• HTML VS Text emails to federal contacts

    Do you know what email format gets best delivery rates when sending marketing emails to contacts in the public sector/federal government? HTML or text format?
    Dilusha DeTissera
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  • Marketo form in Salesforce Partner Community

    Hi, I have a question hopefully someone can answer. We are trying to insert a Marketo form into a Salesforce Partner Community page. The Marketo form works just fine on a Marketo landing page. When we embed it into ...
  • How to access a specific Lead's activity log via REST API?

    Hello,   I'm looking to complete what seems like it should be a fairly simple task but I'm at my wits end in terms of getting it across the line.    On my site I have a simple Marketo form that users ...
    Jeff Barfield
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  • Restore deleted forms

    One of our Marketo users deleted around 50 forms from our Marketo instance. Is there any way to restore them?   Need urgent help!   Thanks in advance.
    Gaurav Vaishnav
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  • How to get API user email who creates the lead?

    Hello,   We have a bunch of different third-party systems that create the leads through API calls. Our system needs to handle new leads differently based on the lead source (specific API users) at the lead ...
    Mykhailo Starodynov
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    Is there a limitation to static list import file? i'm trying to import a file that contains 288 emails. But it only imports 277 emails. 
    Christian Udeagbala
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  • Error loading "Email Performance" report

    Is anybody else having trouble loading the out-of-the-box "Email Performance" report in Analytics? We used to get a monthly email from Marketo with this report called "Data Management.All Emails Sent Last Month Report...
    Jeremy Gendelman
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  • Nested Programs in Nurture Programs

    Hello,   I'm exploring nested programs in nurture programs and would just like some help/clarity on a few things.    We'd like to send out a series of blogs, where the member will receive the nex...
    Amanda Opitz
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  • Marketo Integration with SFDC Products, Orders, Assets

    Hello Community,   My company is planning to make major changes to our SFDC Architecture and will be using the following SFDC Objects: Opportunity Products Quotes Orders Order Products Assets Contracts D...
    Valerie Armstrong
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  • Why are some of my UTM's tracking and some not?

    I am using hidden fields in my forms for populating UTM Source, Medium, Campaign and SFDC Campaign ID down from the URL parameters. Weirdly, it's working for UTM Source, Campaign and our SFDC Campaign ID and pull...
    Carly Stevens
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  • Unsubscribe without filling an email address field

    Hi   I'm trying to build an Unsubscribe LP for my organization and I want to have an option for the user to click on unsubscribe button without filling our an email address form   in other words I want the...
    Avi Castro
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  • Does Marketo publish the number of MCEs?

    I think there is a lot of education needed and misunderstand about the marketing operations function. On top of that, many companies don't understand the Marketo Certified Expert designation. You can't just spin up a ...
    Bonnie Jeffers
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  • How do you handle Cvent Integration - Share your Marketo/Cvent Experience

    Hi Everyone, We have been working on our integration with Cvent and I'm curious as how have you handled it from a Marketo perspective.   Do you send all emails and Invites out of Cvent and just push the data ov...
    Julie Colwell
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  • Experience with third-party email validation?

    Hi,    Curious if any Marketo admins have experienced using FreshAddress and the plug-in capabilities there? Is sales able to fully function the connectivity? Easy-to-use? Automation process troublesome? &#...
    Jillian Flynn
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  • Marketo + Salesforce, Assign Marketo Lead to Contact Owner

    Hi Marketo Nation!   Pretty simple yet tricky task.   Currently all new leads are assigned to the Sales Queue by default in Marketo/Salesforce.   I want to use Marketo to automatically determine the ...
    Travis Wittenburg
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  • How long will it take for deleted leads to be reflected in database?

    Hello,   I am a member of a team that inherited a very messy instance of Marketo. We recently went over our compliance limit are are trying to remove a large amount of leads that have no marketable value from Ma...
    Keegan Connolly
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  • ISP Addresses

    Does anyone know if there is a master list anywhere of current ISP email addresses?
    Karen Black
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  • Akkroo Lead Capture App

    Is there anybody out there who can share some insights of using the Lead capture app of Akkroo, integrated to Marketo? Some tricky things we need to consider prior we start to program Marketo to synch' it with Akkroo?...
    Wolfgang Weinkum
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  • Event Custom Fields not working

    Hi there,    I am creating a drip campaign that needs to use 5 different event custom fields for 4 different CRM tracking codes that we are using.    Most event custom fields are used within the ...
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Where is the Marketo 'Id' Field Pulling From!?

    Hello,   I am trying to create a smart list referencing the 'Id' field and I cannot figure out how to filter by this field. I cannot find it and none of the choices that pop up for me with Id in the title are ev...
    Virginia Smith
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