at the top right of your Case Detail Page.


#5.  Assigned Support Engineer - We are committed to your success, so we think it is important that you know who from our team is working on your support case at all times.  Once your case has been assigned your case detail page will show which of our skilled support engineers will be working to resolve your issue.


Case Detail V1.png


#6.  Recent Cases - We are introducing two new Case Views for you.  My Recent Cases will show you a view of your 5 most recently opened and closed cases within the last 30 days and All Company Recent will show the same, but the 5 recently opened and closed cases on the Account.


#7.  Consolidated Recent Case View - We wanted to give you a simplified view of your recent open and closed cases.  So My Recent Case view will be the default case listing when you visit the My Cases page.


My Cases V1.png


Since 7 is a lucky number, I think we'll stop there with this post.  This is just the beginning for a year that is going to be filled with improvements and enhancements that are all targeted at making each of your interactions with our Support Team productive and memorable.


Thank you all and looking forward to communicating with all of you throughout 2018.

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Like you, Marketo takes privacy seriously. We treat the data that you collect and use on our platform with the utmost sensitivity and employ strict policies and appropriate protections to help ensure the privacy of that information.


Marketo is responding to the October 6, 2015 invalidation of the Safe Harbor Program by developing an addendum to our services agreement that will incorporate the standard contractual clauses, which is an alternative mechanism for transferring personal data outside the EU in compliance with EU data protection law.


Find more information and access the data processing addendum here.

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The recent WordPress 4.2.3 security release is affecting Marketo embedded forms.  WordPress is injecting code that comments out the line of the embedded code that loads the form.  This prevents the form from displaying on the page.


To correct this error, simply copy and paste the embedded code back onto the page using the Text Editor instead of the Visual Editor to prevent the code injection.

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Marketo is strengthening our encryption protocols and following security best practices.


RC4 cypher used in TLS/SSL transactions is no longer considered s strong security protocol and will be gradually disabled on Marketo networking devices, starting July 20, 2015.


No interruption of Marketo SaaS services is expected as a result of this change. 


Customers with legacy systems dependent on RC4 are advised to update any API components used to connect to Marketo SaaS APIs in order to support other secure protocols and cyphers such as AES, 3DES, or ECDHE .


If you encounter any issues please contact Marketo Customer Support.

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With the new Marketing Nation Community, we have an all new way for customers to submit and manage their support cases.  A new application called the CaseConnector.  The CaseConnector is directly integrated with Marketo's case management system and it has been built to be responsive, so if you need to access the CaseConnector on the Marketing Nation Community through your tablet or smartphone, our new case submission solution is optimized for your use.


There are a few different ways to get to the CaseConnector, The simplest and easiest way is using the Create menu.  Just click the Create menu next to your profile avatar and scroll down and click My Cases.


The two other ways of accessing the CaseConnector involve going to your Company Space in the Marketing Nation Community.  From your Company Space simple select My Cases in the sub-menu or from the Action menu, select My Cases.

My Company Space.png            My Company Space2.png                                                      

Once the CaseConnector has launched, select the Create Case tab and the case submission form is all yours to fill out.  Our Marketo Support team is standing by to assist you.



And that's all it takes to submit a case to our team.

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Welcome to the Marketo Support Solutions Blog!


The Marketo Support team is full of ideas and thoughts that we want to share with our customers, so from time to time you'll see updated blog posts from many of our team members with helpful hints and tips of using Marketo, different tricks you can try to achieve certain results, maybe some interesting workarounds, and news from the world of Marketo support.


If you haven't guessed it yet, the partnership that I am talking about in the title is the one that Marketo Support forms with you, our valued customer.  Your success in using Marketo and achieving your business goals is the focus of everyone in our Marketo Support organization, from our Technical Support Engineers to our Support Managers.  We're here to build a relationship with customers in order to best meet their needs for their organizations and there are a few ways that customer can help us achieve that mutual goal.


It's Broke.  Fix it!

If you submit a support case and tell us something is broken, we are ready to jump to take care of it for you, but before we jump, it would be great to have a general idea of what we are going to jump into.  The adage, "The devils in the detail" are no where more right than in submitting a case to our support team.  A few things to consider before you hit the submit button:


  • What action where you trying to perform?
  • What error messages are you receiving?
  • What steps do you perform to re-create the error?
  • Screenshots to show the errors
  • Links to any assets associated with your case
  • Exact names of any Programs, Campaigns, Forms, or Fields
  • URLs for any external pages that are part of the issue


Our team may still come back to you with questions, but they will likely be more specific and targeted on what the solution could be.


Be Sure to Learn Well Grasshopper...

Our support engineers will do their best to work on resolving your problems, provide you some instruction on how to do something in Marketo, they might even go the extra mile to assist you in diagnosing some problems due to custom work that you may have done, but something our team isn't really in a position to do is to tell you, how you should be using Marketo.  We have a lot of other great teams at Marketo that we can direct you to if you have questions like that.  Be sure to leverage all the resources Marketo offers to maximize your journey towards your goals.


Marketo Education - Classes and Courses focused you teaching you the ins and outs of Marketo and Marketing Automation

Marketo Services - Need some custom help or development?  The team to call on for all your custom needs

Marketo Customer Account Managers - Need that that Best Practice paper for a Marketo Drive Play that really get your strategy solidified, contact the account manager to all your needs


Feedback - Bring on the Applause or the Call to Action

It is always nice to know when we are doing things right.  It helps validate the time and effort our teams invest into trying to deliver the best possible customer support experience out there, but we will also be the first to admit that we aren't perfect and sometimes we have some misses.  We really value the feedback of our customers, cause there is no support goal greater than being able to provide the tools and solutions that our customers need.  So when you have the opportunity, and a little time, be sure to take advantage of any support survey, feedback option, or poll that you encounter.  We'll continue to get better as long as you continue to want us to.

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