• Form compatibility with reCAPTCHA v3

    Has anyone configured their forms to implement Google’s (newish) reCAPTCHA v3?   We experience waves of bot activity and v3 would be an ideal solution since it’s supposedly frictionless.   ...
    Dan Cunningham
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  • Inserting SFDC Custom Object field values into emails

    Hey Nation,   We're trying to move some of our operational emails from Salesforce over to Marketo. These emails have a lot of references to SFDC custom object fields. What are my options for getting these fields...
    Alex Firtl
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  • Getting Marketo to track a link created in a Velocity Token pulling a Custom Object value

    Having difficulties in getting this trackable by Marketo. Activity type should be 'Click Email' and not 'Visit Webpage'.   In Velocity Tokens: Setting Custom Query Strings: #set($campaign_days_map = {...
    Chris Politzki
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  • Web Personalization Segments Filter Question

    Hello - we are trying to launch a web personalization dialog campaign. The campaign will promote a white paper to specific segments that visit our site. Here's the workflow for downloading the content - dialog display...
    Cameron Koziarz
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  • One Click Unsubscribe

    Hi all,   Is there a way to have one click unsubscribe? As of the moment when a lead clicked our unsubscribed link on email, they will be redirected at a landing page and need to submit a form and redirect to ...
    Port worx
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  • Marketo custom object field in email as token?

    Hi,   Is there a way I can use marketo's custom object fields as token in Marketo emails?    They don't seem to be accessible directly, but is there a work-around?   Any inputs will be appreciat...
    Sonali Jadeja
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  • Marketo new fields

    Hi everyone!   I wish to create new Marketo fields. But I need to translate these fields in different languages. Can I do that? Or do I add the fields to forms and then translate the forms to different languages...
    Chemmalar Edwin
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  • Embed Marketo form in an external landing page or connect it?

    Hello community!    We usually use forms in our website in order to get leads.    We are thinking on:    + Creating a form via Marketo and embedding it in our external website  &#...
    Nerea Eguia
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  • email link performance report not showing link that was in email

    I'm trying to gather metrics for links we have in the email. However, when i search for the link in the email link performance report, it doesn't show up at all. It's a bit.ly link - could that have something to do wi...
    Rachel Hamrick
    created by Rachel Hamrick
  • qualtrics

    Hi,   I recently purchased Qualtrics with the Marketo integration. My goal was to create a survey with 5 questions and have each respondent's answer map to 5 custom Marketo fields within their Marketo Lead/Conta...
    Michael Eng
    created by Michael Eng
  • Email delivered multiple times!

    Hi, I scheduled an email yesterday and today I got 3 emails on my personal email. I checked the Smart list and the lists I have chosen are correct and no duplication. Any reason why this happened? 
    Collins Peter
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  • Looooooooong delays with sync from SFDC

    Does anyone have tips to troubelshoot when the bi-directional sync between Marketo and SFDC takes hours? Especially when a lead/contact is created in SFDC and takes forever to sync to Marketo? Has anyone els...
  • Can we create a "master" filter that groups subfilters?

    Hello community!!   We have a project casuistry that we would like to discuss:   On the Smart List, we want to filter through the clients that have not acquired a certain product in order to impact them. &...
    Nerea Eguia
    created by Nerea Eguia
  • Tracking Marketo Events in Google Tag Manager

    Looking to add Marketo event tracking for video plays and PDF downloads through Google Tag Manager - What is the best way to go about this? Do we add custom data events or custom objects?
    Lauren Bennett
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  • Marketo Email Template Designers

    Afternoon everyone,  We are looking to refresh and add some new elements to our email templates. I was looking for anyone who can offer a recommendation on someone they have used and feedback on what we should ...
    Rob Cummerson
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  • Tips for newbie implementing and managing Marketo for the first time

    Hi all,   Our company is in the process of implementing Marketo, which is our first ever venture into the marketing automation world. We are still in the middle of setting up our instance and going through onboa...
    Lisa Forson
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  • Choice Condition Glossary

    Hi Community,    Is there a choice condition glossary available to determine the meaning of the choice conditions? Some of these are awkwardly worded and I am struggling to discern the meaning of a few....
    Alex Foster
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  • Email batch program- How to see detailed information on the Dashboard?

    Hi everyone! I had a question about the performance dashboard on an email batch program. I see the summary where it shows engagement, opens, click to open etc. How can I see DETAILS on these items? For example, when s...
    Adrian Cardelle
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  • D365 Sync with Custom Entities

    Hi,  I have enabled D365 sync for the main entities and custom entities, selecting all the fields required via Dynamics Entities Sync. Basic the sync is successful and Marketo Rows shows all the number of rows sy...
    Paul Pham
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  • Syncing Marketo to Dynamics and Missing Data

    We turned on our Marketo > MS Dynamics (on-prem 2011) sync a few months ago, but haven't done much beyond that. Before I turn on flows to automatically send leads of a certain score to the Leads table for sales, I'...