• Can I sync a custom Campaign Object field?

    We have added a new custom campaign object field, Vendor into SFDC.  How can I sync this field to Marketo?  Is this only possibly by also relating this object to Lead, Contact or Account, which doesn't neces...
    Nancy Rosenthal
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  • Use Ticket Owner email as in Marketo email

    Hi community, I have a question about how to use Ticket Owner email address (lookup field in Salesforce) as From/Reply-to for my Marketo emails? Can anyone offer suggestions without creating one more owner email addre...
    Emma Wu
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  • Duplicate Columns in List Export

    When exporting a list and including "Person Source" in the export, it shows 2 columns "Person Source" and "Person Source (A)". What is the difference? And why are their discrepancies between the 2?   For example...
    Amanda Borshoff
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  • Salesforce Campaign sync to Marketo

    I am a salesforce dev new to Marketo. I want to know if I can sync a salesforce campaign to Marketo ( creating a new program/ campaign in Marketo). If not, what are other possibilities to achieve this? Does Marketo ...
    Sukumar Salla
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  • Require Business Email Address on Forms

    Hello,   I found the script below in this discussion: How do I require a BUSINESS email   I pasted the script in my Marketo landing page template and tested the form with a Yahoo email address and it still i...
    Trevor Parsell
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  • User access?

    what user role will allow someone access to design emails but not be able to approve or send emails?
    stephanie carlson
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  • Smart Campaign has 0 "qualified" members

    I have set up multiple smart campaigns scheduled to send an email dependent upon an assigned "drop date". I have them added by smart list and the smart list quantity is accurate. However when I scheduled my single run...
    Allison Austin
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  • Extract PathFactory "Visits Webpage" Query Parameters

    We've been increasingly using PathFactory as a way to surface "non-gated" resources to our customer base. So far it has been great for customers since we don't post the assets anywhere besides on internal...
    Sean Day
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  • Fields on form renders weird on certain browsers

    Hello all! My team has been having issues with our Marketo forms not rendering properly on browsers (namely Firefox) or when there is an AdBlocker. We use a third party website to host our forms - not Marketo LPs. We ...
    Trina Ng
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  • React Website + Marketo

    I am developing a microsite that will be integrated with our Marketo instance. I am interested in using React to build the site. Two questions: Will Marketo munchkin code work on a React website? Forms? If it does w...
    Noah Wong
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  • MSI Best Bests for Dynamics to Email Alert

    Hello,   With MSI Best Bets in Dynamics - you are only able to view the best bets that are tagged under you - this is proving to be a challenge for us because of our current sales structure.    I can'...
    Frances Lorezo
    created by Frances Lorezo
  • Zoom and Marketo Integration

    Hi everyone!  I am looking at moving away from my current webinar provider to Zoom, and I would love some feedback from other Marketo + Zoom users.    1. How quickly after a webinar is completed do the...
    Rachel Bryan
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  • Include Members of one smart list to another

    Hi,   I have two smart Lists that are as follows:-   Member of smart list = eCom Customers Member of smart list = Product Updates Opt-in   I want the logic set up in a way that all ecom customers...
    rishabh Sethi
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  • Email domain spamming / limit # contacts

    I've been asked to limit the number of contacts per company that receive the same email.  Is this possible? This would be for one off email sends and not every email. For example, company A has 45 contacts, comp...
    Emma Peek
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  • Correct way to mark someone inactive through the API?

    We are maintaining our lead database by syncing data between our data warehouse and Marketo using the API. What is the correct way to mark a lead as inactive and stop any emails from going to them. I don't want to del...
    Mike Sprague
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  • Postal code validation for United States and Canada

    Is that a way to prevent a form (form 2.0) submitted when a lead insert an in-correct postal code for the United States and Canada?  Where can I find a Marketo document for USA & Canada postal code (Regex) va...
    Linh Vorhis
    created by Linh Vorhis
  • Token is already in use and cannot be deleted

    I created few tokens at Folder level and used tokens for campaign request to send emails and  thought of removing one of these token from the folder and creating at program level. But when i try to delete i am ge...
  • Data value change report

    Is there a way to create a report on all people whose company size details were edited on a particular date, rather than going into each individual record? e.g.
    Sylvia Vasas
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  • Engagement Program Sent Timing with Timezone

    I set up a new engagement program that sends an email on Monday & Thursday at 8:30am with time zone functionality enabled. The first batch of leads was about 1000 names, from various US timezone, and I imported th...
    Kanako Tone
    created by Kanako Tone
  • How do I group checkbox fields in a form?

    I'm building a form in the Design Studio and have a large amount of Checkbox fields. I would like to group these fields into different sections for a cleaner, less lengthy look. How do I do this? I've provided an exam...
    Kyle Lampis
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