• Difference in "mkto-unsubscribe" link and "Unsubscribe" metric numbers

    After data download from Marketo, I have noticed that "mkto-unsubscribe" link clicks are much more higher than the "Unsubscribe" metric numbers, I want to understand which is the correct unsubscribe number and wh...
    Parvej Ahemad
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  • Difference between "mkto-unsubscribe" link click and "Unsubscribe" metric numbers

    After data download from Marketo, I have noticed that "mkto-unsubscribe" link clicks are much more higher than the "Unsubscribe" metric numbers, I want to understand which is the correct unsubscribe number and wh...
    Parvej Ahemad
    created by Parvej Ahemad
  • API issue - Activities

    API concerned : get /rest/v1/activities.json (Get Lead Activities) Implementation Notes Returns a list of activities from after a datetime given by the nextPageToken parameter. Also allows for filtering by lead stat...
    Pascal Antz
    created by Pascal Antz
  • On24 Member URL token not working in Trigger

    Hi,   We are not able to get the Member URL token values after the registration using the trigger, however the token appears if we click on "View in Browser". Is any one else is facing the same issue and what is...
    Ajay Mamgain
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  • {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}}

    Recently the token {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} in our alert emails is dropping the SFDC link. Not all the time, just occasionally and randomly.    Any thoughts as to why that might be happening?
    Mark McGriff
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  • Emails not delivering in smart campaign

    The followup emails are not being delivered in the campaign. Anyone else facing this issue?
    Tehreem Naeem
    created by Tehreem Naeem
  • Token Edit Me Value Not replaced

    Hi Team,   Am using webhook to invoke my API, Input JSON contains many token values (default -  edit me). But these default tokens are not replaced with null value. No issues with brackets. https://nation....
    Keerthana Shanmugam
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  • Campaign Member Object

    can MKTO interact/update campaign member object fields? 
    Malik Zafar
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  • Can you use a string value for an email field or how can I convert string to an email type field?

    We are trying to send an alert to multiple people, including a string token populated with an email and an alias email in the "Send Alert" flowstep.  I was wondering if there are any limitations?  Our a...
    Nancy Rosenthal
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  • Marketo reports delivered email but no opens

    Our campaigns run over the last month report as being delivered but zero opens (Not even one out of office reply). I know that there are in fact opens but it seems Marketo is not reporting them. Anyone else have this ...
    Tracy Boesken
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  • Marketing Activities Down?

    Starting Sunday, Jan 19, 2020, I have not been able to access Marketing Activities and forms are not displaying on our website.  Adobe Status shows no issues with Marketo. Has anyone else had this issue?
    Elliott Lowe
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  • Visual Studio Code - Marketo markup?

    Hey Community,   Before trying to figure it out myself, I was wondering if anyone had set up visual markup for mktoElements on landing pages/emails built in Visual Studio code? Justto colourize stuff like mktoIm...
    Justin Laberge
    created by Justin Laberge
  • SFDC Campaign Name Token name in the Alert Message

    Hi, I want to add "SFDC Campaign Name token" to the email alert (webcast registration alert). I not very clear how to go about it, tried  {{campaign.name}} & {{lead.SFDC Campaign}} which doesn't work. ...
  • Lead Scoring and Lifecycle Implementation

    We are going to be implementing our first lead scoring model and lead lifecycle model at the start of 2020. Prior to this, there was no real formal process for how leads are handled. This is all changing with the laun...
    Jean Borich
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  • Emails Stuck in Activity Type "Send Email". Not Delivering?

    We preformed an email send a few hours ago to around 9,000 people and all of them are still sitting in "Send Email". Is there a reason why the email would not be delivered to a single person hours later? I r...
    Gabrielle Mintz
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  • How does stream cadence work in engagement programs ?

    Hello everyone, I happen to be very confused about how the cadence of streams work in engagement programs.   My understanding was that if the cadence is set to 'Weekly', with everyday of the week selected, eac...
    Vincent Mauduit
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  • Marketo not working in Chrome

    Has anyone else experienced the 'purple screen of death' while using Marketo in Chrome? Works fine in Explorer 10 on my machine, and until Friday was working fine in Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.162 (Official Build) (64...
    Craig Hockley
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  • Creating a webhook for Google Lead Forms

    Hey Marketo community,   I have a question in relation to building a webhook for Google lead forms:   We're setting the webhook up and the documentation is all making sense but I'm having trouble figuring ...
    Justin Laberge
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  • Session ID: 1740872

    Session ID: 1740872 I'm getting this error when accessing email and form. Any idea what this is about?
    Tehreem Naeem
    created by Tehreem Naeem
  • SFDC sync failure

    Hello There,   We encountered an SFDC sync failure on most of the synched contacts in marketo due to a new custom validation rule that was created on account object just 3-4 days ago. We are unable to get the ex...
    Revati Bhavsar
    created by Revati Bhavsar