• Landing page doesn't look good on mobile

    Hi, I have build a landing page for a campaign, based on Landing Page Template - Guided. It is fair on desktop (not too flexible though) but the problem is when going mobile: 1. Photos stays the same size (banner i...
    Ophir Gal
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  • Add custom class to Marketo form submit

    Hi, I need to embed a Marketo form which has a custom class added to the form submit button to track conversions in a third-party tool. What would be the most efficient way of doing this?   Should I add a cust...
    Erik Heldebro
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  • Token field

    Hello,   Is it possible to create a hidden token field ({{system.date}}) for example, in a form?
    Artium Bu
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  • Tableau and Marketo: add to nurture --> add to engagement

    Hi   I'm trying to analyze funnel activities by using leads + add to nurture (which I find in Tableau).  However, the numbers don't appear correctly in Tableau.   I've been informed that "add to nurtu...
  • Custom Lookup Field in Micosoft Dynamics

    Has anyone managed to do this successfully? Would be interested in hearing how it was accomplished. Have seen some documentation on how this is done on the SFDC side but never on Dynamics. Any feedback would be apprec...
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  • Different ways to sync Marketo Camapigns to salesforce

    Team, What are the different possibilities by which we can sync Marketo campaigns to salesforce? Thanks in Advance!
    Mayank Patel
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  • Unsubscribe for 90 days

    In our preference center we have a checkbox "unsubscribe for 90 days", linked to a boolean custom field. Defining a Smart List for a campaign should always include this field ( unsubscribe for 90 days should be false...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Is it possible to create leads in instance B based on the form fill out of instance A?

    Hi All,   We have a situation where we need to create a lead in instance B based on the form fill out of instance A. The problem here is we have different pod urls for instance A (//app-sj25.marketo.com) and B (/...
    NTTData MKTOSupport
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  • Block SFDC Contact who is no longer employeed, deceased or retired?

    I've ran a list to find how many contacts are in my Marketo DB that I can't email b/c they are marked as either no longer employed with current company, retired or deceased. The reason they keep these contacts in SFDC...
    Jaime Servaes
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  • Legality of 'forced opt-in' in EU?

    I'm wondering whether anyone has a clear view (with supporting evidence if possible) of the legality of the following under EU law:   A webform has a check box at the bottom inviting the visitor to subscribe/opt...
    Matthew Antos-Lewis
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  • How to use a webhook to send form data to another Marketo instance?

    Hi, We have a smart campaign, "test send to instance", that is triggered based on fill out form = test_form. Under the flow tab, we added Call webhook where webhook = "webhook_send". Under the schedule tab, campaign ...
    Raj Singh
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  • How come special characters become malformed when creating tokens via the API?

    Hello Marketo Community,   I've been experiencing issue around character encoding (my application encodes in UTF-8 prior to inserting into Marketo) with characters being lost.   I've tried to follow this e...
    Edwin Afable
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  • Error Loading Report

    We are getting the following error while opening our instance. What can we do?   Thanks
    Italo Silveira
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  • Confusing Action in Activity Log + Smart Campaign

    Hi there,   We have a smart campaign called Lead Source -> Web Direct.   It has triggers "Person is Created" and "Filled out form is any".   Here is the flow: There are no other flow steps aft...
    Andrew Seidman
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  • Create minimum character limit in name field of form

    Hello,   I searched around and was unable to find a solution to this issue. I need to set a minimum character limit in the name field of my form. Too many people are filling out the form with single character na...
    John Wechsler
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  • SSL certificate clarification

    Could someone clarify this for me? Is it...you do not have to... or... you are not allowed to? Are we able to provide an SSL certificate to secure our Marketo landing pages outside of purchasing the Secured Domains fo...
    Lauren Wiley
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  • Is it possible to set a field value as a form name? (LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms)

    I want to segment inbound leads from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms by which form they filled out. I have a field to capture this but the ad team is constantly adding and deleting what forms are active. Is there a way I coul...
    Brian Denneny
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  • List Cleanout

    Hello, I've inherited my Marketo instance and am fairly new to the platform but would like to understand if this trigger is setup correctly. I setup an email send and it showed that there were thousands of people bei...
    Christian Tovar
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  • Drop down menus in Marketo Templates?

    Hi folks,   We're in the process of adding tokens to emails and variables to URLs in our Marketo email templates.   In order to make it as full-proof as possible, we want to use drop-downs for the variable...
    Tony Jackson
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  • Form Translation Next Steps

    I'm in the process of setting up forms to replace many current forms on our site. Each form has to be translated into at least 5 different languages so I'm trying to handle that with Sanford's translation code referen...
    Michelle Stunkard
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