• Tracking Lead Stage Progression Attributed to a Campaign

    I'm looking for the best way to build a report that shows how each lead/contact associated with an engagement program progressed in Lead Stage due to interaction with that engagement program. Is this doable on the Mar...
    Virginia Smith
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  • Outlook describes my unsubscribe link as 'possibly unsafe' - why?

    Our company recently upgraded to Outlook 2016 (not 365). I'm testing a newsletter which will be sent internally as well to our external clients. The message includes an 'unsubscribe' link at the top (not my own, this ...
    Chris Morris
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  • Two Lead Record Types

    We have two distinct products we are selling through two different sales teams and two different sales processes and we are trying to use one instance of Marketo and SFDC.  We believe Lead Record Types is the bes...
  • How to Create/Sync Marketo Field to Salesforce Campaign Member

    This seems so basic but not finding anything. Please help.
  • Unmapped custom fields tied to an SFDC field

    I'm a bit confused with unmapped fields.  I have a large amount of fields listed as Unmapped that are tied to SFDC fields. If they're mapped over, how are they listed as unmapped and how do I get them into the Ma...
    Robb Barrett
    created by Robb Barrett
  • ¿Como cambiar el diseño de emails en Marketo?

    Buenos dias. Me gustaría poder cambiar el diseño de los emails que se envian a traves de Digesto a los suscriptores sobre un blog de la compñia. ¿Como hago para que, por ejemplo, los titulos que ...
  • Landing Pages Tracking Optimization- Help!

    Hi!   I would love to hear some ideas about how to optimize this:   I have several campaigns in different channels, we have to set a different Campaign code in each type of campaign according to the channe...
    Marta Bellón Moraleda
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  • Tips for newbie implementing and managing Marketo for the first time

    Hi all,   Our company is in the process of implementing Marketo, which is our first ever venture into the marketing automation world. We are still in the middle of setting up our instance and going through onboa...
    Lisa Forson
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  • Twilio - Send SMS alert when email goes out

    Hello! I have setup my Twilio webhook and the fill out form but what I want to do is send a SMS (A new trade alert is on your members-only website: www.linkhere.com ) when we have an email trade alert. I sa...
  • Campaign Failure - Smart List is taking too long to calculate

    Hey everybody,   We are having an issue this week where it seems at random we are having both batch campaigns and ongoing trigger campaigns fail with the reason of "Smart List list is taking too long to calculat...
    Nathan Youmans
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  • Precheck Form Checkbox by Country

    Hi fellow Marketo experts, have you guys had any experience setting up pre-check for Marketo form checkboxes based on country selection on the same form? Or even pre-check in general, is it still feasible with Marketo...
    Emma Wu
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  • How to track who has seen the file on Marketo/ファイル閲覧者の確認方法

    アップロードしたファイルを誰が閲覧したかトラッキングしたいのですが、どこで確認可能でしょうか? How do I know who downloaded or seen the file that I uploaded on Marketo? I'm thinking about sharing a file that's uploaded on Marketo with a shared link, and I was won...
    彩 鞍田
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  • Scalable Marketing Funnel Structure for Multiple Product Lines

    Over the past year, the B2B software company that I currently work at has gone from offering 1 product, to 2 products, to now offering 5 different products. When we transitioned from 1 product to 2 products, we s...
    Sean Kennedy
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  • What does this icon mean?

      I checked the icon glossary and didn't see it. Thanks!
    Danielle Chan
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  • Request limit exceeded

    My attempts to post to the Marketo "sync leads" endpoint are currently failing with the following error status:       (SOAP-ENV:Client) 20015 - Request limit exceeded   It's true that the am...
    Pivnet Engineering
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  • Unsubscribe from Nurture stream

    Hi I was just thinking that if a customer is subscribed to one of our nurture streams we can filter that they are not usubscribed or marketing suspended before we add them to the drip campaign. But what if the lead ...
  • Stop Sync to Marketo

    When a sales rep rejects a lead, this causes the "Stop Sync to Marketo" field to switch to TRUE. However, this causes problems: Marketo is not receiving the updated lead status information from salesforce, and marketi...
    Stephanie O'Reilly
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  • Setting up a kind of pop-up with Marketo?

    Hi all,   We're preparing a global campaign to promote a new whitepaper we'll launch in a month. Every forms, landing pages and emailing are ready.   We would like as well to create a kind of pop-up that ...
    Adrien Landrin
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  • Facebook field map  change?

    We are having issues with Facebook Lead Ads integration: up until sometime around 1st of September (give or take a few weeks, I am not sure) all our Facebook forms were using the same set of fields, which were mapped ...
    Pavel Plachky
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  • Autofill email field via URL

    Not sure how to explain this but here goes:   We're currently using an email sign-up method that requests the email address on a page then fills it in on the actual form field using the following:   URL?em...
    Mike Roberts
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