• Who has a "fun" preference center?

    Preference centers can be so "meh" -- mine is definitely due for an upgrade. I'm curious what you all do to either get cool data, show/hide different things, or what extra perks you've made. I'm sure some of you have ...
    JD Nelson
    created by JD Nelson
  • Sample Questions for MCE Exam: Program Fundamentals

    This is the fourth part in my series of sample questions to help you practice for the MCE exam. Part 1 on Admin & Operational topics can be found here. Part 2 on Analytics & Reporting can be found here. Part 3...
    Kristen Carmean
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  • A New Year, A New Design & Structure In Community!

    Welcome to 2018! We’re starting the new year out on a positive note by rolling out a new design and structure in the Marketing Nation Community with the goal of helping you be more successful with Marketo, more ...
    Janet Dulsky
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  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for Marketo

    Does Marketo offer MFA for added security?
    Brenda Le
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  • Salesforce Object - Sync Issues and Questions

    We have a Salesforce Object that is synced to Marketo, but updated data doesn't seem to be flowing from SFDC to Marketo. We're seeing people being added to the object in Marketo, any data value changes that happen in ...
    Jessica Biblis
    created by Jessica Biblis
  • RTP Dialog Campaign Not Showing up - but Impressions Measured

    I launched an RTP Dialog campaign and in PREVIEW it shows up just fine.   Then when I go to the target URL to see the LIVE campaign, I do not see it. However, the impressions count goes up as Marketo thinks tha...
    Natasha Dolginsky
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  • Multiple Error Form Fills

    A customer who has downloaded a whitepaper from via a form submission on one of our Marketo landing pages has received multiple trigger emails, and has continued to do so ever since that first form submission.   ...
    Halid Delkic
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  • Can Marketo handle duplicate email addresses for different people?

    Hi all.  We have a database which includes family members who are using the same email address.   A few questions: 1. Can marketo cope with imported data for the same email address but with eg 3 different ...
    Sarah Samuels
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  • Redirected landing page - how to pass on original UTM's

    Hello Everyone.   An existing landing page has a bunch of custom urls with utm's all sent to publishers and online media vendors for tracking. I now have to redirect that landing page and when I do, the utm's...
    Drew Liner
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  • Responsive content - B2B Marketers only

    So you're a B2B marketer. What's your take on using responsive emails and landing pages? Vote below!
    Takashi Ozeki
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  • Web Personalization Report Issue

    I am exporting the 'Visitors' to excel (and .csv) -- but when I look at the referring url report, I get multiple urls in the referring URL field. Anyone know why there would be multiple URLs.... in several cells? ...
    Scott K Wilder
    created by Scott K Wilder
  • Token won't populate - keeps appearing as text

    We used a Marketo email template to create our email and for some reason, the first token we insert in what would be an email signature line will not populate. It continues to display as text so for example we see thi...
    Nacole Tanguay
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  • Has anyone integrated multiple SFDC instances to one Marketo?

    Just curious as to your experience here and what i need to know.   Also, what middleware did you use to do it?
    Jamie Lewis
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  • Autocomplete - Company Name and Address

    Hi, Does anyone know how to configure forms so that when someone fills out the first few letters of their company name it pulls up a list of company names that match and then forces you to select the right company to ...
  • Marketo Sales Insight Actions

    Hello ,   How can I disable some of the  Sales Insight functions in Salesforce please? We will like to disable the following options->  "Send Marketo email" and "View in Marketo".   Thank you
    Jessica Moros
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  • Am I able to cap registrations

    How can I cap registrations for a training
    Anna Schumacher
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  • Require Business Email Address on Forms

    Hello,   I found the script below in this discussion: How do I require a BUSINESS email   I pasted the script in my Marketo landing page template and tested the form with a Yahoo email address and it still i...
    Trevor Parsell
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  • Managing the lead life cycle with multiple products

    I am looking for input and recommendations on best practices in lead life cycle strategy when there are multiple products/BU's being managed within 1 Marketo instance. Traditional lead scoring and life cycle stages p...
    Jennifer Braathen
    last modified by Jennifer Braathen
  • MCE Test examn

    Hi guys,   I have read a couple of users taking the MCE "test" exam, I couldn't find it on the University platform, anyone has the link please? Are there requirementes liket he annual passport or something like ...
    Raul Ocana
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  • Marketo plugin for Gmail not clickable

    My coworker and I just installed the MSI plugin for Gmail and are now unable to click anything in the right side of an email composed from Gmail in Chrome. https://screencast.com/t/Tay5wm72C He's on a PC and me on Mac...
    Kim Gandy
    created by Kim Gandy