• Progressive Profiling Form does not submit a POST request

    Hi, we are using a form with progressive profiling. It loads just fine, however, submitting the version of the form with only the e-mail field showing - it does not work. Basically, as silly as it sounds, clicking the...
    Robert Jakobson
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  • Velocity Link Tracking Issue

    I have created a script that displays specific content for a user based on specific characteristics (I use email address in this simplified example). However, I am unable to track the links created in this script. Kno...
    Inge Schenk
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  • SFDC Account Name Sync Problem. Is this common?

    Wondering if it's a Marketo or SFDC problem but for some reason the SFDC Account Names are populating on Marketo profiles with "View Hierarchy" link in them, so here's how the values look:   Google <a href="/...
    Chirag Agarwal
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  • Installing Google Adwords Converion Tracking Tag on Marketo Landing Pages

    Hi Community,   I believe I set it up correctly (fingers crossed), but would like confirmation from someone who has dealt with installing Google Adwords conversion tags onto their Marketo landing pages. Basical...
    Jenny La Van
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  • List of Opt-In and Double Opt-In Countries

    Does anyone know where I can find a comprehensive list of countries that require opt-in and double opt-in for B2B emails?  Specifically, I am looking for APAC/APJ country laws where double opt-in is required....
    Kyle McCormick
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  • GDPR - Are you adding a cookie opt-out link to your Privacy Policy?

    I found this tip in GDPR preparation discussions as an action item we should take to ensure cookie compliance (in addition to setting up a cookie preferences center on our site/Marketo landing pages):   Add a li...
    Alexis Shamsi Hughes
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  • Embedding Marketo Forms in Kentico CMS

    Hi all. Does anyone have experience embedding Marketo forms on the Kentico CMS (version 10)? We are able to get the Lightbox code to appear correctly; however, we would like to embed the form on a web page.
    Jack Schneider
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  • Form submission based on chosen value

    Hello everyone,   I was wondering if anyone has had experience with the following scenario: Have one Marketo landing page Have two forms (Form A and Form B) from two different Marketo instances in the backgrou...
    Danny Tran
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  • Pagination issues with some endpoints

    We are having issues with the pagination using some endpoints, regarding the documentation the API should return the property “moreResult” which indicates if there are more results in subsequent pages. ...
    Nicolas Brisoux
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  • Using Advanced Filter Logic with Triggers and Filters

    If I have the following triggers and filters set up, what else do I need to do to make sure that the triggers should have an ANY logic and the filters have the logic entered:   So if I want to see all people th...
    Fengning Yu
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  • What is the maximum request size for the Marketo API?

    Hey everyone, We might have a scenario of sending an email with a huge body, maybe some thousands of lines, so we are figuring out if Marketo can handle this kind of request. Does anyone know the maximum request si...
    Ícaro Seara
    created by Ícaro Seara
  • ipad check in event app

    Hey Marketo Customers! Anyone using the ipad check in event app? Any pros and cons? Do you still need to use a Roadshow Program to use or can it be used on any Event Program like a Live Event for example. TIA!
    Michelle Tang
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  • Locking down RSVPs

    Is it possible to stop the ability to RSVP to an event after the RSVP date? 
    Kerry McGlashan
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  • The button to edit text disappeared

    Hi! has anyone experienced this before?
    Sebastian Cassis
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  • Asset types to use in Engagement Program

    Can you use any asset types as content in an Engagement Program? I've been reading that we can use either emails or programs as content. That means any asset within a program, including reports and landing pages, can ...
    Fengning Yu
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  • Can I embed Marketo Form

    Can I embed Marketo form into WordPress?
    Scott Wilder
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  • Does the flow step "Add to Engagement Program" make the person a member of the Engagement Program?

    Does the flow step "Add to Engagement Program" make the person a member of the Engagement Program? I understand that the "Change Program Status" flow step does.
    Fengning Yu
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  • Engagement Programs?

    Hello All   so i have this strategy below and need some advice in what would be the best to utilize i.e. engagement streams or just normal drip (i am swaying towards normal drip programs just because of differen...
    Aaron Banko
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  • Help with community mission like the Help Blog post.

    In the community missions, there is a task to "like Help Blog post". Where can I find this post? I assume it is a particular post as I have like a few posts and have not yet completed this task? Help.
    Carol Foote
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  • RTP static list not showing up when creating segment

    I am trying to create a segment based on a list we have in Marketo. However, the list will not show up when I try to create the segment. Any ideas of why this may be?
    Jarom Hulon
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