• UTM Sync for Non-Marketo Pages

    We have a few ads running on google that point to our website home page and I'd like to track when someone goes from the homepage to "request a demo"page which has a marketo form embedded. Our forms are setup with the...
    Alexis Romano
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  • Issue With "Clicks Link in Email"

    I have added a button with a link (http://na-ab28.marketo.com/lp/247-ZJC-260/Marketo-Completion-Tracker.html ) in an email to be sent to leads/people. The link points to a Marketo Landing page.   I have set...
    Shashank Nakate
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  • Marketo Landing Pages & Forms vs Non-Marketo Landing Pages

    Currently, we host our landing pages for gated content on wordpress and use an embedded Marketo form. We are looking into changing this approach but I want to be sure to understand a few things:   The only time ...
  • Not able to Import Email Program from one instance to another

    Hello,   We are moving from one instance to another. The email program doesn't complete, it stays in Queue.    What can be the problem? Do we have to remove the smart list of campaign members? Or is i...
    Sagar Vora
    created by Sagar Vora
  • Adding a Area Code Drop down to Phone Number Field

    Our EMEA team is asking us to look into adding a area code dropdown option to our phone number field on Marketo forms.  I was wondering if anyone else has done something like this in the past and how to best do i...
    Mike Guanci
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  • Gotowebinar token is not populated

     Hi,   I don't know why this token {{member.webinar url}} "Gotowebinar token" is not populated if I insert it into an email  directly. However if I insert this token  {{member.webinar url}} i...
    David Mezkiriz
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  • Munchkin Tracking Across Sub-Domains

    We have a main website, www.ABC.com. and various sub-domains - careers.ABC.com, store.ABC.com, data.ABC.com, etc.   We have the tracking script on each individual subdomain, but we were told that there are limit...
    Angus McCann
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  • Filtering bad emails from web forms

    Hi all,    We ar ea nonprofit, and have approx. 20 forms on our website for people to pledge and petition. We are also manually transferring data between MKTO and Raiser's Edge. (Fun, right? Who wants ...
    Lucas Metherall
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  • What's the best way to do campaign scoring?

    I know there are person scores and lead scoring, however, we are looking to drill down by campaign.   I was thinking of creating a new field called Campaign A Score. Campaign members would start off with a ...
    Danielle Wong
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  • Issues pulling in Salesforce objects, are we doing something wrong?

    Hi All,   We're trying to set up a trigger for closed won opportunities and we're not seeing anything for opportunity contact roles even after we've synced Salesforce to Marketo.   Are we missing some...
    Kevin Gallagher
    created by Kevin Gallagher
  • Monitor Email Deliverability with Daily Reports

    When something goes wrong with your email deliverability, you want to know as quickly as possible. Last year, the Marketo deliverability team helped me set up reports that I now monitor on a daily basis. Here's a...
    Meg Stout
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  • Soft Bouncebacks

    While maintaining huge focus on opt-in communications it is easy to drop the ball when people leave a company.    Can anyone recommend any services that can look at soft bouncebacks and properly categorise ...
    Kevin Sowden
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  • How to find data center of my tenant?

    How to find data center of my tenant?
    Sandeep Lati
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  • Webhook with the list id

    We would like to create static/smart list in Marketo and have all leads which we want to trigger in that list. But, we don't want to trigger webhook for each lead separately then to trigger webhook for the list id.&#...
    Tijana Avramov
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  • Submitting Form if only 1 field is completed

    We are creating a new subscription page where we want user to select atleast one checkboxes which we will be initially unchecked and on successful completion form is submitted to us. Can anyone help me out with this ?
    Ajay Mamgain
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  • What's the source/Reason of this Change Data Value Activity?

    What is the source/reason of this Change Data Value Activity?  Is it Salesforce because there is no associated campaign name?
    Nate Oosterhouse
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  • Marketo no longer integrates with Try Interact quiz? 

    Hi,    Wondering if someone can confirm whether Marketo still integrates with the Try Interact quiz platform? We had created a quiz some time ago and wanted to revisit and connect with lead capture but it l...
    Sarah Hare
    created by Sarah Hare
  • Marketo forms not loading in Chromium 80+

    Noticed that our Marketo forms aren't loading in Chromium 80+ which is due for public release in February. Getting a forbidden error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 () ...
    Chris Ryan
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  • How can I leverage the Marketo database and tokens to send out pre-paid gift card codes to users?

    I'm looking to use Marketo to send out pre-purchased gift cards. We would receive a monthly list from a vendor and want to send out an email with a unique gift card code. At this time I'm not interested in 3rd party p...
    Nathan Sauser
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  • Stuck on Velocity issue. Displaying list of values = overwriting

    The JSON data will come in like this.  [{"vehicleYear": 2018, "vehicleMake": "Mercedes-Benz", "vehicleModel": "GLC", "requiredDocs": [{"Docs":"Proof of Income,OTHER DOC1,OTHER DOC2"}]}]   I need to output ...
    Raj Singh
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