• Send Alert Flow Step

    How does the "send alert" flow step work? It's used in our of our campaigns (if a lead fils out a form, the campaign will send an alert email to the lead owner). What if the lead isn't in our SFDC system? Who will rec...
    created by 21328
  • Nested Programs in Nurture Programs

    Hello,   I'm exploring nested programs in nurture programs and would just like some help/clarity on a few things.    We'd like to send out a series of blogs, where the member will receive the nex...
    Amanda Opitz
    created by Amanda Opitz
  • Marketo + Salesforce, Assign Marketo Lead to Contact Owner

    Hi Marketo Nation!   Pretty simple yet tricky task.   Currently all new leads are assigned to the Sales Queue by default in Marketo/Salesforce.   I want to use Marketo to automatically determine the ...
  • Does Marketo publish the number of MCEs?

    I think there is a lot of education needed and misunderstand about the marketing operations function. On top of that, many companies don't understand the Marketo Certified Expert designation. You can't just spin up a ...
    Bonnie Jeffers
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  • Experience with third-party email validation?

    Hi,    Curious if any Marketo admins have experienced using FreshAddress and the plug-in capabilities there? Is sales able to fully function the connectivity? Easy-to-use? Automation process troublesome? &#...
    Jillian Flynn
    created by Jillian Flynn
  • SFDC Integration.. Best Practices to send to SFDC just MQLs

    Hello dear community  We are working in SFDC integration and we were  wondering if someone has implemented SFDC integration in which you just send the Mql´s not all the leads in Marketo to  SFDC....
    Carlos Barrera
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  • Delete Person Flow Step - Can this person be imported again?

    If we execute the Delete Person Flow Step in a Durable Unsubscribe campaign, can that delete person be reimported? I'm getting mixed messages from previous posts.   I ran 2 tests where I imported 2 different pe...
    Monica Haley
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  • Why are some of my UTM's tracking and some not?

    I am using hidden fields in my forms for populating UTM Source, Medium, Campaign and SFDC Campaign ID down from the URL parameters. Weirdly, it's working for UTM Source, Campaign and our SFDC Campaign ID and pull...
    Carly Stevens
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  • Azure AD SSO integration

    Hi all,    I'm trying to configure SSO via Azure AD. I followed the msdocs tutorial but I bump into an issue that is already described on this link. SAML Assertion Not Passed from Azure to Marketo ...
    Sebastian Mellebeek
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  • Append to current data value with multiple tokens?

    Can someone provide the proper syntax for if I want to append data value to the end of my current field value?   Example: Product Interest => New Value "{{lead.Product Interest}}; MultiVu: {{system.date}} ...
    Geoff Krajeski
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  • Fetch Report using API's

    Currently I am getting some email reports from Marketo to my gmail Account, Is it possible to fetch these Reports directly from the API using PHP ?
    Aman Chandel
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  • Unsubscribe without filling an email address field

    Hi   I'm trying to build an Unsubscribe LP for my organization and I want to have an option for the user to click on unsubscribe button without filling our an email address form   in other words I want the...
    Avi Castro
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  • Importing list of contacts to Unsubscribe System Smart List

    Hi,   Is there a way of importing a list of contacts in a csv to the unsubscribe system smart list in a bulk import? when I use the import list into the smart list, it creates a separate list rather than importi...
    Oliver Dawes
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  • Rounding numbers

    Hi all,   how can I format a number in lead database like 58.5123434565 into 58,51 within the email? I want to use it as currency in emails with comma (german way of writing).   I tried with the script to...
    Christin Scholz
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  • Best webinar integrations with Marketo

    We are looking into webinar options to integrate with Marketo.  Currently we use GoToWebinar but are having issues with it not recognizing webcasts as opposed to live events.  Another problem is we were hopi...
    Jennifer Bishop
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  • Gated content: Can we make this dynamic dependent on lead score?

    I'm looking for a solution to offer ungated content to people with qualified lead scores automatically - rather than creating two versions of the landing page and distributing dependent on lead score.   Is there...
    Alfie Dawson
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  • Need a comprehensive list of Marketo Features, for CEO.

    Can some of you help me gather a good list or up-to-date documents that contain the features of Marketo. My CEO is asking so he can better understand the product. Honestly we are up for renewal and b/c he doesn't unde...
    Jaime Servaes
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  • Google UTM Not Working

    Hi everyone, the recently started doing google ads which the CTA leads to our website. In our program, we are unable to track to UTM Medium, Source and campaign. Is this a marketo issue or a google analytic issue. 
    Alexis Romano
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  • How can I send 1 email with dynamic content blocks for products they have and products they don't have?

    Here is what I'm being told from above that I need to solve for. I can't figure this out.   Think of our product model as DirecTV. A customer can go online and select (subscribe) to any channel or combination of...
    Ronn Burner
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  • How to find the Picklist Values supporting a specific field?

    Data hygiene starts with managing specific fields and normalizing data that can be selected using filters. country for example should have a specific Picklist that supports the field.   How can I find all the ac...
    Cathy Danahy
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