• Creating custom field to store UTM history and also Sync those values to SFDC ?

    Hi All   I'm looking to implement the below:   - All UTM history that a user has passed through need to be stored in one single field in marketo. - After that we need to sync that custom field to Salesfor...
    Prithvi kumar
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  • Unsubscribe Per Workspace

    I've seen this question asked before, but with varying perspectives so thought I would throw this out again.   We have multiple workspaces with each workspace essentially defined as a product. If possible we wou...
    David Cutsinger
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  • Missing Salesperson and company records on UI

    Hi Team,  I had created few Salesperson and company records using API and i want to see those records on UI. Is there a way where i can see these created records without linking it to any lead object. marketo ui
    Sandeep Lati
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  • Can over-ride communication limits for seeded members?

    Hello, When I set communication limits in Marketo, it always applies those limits to my seeded members as well. (Seeded members=people who are on the list because they are stakeholders in the campaign). Is there a w...
    Dawn Beam
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  • Changing Boolean Field To Picklist

    We have Boolean fields with the values Yes/No which are widely used within our instance and workspaces. This field should not be used in any forms and is not connected to our CRM in any way. If we were to change this ...
    David Cutsinger
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  • Using Custom Salesforce UI to Drive Lifecycle Stages

    I read somewhere in a thread that some people were using Salesforce UI (e.g. buttons and apex) to drive their lead lifecycle progression via the user experience, as opposed to relying on field values being changed by ...
    Sean Richards
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  • Adding contacts to a SaleForce Contact Group

    I am working opt-in and opt-out program and wanted to know if their is away to add and remove leads to a SalesForce Contact Group through a Smart Campaign?   Thank you for any help
    Jeffrey Hanrahan
    created by Jeffrey Hanrahan
  • Passing value to empty form isn't working.

    Passing value to empty form (form submission in the background) isn't working. Any help with the code? (https://developers.marketo.com/blog/make-a-marketo-form-submission-in-the-background/) <script src="https:/...
    Ankit Patel
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  • Velocity Token URL Parameter, Tracked but Not Rendering

    Hello,    I'm trying to create an email that links to a survey, and that link needs to have a province parameter that is displayed via a velocity script that fetches the information from a custom objec...
    Kenway Du
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  • How Does Your Sales Team Use Sales Insight

    Hi All, I'm curious to learn more about your process with Marketing and Sales regarding sales insight? I find that a lot of my reps are wanting me to blast their leads with "personal" emails on top of what Marketing ...
    Christian Tovar
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  • How can we send alerts to specific groups based off answers to a form

    I want to send alerts to different, specific inboxes based on the client responses to a form in an email.
    Tony Muse
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  • Email validity check at form submission?

    Hi,   I wasn't able to find a lot of products that integrate with Marketo forms and stop form submission if email address entered is invalid? So, I have two questions here - - Has anyone tried Ethumos Verify an...
    Sonali Jadeja
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  • HTTP Post SurveyGizmo

    Has anyone connected Marketo and Surveygizmo via HTTP post? I have been working with SG and Marketo support but am not getting anywhere. 
    Ashlie Ketterman
    created by Ashlie Ketterman
  • Marketo Sky Survey: Your feedback is needed! (~3 minutes)

    We’re looking to learn more about our customers’ experiences with Marketo Sky thus far.  Do you have a few minutes to take this quick survey?    https://marketo.qualtrics.com/...
    Carina Carlson
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  • Default programs in Nurtures - Hypothetical thought exercise

    So this is mostly hypothetical as I am toying around with some advanced automations/nurtures. So bare with me, but here is my question: If I have several default programs that I have added to nurture streams, is it po...
    Taylor McCarty
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  • Marketo latest update - "Copy all HTML to text"

    "Copy all HTML to text" is no longer available from the "Email Actions" drop down menu. How do I copy all the HTML text into the text versions for dynamic mails with the new marketo spring update?
    Henri Froelich
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  • Pulling Lead Status Date into Marketo Report

    I'm wondering if there is a way to pull in a date column when building a smart list report of when each person entered a certain stage... example:    It would be great if I could pull the MSI in...
    Virginia Smith
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  • Change checkbox color in form - CSS not working

    HI, I tried to use this CSS for changing color of the checkbox - It's blue right now & I need to be white.   .mktoForm input[type=checkbox] + label:before { color: #FFFFFF !important; }   But with th...
    Sonali Jadeja
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  • Dynamic Email help

    Hello and TIA!   I've put a brand awareness campaign together that consists of 3 different ads on LinkedIn that we are bringing back to a Marketo LP. I'd like to create an email string that sends out the same dy...
    Ian Martinez-Christian
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  • Tracking Emails in SFDC

    I'm running an engagement program with 12 different emails. If a customer clicks on a link in the email, I would like to track that success in SFDC for each email. Do I need to create a campaign for each email to add ...