• Engagement Scoring Decay

    We are trying to come up with a general engagement scoring model in our Marketo Instance.   Right now we are the beginning phases (creating the model and let it run in the background for a month or two before ro...
    Angus McCann
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  • Report with delivery details per recipient

    I'm new to Marketo so this might be the easiest question ever!    We just ran a campaign and sent to 150 individuals.    I'd like to have a report where the names of each individual appears on in...
    Jordan Dayton
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  • Passing Data from Custom Objects to Marketo Field

    Hi All,   Is there a way I can pass the data from Custom objects to Marketo fields? I have some specific fields on custom objects for which I want to pass the data.   Thanks
    Ankit Dua
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  • Rich Text Alignment with Checkbox

    I couldn't find the specific answer I need for this. I've got a bunch of checkbox fields set up in a form, and trying to align boxes left of text. I followed instructions about deleting the label content and setting l...
    Kevin Lustgarten
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  • Webpage ID in bulk activity extract not a Landing Page?

    I am working on extracting data for a crm integration with marketo.  The primaryAttributeValueId for web page visits appears to not map to the landing page asset ids. If so is there a way i can determine the lan...
    DJ Erraballi
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  • Updating Marketo Email Template

    Is there any danger in updating an email template that's associated with many emails? 1000+ emails or 5000+ emails? I once updated an email template associated with about 600 emails and it took almost an hour for Mar...
    Crystal Pacheco_SB
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  • block field entry from API

    Hello,   I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to block certain field entry if the leads are from API integrations. We recently work with a vendor and they send leads to Marketo thru API integration.  ...
    Teresa Hsu
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  • List of Scheduled Emails in Marketo Instance

    Hi!    I am looking for a way to see all of the emails that are scheduled to go out or in a queue to go out (based on triggers). I'd like to see them all in one place so I don't have to hunt through all of ...
    Kristin Masliuk
    created by Kristin Masliuk
  • Static List records and Activity log status not matching

    I am importing the leads through Api.and passing list id there. The lead is added in Marketo.   The Activity log of lead also shows, that the lead is added in the static list but when we check the static list, t...
    Devendra Chauhan
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  • Please provide instruction on how to set up a "Pause" step in our preference center.

    We are working to setup “pause my subscription” functionality in our soon to be re-launched preference center. See screen grab below.  And we don’t know how to build the logic in our instance.&#...
    Julie Hansberry
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  • RTP InZone campaigns not working with hash in URL?

    I'm not sure if this is a thing with RTP, or I've got my campaign or segment set up wrong, but I can't get InZone personalization to work if there's a hash in the page URL (eg. for an anchor link). I don't seem to hav...
    Dawn Smith
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  • Nested programs in Engagement Stream not sending

    I have 8 emails that are being controlled by nested programs within an engagement stream. The first email in the stream has been sending correctly, but the remaining 7 haven't sent since I've activated them a few week...
    Alex Firtl
    created by Alex Firtl
  • Different content if a landing page is view on mobile vs desktop

    Can the order of a landing page content be different on mobile and desktop? We’d like to prioritize the mobile content when the user is on a mobile, and keep the content as is when using a desktop.
    Mélina Cardin
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  • Null as a Last Name

    Noticed that if you enter "Null" as a last name, you register that a last name was entered but store the actual value as a Null type. Like the name : "John Null", cannot be saved in Marketo. I am trying to figure...
    DJ Erraballi
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  • New lead unsubscribed without ever receiving an email

    I had a few new leads come in without any other information besides an email address, with an action that they filled out a form--but it's the unsubscribe form. I see no other activity for these leads; as in, they wer...
    Nicol Maurer
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  • MSE/MSI buttons and Salesforce Lightning

    Marketo button with the MSI and MSE package is not supported by SFDC Lightning because they are javascript based. This means the buttons will not appear when using the Lighting UI in SFDC. Does anyone know of a workar...
    Aviral Jain
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  • Marketo Sales Insight Dashboard in Salesforce not allowing contact view filters, what permissions do I need?

      How do we make it so the sales team can filter on their Best Bets?
    Melissa Kramer
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  • Social Media icons

    HI ... We'd like to include our social media icon/links to the bottom of our Marketo emails. Any idea how to embed these in our email templates and landing pages? Assuming I will need a designer with HTML experience...
    created by 25006
  • Database Cleanup - Lists

    I am looking to cleanup my current database in Marketo by removing old list that have been imported and are no longer needed. That being said, I am having difficulty locating where every smart list is stored when impo...
    Clayton Houser
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  • B2B Personal Email Reach Out with Nurture Flow

    Hey friends,   So our team wants to initiate each nurture flow with an email that looks like a personal reach out to all qualifying prospects before potentially moving them to the traditional Marketo nurture flo...
    Mitangi Parekh
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