• Email Script Token, First Name Field

    Hi there,   We have leads that have a first name of [Not Provided], and we'd like to say if we identify the first name as such, fill in "there" as the value, if not identified as [Not Provided] use the value that...
    Stephanie O'Reilly
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  • Unable to add WebEx account details through LaunchPoint

    Hi, I want to add my WebEx account through LaunchPoint as a new service but somehow this is not working for me We use active directory login details for our WebEx account - can that create some issue? Please advise....
    Ajay Sarpal
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  • Precheck Form Checkbox by Country

    Hi fellow Marketo experts, have you guys had any experience setting up pre-check for Marketo form checkboxes based on country selection on the same form? Or even pre-check in general, is it still feasible with Marketo...
    Emma Wu
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  • Workaround for Velocity loading Java libraries

    I use a basic method for hashing data for linking to customers (sending them a URL that points to a survey for recent service, for example). This process uses base64 and string2hex, both of which are native to the Sal...
    Sean Lepsy
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  • Can you track a pdf download if it is set up as an image file?

    Hi, We recently used Marketo to host a direct pdf download in several social media campaigns. I now want to report on how many people viewed this file but it doesn't seem to show up under web page or landing page repo...
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  • Customer Feedback Needed - MSI Survey

    Hello All!    The Marketo Sales Apps product team at Adobe is keen on hearing back from our customers on how you are using MSI today, what works or does not work for you!    You do n...
    Ambika Shetty
    created by Ambika Shetty
  • Tips for newbie implementing and managing Marketo for the first time

    Hi all,   Our company is in the process of implementing Marketo, which is our first ever venture into the marketing automation world. We are still in the middle of setting up our instance and going through onboa...
    Lisa Forson
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  • Has anyone successfully pushed membership details into Marketo with the "Push Lead" endpoint (REST API)?

    We're performing an instance-to-instance migration and at the point where we're migrating Program Membership details.  However, the Push Lead endpoint is not accepting the membership details.  If I remove th...
    Demand Gen
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  • mktoMobileHide triggered by activating mobile version in LP editor

    I recently had a page stop working in Mobile view. Further investigation lead me to find the mktoMobileHide code had been added to my page and I had no clue how or what added it.  At first I thought it was the "V...
    Robb Barrett
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  • Pulling Field from One Form to Another

    I am working on a semi-complicated application for our business and have gotten stuck and hoping the Nation can help!    The desire is to have applicants fill out part one of the form and then when they sub...
    Samantha Cossum
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  • With the REST API, is it possible to push a lead to Email (blast program:EBP) folder including Program Membership details?

    We're migrating off of one Marketo instance to another and aside from leads, cookie association, programs and email (blast programs) we also want to bring over the membership details for Programs and the Email folders...
    Demand Gen
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  • #foreach velocity question

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a script that says if a contact has an account owner of any of the stated emails (below), display html and if not display different html. However, when I try to test it, I get this error:...
    Daniela Puizina
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  • Form Issues :(

    I am working on a form from Marketo on my actual site and the form consists of text fields followed by some check-boxes, is there a way to make these side by side?? Including an attachment. I cannot include the link b...
    Brian Horace
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  • Sales Insights Licenses

    Hi all, We just have 10 licenses and the number that shows been used is much larger. What does the word "used in the last 30 days" exactly means? Can this number always be bigger that the number of licenses allowed? C...
    Carla Cabaceira
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  • Adding days to a date field with Velocity script

    I've tried all the techniques I've seen online for adding or subtracting hours / days / months / years to a date using Velocity scripting, but have bee unable to successfully recreate it myself.   I'm using the ...
    Alan Harris
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  • Being Creative with RTP Perceived Organization

    I realized the RTP inferred organization was not accessible as a lead attribute or under marketing activity data. It's only available in RTP. It's very usable data and I wanted to bridge that gap and make it available...
    Patrick Dooley
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  • LaunchPoint Integrations: are vendors responsible for code upkeep?

    Who is responsible for the quality of the integrations that are listed on the LaunchPoint website?   GoToWebinar has been throwing registration errors for the past few months. I have had a support ticket op...
    Kelly Jo Horton
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  • Help with Date Operators - In future

    So I am trying to automate an email to send out exactly when a lead has 30 days left on a subscription. I was thinking about using the field 'end date' in future 30 days. However as I understand that operator, anyone ...
    Taylor McCarty
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  • Re-MQL Solution (Counter or Lifecycle Stage)?

    Due to our B2B sales lifecycle, we people (or schools in our case) will travel through the sales funnel (SAL->MQL->SQL) and then we might lose that Oppty and need to recycle the people/account.   ...
    Sean Richards
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  • Integration with NetSuite

    Hello, I am new to Marketo and am working on integrating our CRM NetSuite with our new Marketo instance. We are using Vertify for this integration. I am curious if there are other Marketo customers using Vertify to ...