• Checking if a large number of SFDC records are in Marketo

    Basically the title:   I have a large amount of records in Salesforce that I need to check and see if they exist in marketo. Is there a way to do a lookup on a large number of records (preferably looking at just...
    Keegan Connolly
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  • Recapture V2 / V3 implementation

    I had questions about exactly where the codes presented by Sanford Whiteman would be placed   Dealing with Spam or Bot Form Fillouts    Side note, I would love to implement ReCaptcha v3, but I feel li...
    Nii Tagoe
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  • Add Leads to Ad Network

    Hello,    I'd like to push a Marketo smartlist to an ad network. The setup is done and is working fine, but I had a few questions about how it works/runs after been creatde.     First, there...
    Emmanuelle Bissuel
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  • Muchkin Cookie is getting blocked by CORS Policy - How do I fix this?

    Hello,    I'm moving my munchkin code to Google Tag Manager to create some consistency across my 7 websites. I made the move and I cleared my cache to test it but the _mkto_trk was never assigned. Afte...
    Katie Delvalle
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  • How to set up Lead Partitions

    We have several Lead Partitions and each Lead Partition has only one Workspace.   We have an assignment rule in the Default Lead Partition to push the Leads to the correct partition based on a field we called "W...
  • How to set a date field to today in program smart list?

    We have a date field that must be set as today's date in order for the Smart List to yield the correct results. We are using this for a set of recurring, reminder emails for users to renew their membership. Is there a...
    Kerry Risley
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  • Event name in Webhooks

    I would like to make a single webhook to be able to handle all events from Marketo regardless of which smart campaign the webhook is attached to. Is it possible to be able to know what triggered the webhook such as a ...
    Zachery Miranda
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  • Outlook Email Not Rendering Correctly

    Hello, I have created an email template within Marketo. When previewing and sending tests it looks great in all platforms, (mobile Gmail, Yahoo etc) except for Outlook. I know Outlook is always wonky when it comes to...
    James Walsh
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  • How to setup whole email A/B test with custom conversion?

    This may be me, but it sure seems like a bug.  We are trying to create an Email Send with a "Whole Email" A/B Test.  We want to set the winner criteria to be the most clicks to the call to action button, whi...
    Blane McMichen
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  • How are you combating differences in email analytics between Marketo and Domo?

    We are using DOMO as our one-stop reporting tool. We have connected DOMO and Marketo but when we pull email performance report in Marketo we see very different numbers than what we see in DOMO. We're told by Marketo S...
    Jen Dugosh
    created by Jen Dugosh
  • nurture

    Hello,   I've created a nurture program with three streams and I'd like to be able to tell in each stream the following:    If a member of the program in a particular stream has clicked on any link fr...
    Brian Villaros
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    When trying to call the REST API associated to our subscription, we get the http error :   Error: read ECONNRESET   Everything seems configured correctly from the admin console. The API only user is ...
    Gianantonio Cattozzo
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  • What is Marketo Engage?

    I'm seeing mention of Marketo Engage in the new January '20 Release - can someone explain to me what this is and how to access it?   Thanks.
    Malik Zafar
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  • Marketo Migration

    Hi,   We are planning to migrate our Marketo programs and forms from one production Instance to completely new Marketo production instance. Marketo support said they will open the bridge between the two instance....
  • Emails getting double classes and "You cannot use two mkto definitions in a single class" errors even when based off a template that doesn't have them.

    My template has a line that looks like this:   <img class="img_col img_col_1 mktoImg" ...  src="https://www.MYSITE.com/IMAGE.png" mktoName="Img Content" id="imgContent1">   Which is fine an...
    MiWeb Development
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  • Export Email as HTML not displaying as is

    So I tried exporting an email as an Html file but when I open it the background colors are off(green/blue). I know this can be fixed manually but I am trying to see if there is any way around this?
    Sara Lisi
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  • Editing Form CSS

    I want to edit the button in my forms to be brand compliant. I attempted to edit the CSS but the CSS I have isn't over-riding the current button style. What am I missing? Has anyone ever done this before? forms css...
    Alison Moulton
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  • Best Practices | Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics

    Hi all,    I would like to track Marketo Form Submission in Google Analytics and after reading many articles, it will be great to have best practices or step-by-step.   Can you please share your thoug...
    Andreia Norsa
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  • Waiting to send series of emails from landing page form submisssion

    I have a Marketo landing page with a form that people are coming to from digital ads.    Once the user fills out the form on the page they are redirected to a thank you page.    My problem is I'm...
    Amelia Thompson
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  • One Program for Asset Download & webinar invitation

    Hi All,   I want to create one email with two clickable links for two different landing pages - one for filling out the form to download the whitepaper and another one to register for the upcoming webinar relate...
    Sourabh Singh Raguvanshi
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