• MktoForms2 is not defined in Marketo Forms 2 Cross Domain request proxy frame script.

    Embedded forms not submitting in FireFox Private mode.  We are using a CNAME to load the form but it looks like there is an additional script on the Marketo side that is loaded with a Marketo CNAMe and not our cu...
    Mike Rojas
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  • Blocked from emails - every single person in my list

    Hi,    We are onboarding MKTO, transferring data over from RE to begin IP warming, and have created lists of most engaged people to input into MKTO to send to. I have one list of 4,000 people, all unsub=emp...
    Lucas Metherall
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  • Thumbnails of email modules not showing up?

    I had a developer generate an html email for a client. This was the second version of the email as the previous one had a minor change. Then the client added the code into marketo for the email. But none of the module...
    Michael Steinhofer
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  • Tracking Unsubscribe Email Source

    Hi all - looking for some help/guidance!   We recently updated our preference center to include an unsubscribe reason. As we are analyzing the first few months of responses, we realized we would like to include a...
    Jordan Zabawa
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  • Auto-MQL campaign

    We are implementing a new scoring structure where several actions will result in an auto-mql. Is there a best practice on auto-mqling?    What does your flow look like for that. Wondering how to handle the ...
    Steph Anderson
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  • Unable To Lock Row Error - Is this an example of MKTO fixing it?

    We are running across some of "Unable to Lock Row". Here's an example in our system:     The activity on the bottom is where the error occurs.   The two proceeding events, which take place over an...
    Malik Zafar
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  • How to get the values from the form rendered via Java Servlet?

    Hi Guys,   I am trying to get the values from the form loaded via Java Servlet using form background submission.   For that, I am using form background submission, but it shows the error as below:  ...
    Ankit Patel
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  • how do i remove 302 Marketo Pages or make them 301 redirect

    We do not want to use some of our old marketo landing pages because they are not ssl secured. do I just delete the 302 redirects or is there a way to make the links a 301 redirect. 
    Paul Rawate
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  • Remove Marketo 301 pages

    How do I ensure that Marketo pages have 302 permanent redirects?
    Paul Rawate
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  • Inserting SFDC Custom Object field values into emails

    Hey Nation,   We're trying to move some of our operational emails from Salesforce over to Marketo. These emails have a lot of references to SFDC custom object fields. What are my options for getting these fields...
    Alex Firtl
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  • Render externally hosted image in email campaign

    Hoping the community can guide us in the right direction with an issue we're having with our Marketo implementation.   We're syncing data to a contact from an external source via the API. Part of that data is a ...
    Robbie Law
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  • Multiple smartlists in form not working

    Hi, We have a form in which customers can sign-up for multiple smartlists (two actually...) The problem is, that if customers previously has signed up for e.g. Smartlist 2, and check the checkbox for smartlist 1, bu...
    Svend Georg Jørgensen
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  • Understanding Marketo Data

    We have all these marketo tables in our data-warehouse:   activity_add_to_account_contact_relationship activity_add_to_contact_account_relationship activity_add_to_nurture activity_add_to_onboard_account_id_c...
    Ketki Sharma
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  • What IPs do my subscribers use?

    I'm trying to find out what inbox providers my subscribers use.  Do they have outlook, gmail, yahoo etc...   Does Marketo provide this information/how do I get it?    Thanks. 
    Dawn Beam
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  • Progressive profiling - is the solution?

    Hello everyone!   I have a specific question. I wish to create a form in which not all the fields are shown. What I mean is, first the visitor may give their name, then I want Marketo to show 2 other fields. Onc...
    Chemmalar Edwin
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  • What to do with post-event landing pages

    I was curious what people do with event landing pages after the event is over. In particular, for webinar landing pages. I've never really paid much attention to them and just left them alone, but I do see the rare l...
    Matt Stone
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  • Email Marketing Benchmark Study

    I'm conducting a Marketo email marketing benchmark study that hopes to establish some benchmarks amongst Marketo users on email performance, email creation, email process and team structure.   Would love it if y...
    Pierce Ujjainwalla
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  • How to submit a case

    I am the admin.  How do I submit a case?
    Terry Cruikshank
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  • Contact records synced from Dynamics twice

    Hi everyone, just a question regarding syncing and if anyones come across a situation like this before. We attempted a test sync between our Marketo and Dynamics sandbox environments, and all the contacts came over su...
    Amanda Opitz
    created by Amanda Opitz
  • Champion and Challengers: Champion Distribution at 0%?

    Has anyone set up an A/B (champion/challenger) subject line test for an email only to find the challengers are the only versions being distributed? The champion is not sending. Can't seem to figure out why -- could it...
    Rachel Reiss
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