• RTP InZone campaigns not working with hash in URL?

    I'm not sure if this is a thing with RTP, or I've got my campaign or segment set up wrong, but I can't get InZone personalization to work if there's a hash in the page URL (eg. for an anchor link). I don't seem to hav...
    Dawn Smith
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  • Different content if a landing page is view on mobile vs desktop

    Can the order of a landing page content be different on mobile and desktop? We’d like to prioritize the mobile content when the user is on a mobile, and keep the content as is when using a desktop.
    Mélina Cardin
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  • Marketo is lagging behind

    After 6 or more years using Marketo, I can say Marketo is starting to dissapoint. Every release is slimmer than the previous, or out of focus. Why I am saying this? Basic missing features that for years are being re...
    Diego Lineros
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  • Null as a Last Name

    Noticed that if you enter "Null" as a last name, you register that a last name was entered but store the actual value as a Null type. Like the name : "John Null", cannot be saved in Marketo. I am trying to figure...
    DJ Erraballi
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  • MSE/MSI buttons and Salesforce Lightning

    Marketo button with the MSI and MSE package is not supported by SFDC Lightning because they are javascript based. This means the buttons will not appear when using the Lighting UI in SFDC. Does anyone know of a workar...
    Aviral Jain
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  • Marketo Sales Insight Dashboard in Salesforce not allowing contact view filters, what permissions do I need?

      How do we make it so the sales team can filter on their Best Bets?
    Melissa Kramer
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  • Social Media icons

    HI ... We'd like to include our social media icon/links to the bottom of our Marketo emails. Any idea how to embed these in our email templates and landing pages? Assuming I will need a designer with HTML experience...
    created by 25006
  • Database Cleanup - Lists

    I am looking to cleanup my current database in Marketo by removing old list that have been imported and are no longer needed. That being said, I am having difficulty locating where every smart list is stored when impo...
    Clayton Houser
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  • B2B Personal Email Reach Out with Nurture Flow

    Hey friends,   So our team wants to initiate each nurture flow with an email that looks like a personal reach out to all qualifying prospects before potentially moving them to the traditional Marketo nurture flo...
    Mitangi Parekh
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  • Wistia videos with Marketo web forms embedded on non-Marketo landing pages  pulling in a wistia URL as the original referrer. Why?

    We use Wistia videos embedded on our non-Marketo landing pages, some of which include a Marketo web form that collects contacts and syncs into Marketo via the Wistia connector.    I noticed that the Origina...
    Cayce Armstrong
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  • SFDC Type field is missing

    Hi, I do not see any SFDC type field in my Marketo instance where i can set the value to contact or person. But i do see a field called Person Type, is it equivalent of that?   Thanks, Pratibha
    Sandeep Lati
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  • Newsletter/Blog Subscription Frequency

    We have a team that wants to start sending per-post emails whenever one of their blog posts are published. We are currently sending a monthly digest to the list right now. Instead of just sending the per post emails t...
    Justin Morris
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  • Interesting tracking observation: Safari vs. Chrome

    Today I was doing some testing in web analytics in Marketo and I noticed an interesting behavior while I was connected to our corporate network via VPN.   If I browse the tracked website (our) in Safari browser,...
    Matjaž Jaušovec
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  • Pause vs Exit Nurture

    I know there are many older discussions around pausing vs completely removing from nurture when someone becomes unmarketable, MQL, etc. Previously, when someone was removed from nurture, all reporting was then lost as...
    Kelly Schmid
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  • Multiple Product Line/Topic Nurture Program

    Hey Nation,   I'm working on revamping our nurture programs. We have 4 different product lines, and 6 different "topics" that we'd like to run people through based on actions they've taken, and I could use some ...
    Alex Firtl
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  • Does Marketo have any velocity scripting limitations?

    Does anyone know if Marketo has any limitations for velocity scripting?    My use case:   We have a email that we want to scale out to more people that is a very data driven email. It uses ~30 fields ...
    Justin Fong
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  • Include Tab/Collapse Scroll in email newsletter

    Hi all, We are new to Marketo and want to include tab or collapse scroll, if possible, in my newsletter email. We tried using anchor tag but still scrolling the newsletter is too much. As we can't use scripts in emai...
    sweety singh
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  • Duplicated Leads

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can tell me if the following code could be the reason why our form would be firing twice and creating duplicate records in our instance? We implemented this a couple of months back on our B...
    Maxwell Obeng-Yeboah
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  • LinkedIn Lead gen no email

    Hey guys,   I hooked up the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms integration and I am receiving leads just without the email. It is mapped, has anyone had this issue?
    Jon Westover
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  • Syncing Marketo Calendar with Google calendar?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to sync Marketo calendar entries to Google's calendar so other teams can know what emails go out when?