• Split behavioral scoring for different products

    I want to setup behavioral scoring, but different scoring fields for different products. So I would have as score fields scoring_behavioral_product1 scoring_behavioral_product2 One of the elements influencing ...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • What does everyone use for a visual workflow?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to Marketo and wanted to know if they have a visual workflow. If not does anyone have a good platform or service that they use?    I know other sites like ActiveCampaign and SharpSprin...
    Ray Bennett
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  • Marketo Forms Loading Issues / JS Error 429?

    I am having some issues debugging marketo forms on my site using the embed code. Whenever the page first loads, the form(s) load perfectly fine. If i were to refresh the page (or go to another page with a same/differe...
    Zachary Batastini
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  • Salesforce Sync Error: Apex CPU time limit exceeded

    Hello -  I am trying to make a Salesforce campaign sync using the native sync between Marketo program and SFDC campaign but after it syncs 50K records out of 140K records this error message is ret...
    Cameron Zellner
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  • Map lead owner to another field

    We'd like to map the owner upon assignment to a custom field. For example, when a new lead is created, the routing rules are requested, and Sally Jones is assigned the owner of the new record, we'd like Sally Jones to...
    Jeff Smith
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  • Web Personalization - Web Dialog Campaign only shows once - by design?

    Hi all, I've created a web personalization campaign of the dialog variety.   The campaign works just fine - I go to the target URL and I see the dialog. But when I refresh the page - or close/re-open my browser ...
    Jason Reber (THV)
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  • Email Performance Report - Group by Segmentation

    I feel like i know the answer to this, but is there a way to pull an email performance report that is grouped by segmentation, with the level above that being by email?   So for example, if I want to run an emai...
    Angus McCann
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  • Find Empty / Unused Fields Across Database

    I have recently moved into marketing operations at my organization taking ownership of our Marketo instance. There are unfortunately hundreds of fields used, including many custom Marketo fields. I'd like to clean up ...
    Jesse Andrew
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  • How do I define the email address I want a Form to send to?

    Drawing a blank in designing a new form.  How/where do I define the email address I want submissions to be sent to?   Thanks,   Dave Palmer Simpay
    Dave Palmer
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  • 'Failed to merge people' error

    I just synced our SFDC and Marketo and noticed many duplicates--all of which originated from our CRM, since no new people have been created in Marketo yet.  I tried merging them using the default "Possible Duplic...
    Preeth Kumar
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  • Report capturing Form Filled date

    New user of Marketo, and I could use a little directional help.   I am looking to export a list of leads that filled out a specific set of web forms.  I can pull date/time of their last activity, but I want...
  • How To Enter Engagement Streams

    Hi,    I have an engagement program which will have three streams,    Top Middle  Bottom   I want to add users from previous campain activity into specific funnel stages, e.g. I will...
    Michael O'Donnell
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  • Can't log in Marketo

    hello there, we have an urgent problem, we could not log in our Marketo for some reason, anyone knows how should we solve this?Don MayberrySupport I have read another questions in the community, it seems happen to ...
    Max Ma
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  • Date stamp for form submissions

    I have a form that I need to capture the submission date.   I have this as a hidden field but the the date is not pulling into my smart list that includes additional information that I need to capture.  I a...
    Jamie Barclay
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  • How to capture the Date and time of Registration?

    Hi, Is there a way I can get the registration date as a field in marketo. Should I create a Custom field for this time stamp?
  • Prepopulating form fields with details from lead's record

    Hello!    We have the following setup for a campaign. - User completes a form requesting a license - Admin checks if the user meets the requirements and then uses a form to approves/refuse the applicant.&...
    Bogdan Moisa
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  • Campaign step execution order

    Following scenario: My smart campaign has 2 flow steps of type : Request Campaign.   Can I be certain that the 2nd Request Campaign step will wait for the first one to be finalized before executing? &...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Landing Page Issues After Approval

    Hi there!    I just uploaded a guided landing page template, approved it, then edited it to make it look how I wanted it. (I'm using it as a webinar sign up page with a Marketo form on the page). The page i...
    Maggie Eisenhardt
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  • Smart List Logic

    I have a specific campaign for which I am trying to build a smart list. I want any person who has purchased 2 specific products, in no particular order, but who has purchased the second product within the last day, to...
    Jeremy Gendelman
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  • Is it possible to associate "new" leads with "old" lead activities via the REST API or Import?

    We're looking to completely wipe our Marketo database, turn on the SFDC sync and allow everything in SFDC to be the data we move forward with in Marketo. However, we'd like to salvage the activities of the c...
    Brandon Benjamin
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