• iOS One-Click Unsubscribe

    Increasingly I am seeing more and more people unsubscribe using the iOS one-click unsubscribe link in emails. See screenshots below. Does Marketo have the capability to configure the IOS link to point to a custom URL?...
    Julie Gederos
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  • Sync to salesforce multi select picklist field

    I have a Multiple choice field in Marketo Form which is syncing to a Picklist (Not Multi Select Picklist) in Salesforce. So when leads go to the website and choose more than one option, only the first one syncs to Sal...
    Biren Dhulia
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  • How can I use progressive profiling on global/central forms?

    Lots of questions:   Can you only progressively profile someone if they return to the same form? Or, does it work when they return to any form so long as they've filled one out before? If it only works returnin...
    Carly Stevens
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  • Engagement program - change subject line within stream

    Hi braintrust!    I'm trying to figure out how to implement this (and could not figure out how to put it in the title).    Basically, here's the layout I want:  Stream 1 - Email 1 - Subject...
    Brett Carpenter
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  • MQL Status Question

    This is probably a silly question:   Does a lead ever revert back to open status after becoming MQL if they're not followed up by a sales rep after a certain amount of time?   I don't believe it does, but ...
    Mark McGriff
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  • Predictive Lead Scoring success?

    Wondering whether any Marketo customers have had any success with particular vendors? We use SFDC in conjunction w Marketo and sell B2B. Any recommendations or info greatly appreciated.
    Stephen McLennan
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  • Build a in-house Marketo team

    Hi all,   I'm building an in-house Marketo team from scratch. Starting from early next year, we'll be expanding to support 5 divisions instead of 1. Currently, I have one specialist under me but I've been asked ...
    Huihsing Kiang
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  • Redirect to Thank You page and append query variables to the URL

    Hi There, I have 2 assets and i'm using same form for both assets after submit i'm redirecting them to same thank you page. So i'm getting difficulty in analyzing the traffic from which asset most numb...
    mounica tunuguntla
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  • Strict Transport Security Header

    Hey There,   I sent out an email from Marketo and they are getting a site not secure error. After they get this error the were redirected to the 404 Error page on our Web site.  There was a good chunk of ou...
    Rosella Fernandez
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  • SHA-256 an email address Link in Velocity

    Hi,   I am working with Conversant to add in parameters, they have asked if hasing is possible with Marketo, as below -    The dtm_email_hash parameter (dtm_email_hash={{lead.Email Address}}) should b...
    Harry Rashid
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  • Can Marketo identify specific information (i.e. product sku) on a webpage

    We have a Magento e-commerce website with about 2500 products, and I would like to track which products our known leads are looking at.   To give some context, we are creating a lead scoring programme for r...
    Barry Dupont
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  • Velocity Script using Salesforce Custom Object

    Hi Marketo Users,   I have a case wherein I want to create a velocity script to populate the Account Team member name in the From field of the email. This information is available at the Account level in SF...
    Ayush Aggarwal
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  • CCPA

    Hi,    Anyone started working on CCPA implementation?   Thanks
    Harish Gupta
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  • on24 Member Webinar URL not working in Google calendar

    Hi,  We are trying to pass on24 Member Webinar URL details in Google Calendar location and description section however we are not able to pass the complete link details i.e. full link https://event.on24.com/inte...
    Ajay Mamgain
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  • Sneak Preview #2: A New Search Engine for a New Community!

    Hello Marketing Nation,   Thanks for tuning into the second edition of our limited Sneak Preview series, where we preview all the exciting changes coming to Community in mid-December. Today, we’ll be discu...
    Jonathan Chen
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  • Progressive profiling - not working

    Hi Marketo community! I have a confusing issue with a form. I have enable progressive profiling for that form where two fields show up as the one before is filled. The fields are -  first name, last name, job ti...
    Chemmalar Edwin
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  • Could Smart List Subscriptions have any gaps or overlaps?

    Hi Marketo Nation,   Curious if anyone has looked into whether Smart List Subscriptions can have gaps or overlaps, as there is no timeslot configuration for this feature.   Our use case would be to relay C...
    Bishoy Riad
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  • Marketo emails don't render properly in MS Outlook app for iOS

    Hi community,   Marketo Design "customized" some email templates for our organization as part of our Launch Pack, but these templates fail to render properly in the MS Outlook app. After opening cases with Suppo...
    Tyjen Conley
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  • Will GlobalMeet be a LaunchPoint partner?

    ReadyTalk is migrating to GlobalMeet webinar, sunsetting as of Sept 30, 2019. Does anyone know how this will affect Marketo's ReadyTalk LaunchPoint integration? Will GlobalMeet be a LaunchPoint partner? I have a few c...
    Michelle Lewis
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  • What is your top priority for the next 12 months?