• LaunchPoint Integrations: are vendors responsible for code upkeep?

    Who is responsible for the quality of the integrations that are listed on the LaunchPoint website?   GoToWebinar has been throwing registration errors for the past few months. I have had a support ticket op...
    Kelly Horton
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  • How can you find the demographics of the people that are opening emails for a specific email

    I am trying to figure out what the similarities are between the people that are opening a particular email and who are not. We have a newsletter that we send out quarterly that is not performing well. We are trying to...
    Michell Bauer
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  • Previewed email are considered as open ?

    Hello,   I have a question about the filter Email is open. When an email is considered as open ? Is it open if the user just preview it ?   Thanks
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  • Marketo and Unbounce - possible to combine fields in Marketo?

    Hello,   We're currently using Marketo with Unbounce landing pages. We need to combine last name, last 4 of the phone number, and the word 'Household' to populate the company field in Marketo, if possi...
    Erik Hill
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  • Live with LaunchPoint - Vidyard

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    Jonathan Chen
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  • Meet Marketo, an Adobe Company - Edition 04

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    Jonathan Chen
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  • Marketo Master Class: Lead Scoring with Chris Wilcox

      In this edition of Marketo Master Class, we're teaming up with Marketo Champion Chris Wilcox to get into the weeds of Lead Scoring. Our aim was to break down the complexities around Lead Scoring and provide the...
    Will Harmon
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  • Champion Tips and Tricks with Jenny Robertson

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    Jonathan Chen
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  • How can I build a dynamic Upsell Program?

    What is the best way to build a dynamic Upsell Program?   The Keys are 1. Program Re-Entry (or Loop) every 30 days after subscribing to a product (successful upsell conversion) and 2. Dynamic Segmentation to ens...
    Ronn Burner
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  • Fearless Forum 09

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    Jonathan Chen
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  • Email Assets in Streams of an Engagement Program having Nested Programs within

    Can't we use Email Assets in Streams to support Time-zone based delivery, even if we have the Engagement Programs setup with nested programs within them?
    Balkar Singh
    created by Balkar Singh
  • Does the new WebKit tracking prevention policy mean anything for Marketo users?

    A colleague came across this post which was released just over a week ago:     Announcing the WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy | WebKit    I'm a basic Marketo user who only works with sta...
    Barry Dupont
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  • Introducing Agical.io, the smarter ICS file generator

    If you've used Marketo's dynamic ICS files (the "Calendar File" token type) you're probably not completely happy with 'em.   About a year ago, I published a (free) microservice that fills in the biggest gaps. Wi...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • What causes HTTP Referer to show up as empty/blank in web activity reporting?

    I pulled a web activity report today and saw that roughly half of our traffic did not have any sort of HTTP Referer. What would cause this field to show up as blank? Could it have something to do with the se...
    Jackson Fisher
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  • Duplicate Records, Same Email Address?

    Hello,   I've searched and I can't tell if this exact issue has been addressed before.   I'd like Marketo to search the database for person records with a matching email address, and update the existing re...
    Chris Kosho
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  • Looking for New Community User Feedback!

    Are you new to the Marketing Nation Community and interested in providing valuable feedback? We've got a lot of exciting improvements planned for our amazing Community, and are looking to speak with members who have b...
    Jonathan Chen
    created by Jonathan Chen
  • Email Link Performance Report + Smart List = Different Values?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you can help with this, as I have searched the community and couldn't find a solution to this, although there was post similar to this  (Email Link Performance figures vs. Smart ...
    Julie Colwell
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  • Somewhat Off Topic: Favorite Flowcharting Tool

    We need to document some advanced program flows (far more complex than just the revenue modeler). Of course, I've used Visio ... but am hoping there's something leaner and more modern. I'm not asking anyone to do any ...
    Frank Elley
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  • Velocity - comparing to today's date

    Ugh. I know I've asked very similar things to this before, so I feel like I should know better....but I'm having trouble comparing a date to today's date. I've successfully done this in the past with two points in tim...
    Phillip Wild
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  • Token Email Script Works/Doesn't Work Same Email

    I have several tokens in an email that uses email script. The Marketo field that calls it is the same across all the tokens. When I click through the links for the specific iteration {lead.dsSiteID} == "979" abou...
    Marc Comption
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