• Soft Bounce Error Messages: Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon

    Question on Soft Bounces   Context/background: Recently warmed dedicated IP. This process went very well. After warming we sent a promotional email and the deliverability is terrible (around 60%). Note: about 8 ...
    Ande Kempf
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  • CRM Url has been changed

    Hello,   Our Dynamics CRM organization external url has changed due to a SSL certificate change.   How can we change the URL in Marketo since the field is not editable/locked?  
    Richard Fronda
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  • Client Email Analitics

    Hello, I have a problem displaying email depending on the inbox (gmail, hotmail, outlook, etc.) that receives my Marketo email. From the email analytics platform, we can see on which device (OS, Android) and media (...
  • Event QR check-in solutions?

    As everyone knows, the marketo event app is lacking behind what's standard for events now.   Has anyone implemented an, or built their own, event check-in solution? Preferably using QR codes...
    Jay Jiang
    created by Jay Jiang
  • Avatar for email address

    How to create the avatar (company logo) for email address? So users in gmail could see the avatar next to the sender name.   We have found 3 solutions: 1 - BIMI. Many articles, but no real examples. It seems it...
    Irina Manolova
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  • Custom Tokens for a Webhook

    Hi all,   We need to create a custom token with custom object fields in order to push this data by a webhook. We're trying to preserve our API quota. Is this possible?   I'm able to create an email scri...
  • Target Contact Integration from Discoverorg to Marketo

    Hi, I`m Sho. We are starting up business  @SF, and start prospecting by Discoverorg. Does anyone have idea best way to integrate target contact flag from Discoverorg to Marketo?   I wanna build smart list...
    Sho Tsuchiya
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  • Champion Challenger Test Issues

    Hello Friendly Marketo Community!   I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing Champion Challenger test issues? I recently created a Champ/Challenger test and after a week the test has gone missing. We checked a...
    Ande Kempf
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  • Marketo Modules Not Showing Up

    Any ideas on what could be happening here? I have tried multiple browsers and restarted my computer - I am still unable to see modules in Marketo - Need to draft some emails - Help!!
    Noor Tarique
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  • Tips for newbie implementing and managing Marketo for the first time

    Hi all,   Our company is in the process of implementing Marketo, which is our first ever venture into the marketing automation world. We are still in the middle of setting up our instance and going through onboa...
    Lisa Forson
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  • Exporting Marketo Design Studio

    Hey, how can we export all "Images and Files" from Marketo? Is there a tool that could help us?
    Diana Jakubaityte
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  • Can CC talk to fields NOT on the lead record?

    Hey there! We're looking at the CC functionality and investigating how many different things it can talk to - we use Salesforce, and are very interested in CCing people who are connected to the lead via a Relationship...
    Lauren Linsalata
    created by Lauren Linsalata
  • Communications Limits when using programs in for content in engagement programs

    If you have programs in your nurture streams, do you have to mark the campaigns that send the email to use communications limits, or will it apply automatically because it is part of engagement?  I am hoping the ...
  • Person is a member of smart campaign but is not being pushed into flow

    Hi all,   I setup a new smart campaign (only filters, no triggers) and attempted to test by adding a couple specific email address as one of the filters (#7). I see that a test email address IS being brought in ...
    Jeremy Gendelman
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  • Marketo form follow up external URL to open in new window

    How do I get my Marketo form follow up external URL to open in new window. I have tried a few codes and I can't seem to get it work correctly. I have 3 options depending "external URL's" it may open in depen...
    Mark Goonetilleke
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  • Website "visits" from bots

    Greetings Marketo Community!   I have recently come across a new (to me) issue with tracking website visits initiated by an email send.   Most of us are familiar by now with the "fake clicks" performed by ...
    Ronnie Duke
    created by Ronnie Duke
  • Load Marketo Form Lightbox upon clicking specific link on landing page

    <script src="//app-sjn.marketo.com/js/forms2/js/forms2.min.js"></script> <form id="mktoForm_1886"></form> <script>MktoForms2.loadForm("//app-sjn.marketo.com", "912-DWT-370", 1886);</sc...
    Nathan Allison
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  • Salesforce Campaign Sync in a Marketo Program

    If I set up Salesforce Campaign Sync for a Marketo Program, do I have to create smart campaigns to change program status? Or will it just automatically update when a lead opens, clicks, fills out form?   Can you...
    Danielle Chan
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  • Is there a way to email known visitors that have visited the site with a certain browser?

    With some of the updates and end of life support of certain versions of Internet Explorer we would like to see if there is a way to tart recent visitors that have been using Internet Explorer.  The plan is to enc...
    Kevin Farley
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  • Filtering Custom Object by Date in Velocity

    Hi all, I have a program running that looks at training records for our clients (which we store in COs) and will send an alert to our vendor to delivery something if the date of the training is within 14 days. I have...
    Samantha Cossum
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