• Survicate custom activity details

    Hi,   I've already integrated survicate with Marketo, it creates the lead activities properly with these activity details: Survey question: Survey name: Survey ID: Question ID: Person ID: Survey answer: &#...
    David Mezkiriz
    created by David Mezkiriz
  • Local variables stripped out when declaring a champion email

    Hi   Has anyone else experienced an issue with local variables being stripped out when declaring a champion email? This has happened for all of our modules, and you're unable to update the variables in the new c...
    Jon Wright
    created by Jon Wright
  • Form submission using POST menthod

    Is it possible to hit an form endpoint to submit the form? I was trying to do that using following URL:   https://xxxx.marketo.com/index.php/leadCapture/save2?formid=1234&munchkinId=xxx-xxx-xxx   but I...
    Amit Jain
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  • Moving Contacts Back to Leads in Salesforce Creating Duplicates in Marketo

    We are trying to move several thousand contacts in our Salesforce instance and reupload them back as leads while retaining their historical info. In doing this, it creates a duplicate record in Marketo only (the conta...
    Leah Hurt
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  • Custom Activity Best Practices

    I'm looking for best practices for using Custom Activities. When creating Custom Activity fields is it best to record only essential information in the activity or should all information gathered from our various web...
  • Unable To Lock Row Error - Is this an example of MKTO fixing it?

    We are running across some of "Unable to Lock Row". Here's an example in our system:     The activity on the bottom is where the error occurs.   The two proceeding events, which take place over an...
    Malik Zafar
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  • Cloning program between workspaces

    Hello,    I am building newsletters based on templates, one for Aus and one for NZ. Aus and NZ are separate workspaces in our Marketo. I have built the Aus version, and want to clone it to the NZ workspace ...
    Lucas Metherall
    last modified by Lucas Metherall
  • Forms 2.0: Relative paths for follow-up URLs recently removed?

    Hi all,   This is a function that we use extensively across our pages and it seems to have been removed recently. Some context to our requirement:   Problem In the landing page editor, if a form follow-up...
  • Creating a calendar file with dynamic dates/times

    We have an event that will allow the registrant to select a specific date and time for which to meet with us.  We'd like to include these values within the calendar reminder that gets sent in the confirmation ema...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • Is a smart campaign and trigger necessary for unsubscribes?

    In our instance every email we send has smart campaigns that listen for unsubscribes, and the flow in Salesforce is to mark them as that status for the email campaign? Is this necessary? I have attached pics that show...
    Hayley Sheaffer
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  • Referral Form with Multiple Referrals

    I've been digging around to figure out how to handle a multi-part referral form. The basic flow is:   A partner/referrer fills out a form with their information They then fill out a form with the information of...
    Nik Friedman TeBockhorst
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  • Personalize navegation in external website

    Hello community!!   Is there any way we could show a form (created in marketo but embeded in an external page) only to a certain segment of people that we choose previously?   Thank you!!! 
    Nerea Eguia
    last modified by Nerea Eguia
  • Hyperlinks

    Is there any way to delete the underlining and color change that happens automatically when adding hyperlinks?
  • Changing Contacts Back to Leads in SFDC

    Hi everyone -   I am trying to do some clean-up in salesforce and would like to revert a batch of accounts/contacts back to leads. These were people who were converted up to accounts based on our previous proce...
  • Anonymous Lead Data via API

    Hello,   I wanted to confirm with the group something about the Marketo Rest API.   I have need to pull the Anonymous leads who visited a page over a certain time period. I am able to get the Lead ID from th...
    Anthony Figgins
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  • User ID in Use.  Choose another email.

    User ID in Use   I tried to add a user to an API access group that is not in that access group yet, but when I got to the last step and clicked "send", I got the error message, "The userid is in use.  Choos...
    Joe Francis
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  • Is there an option to pull UTM codes that I add on emails from Marketo?

    Hi ,    Just wondering if there is an option to quickly pull the UTM codes from Marketo itself. My analyst wants UTM codes that I use in my emails.     Thank you
    Collins Peter
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  • How does Marketo tell the difference between a new created record and a record that already exist in the database?

      I need assistance with a task. I have a landing page with a form on it. Our sales teams directs people to this form. I want to differentiate the people who fill out this form. For example, if person A fills ou...
    Amir Saint
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  • Can we create a "master" filter that groups subfilters?

    Hello community!!   We have a project casuistry that we would like to discuss:   On the Smart List, we want to filter through the clients that have not acquired a certain product in order to impact them. &...
    Nerea Eguia
    last modified by Nerea Eguia
  • How to see a leads activity in a smart campaign: what program did that lead come from?

    Hi all! I have a trigged smart campaign (in Default Program A), set up to listen when someone fills out a particular global form that we have in one of our website pages. It is set up for registration to a future eve...
    Adrian Cardelle
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