• Use a List of Voucher-Codes

    Hello, i am searching for a way to import a list of Voucher Codes (in my case this is a list of trial license for a software) and use those codes to send automaticaly to customers that fill out a form.   My ide...
    Stephan Schaefer
    created by Stephan Schaefer
  • Campaigns in 'Off' Engagement Prog

    Looking around here I can see that if I need to pause an engagement programme, the best thing to do is turn it off, and then switch it back on when I'm ready for the cadences to resume. (Example, next week we've a num...
    Shelly Wilson
    created by Shelly Wilson
  • Can I create a smart list to determine who visited a blog post and filled out form?

    Hi,   I thought this would be simple, but I must be missing a step. I published a blog post last week. At the end of the blog post is a CTA to a landing page with a form. I'd like to attribute the downloads to t...
    Ranae Mogensen
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  • Salesforce and Marketo Migration to new instances

    Hello all - I believe this thread belongs here, but please let me know if not, happy to move or have it moved it.   We're undergoing a Salesforce migration to a fresh new org, and we learned we'll need a new ins...
    Victor Bloise
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  • About Email Bounce Error(メール配信エラーについて)

    【Japanese(日本語)】 メール配信結果についてです。 配信できなかった方の「メールの無効の理由」を見ると、550エラーをよく見かけます(よく受信者無効と表示) 受信者無効の理由で考えられるのは何がありますか?スパムとかありますか?   他には554エラーもあるようですが、こちらは何のエラーでしょうか?     【English(英語)】 It is about mail deliv...
    Koki Enomoto
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  • New Data Retention Policy - yet another way for Marketo to extract more dollars from their customers?

    I can't believe there is not more of an uproar about the data retention policy to go into effect August 15.  In my mind, this is crippling Marketo as an effective Marketing automation tool.  First they took ...
    Tim Madel
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  • Smart Campaigns to Manage Page Visits & Removes from Nurtures

    Problem #1 I suspect the isn't a way to do this with one smart campaign, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I tried to make a smart campaign that would do the following: 1. Smart list identifies anyone visiting specific ...
    Liz Davalos
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  • Marketo > SFDC campaign sync not working

    Has anyone ever had a case where campaign members stop syncing from Marketo to SFDC? In this case there was a program level sync, and at some point they stopped the sync, and did a flow step sync, then switched back...
    Jason Hamilton
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  • Akkroo Lead Capture App

    Is there anybody out there who can share some insights of using the Lead capture app of Akkroo, integrated to Marketo? Some tricky things we need to consider prior we start to program Marketo to synch' it with Akkroo?...
    Wolfgang Weinkum
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  • How can I tell what version/tier of Marketo I am using?

    I had a contractor as me to confirm what tier of the platform we are using. I am aware that different services are available at different tiers, but we set up our instance so long ago I can't remember. Is there a way ...
    Mary Kate Williams
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  • Recommendations for email cadence and dialers

    We are currently looking for an inexpensive and easy to use dialer and email cadence tool which integrates with Salesforce and syncs to Marketo. Out of the box MSI is great but we are looking for a cadence tool that i...
    Right Source
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  • How to append Email Address to contacts currently in DB without it?

    I've recently come into a new role and am working with a number of Marketo instances. Some of them have thousands of contacts without email addresses. I want to clean this up, and am working to get the emails so I can...
    Brian Campbell
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  • Best practice or process when honoring an EU lead's request to be removed from the database

    When an EU lead asks to be erased from the database, is there a best practice to abide by other than simply deleting the person from each system that stores data on the individual (Marketo, CRM)?
    Jamie Hunter
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  • Disabling native campaign sync

    I'm running a project to clean up and standardize SFDC campaign statuses, but am running into a problem with the campaign sync.   My instance does not use the native campaign sync, but rather always changes stat...
    Brendon Ritz
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  • Marketo API - Pushing Landing Page Content for an LP that already has a draft

    I am working on automating some of our Landing Page content & Variables updating via the Marketo API, but cannot find documentation of how the API reacts to pushing changes to a Landing Page when that LP already h...
    Conner C
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  • LinkedIn Autofill

    This may be a complicated question. I realize that Marketo got rid of LinkedIn Social Form Fill due to some changes in LinkedIn's terms.  However, LinkedIn still offers an Autofill plugin as part of their Marketi...
    Hobie Thompson
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  • What’s trends are you paying attention to at the moment?

    Ashley Ayan
    created by Ashley Ayan
  • SHA-256-ing an email address in Velocity

    Can't believe someone other than me has thought about cryptographic techniques in Marketo! But in this recent Nation thread, a user asked about attaching the SHA-256 hash of a recipient's email address to (email) link...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • View Marketo Email

    Hello! I'm trying to find a way to create an email archive of Marketo emails that other parts of the organization without Marketo access can reference. They need to be able to see a sample of the message with links wo...
    Megan Gulik
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  • Feedback Needed! (~6 minute survey)

    The Marketo UX Research team is working on a project for Event Programs. Your feedback is invaluable as we work to build new features and products within Marketo.   If you have a few minutes to take this survey,...
    Kristi Bielewicz
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