Greetings Nation!


Marketo Support has released a few new features into our Support Portal to better align how the Case Submission and Case Management activities work with Universal ID.


1. Default instance selection


When a customer is identified as a Universal ID contact and uses the Support Portal for case submission for the first time, they will be presented the option to select a default UID contact based on the instance the contact was created from.  This default user will be the contact that the Support Portal loads with each time.

At this time, the default Universal ID contact must be set up as an authorized support contact


default contact.png



2. UID Contact Switch


After a default UID contact has been selected the customer can dynamically switch their UID contact from within the CaseConnector.


At this time, the selector drop down will only show UID contacts that are set up as authorized support contacts.


uid contact select.png


This will allow all customers using UID to switch contacts and manage their cases more effectively within the Support Portal and not require them to log into the instance directly in order to pass the credentials into the community.


Additionally, we are currently testing two more features that we will be releasing shortly as well:


  1. UID contact selector for non-authorized contacts - UID contacts not set up as authorized support contacts may not be able to submit cases, but they should be able to view current and closed cases.
  2. Default UID contact switch - Allowing customers to change the default UID contact they have selected from the My Info tab of the Support Portal


More updates to come as well as our Quarter 2 enhancements to the Support Portal, so stay tuned.