• Bullets are not lining up correctly

    Hi there,    Hoping someone can help me line up my bullets so they are lined up correctly. The second line seems to be going further to the left then normal. 
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Is there a recommended resource for a Marketo and a Marketing Automation/Marketing Operations maturity model?

    I am new to Marketo and looking to make sure that I am continuing to maximize my company's usage of Marketo and marketing automation/marketing operations.    I found this link for the Marketo maturity model...
    Ray Bennett
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  • Client Email Analitics

    Hello, I have a problem displaying email depending on the inbox (gmail, hotmail, outlook, etc.) that receives my Marketo email. From the email analytics platform, we can see on which device (OS, Android) and media (...
  • How to track the program that caused a lead to hit your scoring threshold (MQL)?

    Hello, I am trying to set up tracking so that I can see the program that caused a record to reach a scoring threshold. In our system that threshold is 100 points. I have already built the filed to store the info in an...
    Terry Burgess
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  • RCM/RCA/Succes Path Analyzer - Desperate help! :(

    I’ve been running circles for the past 6 months with my Marketo Sales rep, customer service reps and tech engineers/tech support. I’ve been looking for a way to report on average time spent and transition ...
    Tammy Chan
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  • Feedback on Hard Bounces Campaign

    I am looking for your feedback on an operational campaign to manage hard bounces.   The action we want to take on hard bounces email invalid is to: • DELETE the email address from our system • C...
    Mariah Menendez
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  • How to invoke custom activity by using js munchkin function for link click

    I want to post extra details under user's activity when certain type of anchors are clicked, basically want to differentiate between anchors which are open to public and those which are locked(secured ones), so i know...
    Akhilesh Singh
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  • Needing to filter a list by keywords in a person's title

    Hi there,    We are running a webinar campaign and I am creating the list. Right now the campaign owner wants people in certain industries, job levels, regions and also wants to see if we can include anyone...
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • How can I prevent spam leads from entering Marketo?

    Hi folks,   We're starting to experience some spam on our blog forms and are looking for a solve. I've seen articles about ReCaptcha and honeypots, but am not sure that either alone will solve our root issue. I'...
    Julia Campbell
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  • Can the Bulk Import API be used to mass import cookie values?

    We're looking to bulk extract cookies for all of our leads, mass import them in and use a webhook to mimic a form fill to associate the leads with their appropriate records. We're wondering the the bulk import ap...
    Brandon Benjamin
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  • Channels for Workspaces and Partitions

    We are building out some a workspace for our internal communications. I am just trying to confirm am I setting the new workspace correctly.   Do channels and tags apply to all Workspaces in a single partition? I...
    Jean Borich
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  • Compiled Fields becoming too long to update

    Hey everyone,    I'm running into an issue where some of our leads with more activity than others are reaching the max character count for text boxes in the Lead Database. For instance, we have a Compiled I...
    Matt Reenstra
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  • In-text anchor to form

    In creating a long form landing page, and I would like those to anchor to the form on that same page.I would like it to be in-text anchor at the bottom of the page.    Thanks! 
    Kaitlyn Nelson
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  • Table Inside a customer Field - How do display in Email the table?

    We are sending emails to people that have data coming from SFDC in a custom field that look like this. Easchie leads has different values we want to present those as a table.   <table><tr><td>A...
    Axel Baran
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  • Those bulletproof buttons are also *tracking*-proof, though (here's the fix)

    Some time back, the folks at Campaign Monitor contributed the go-to fancy button builder for cross-device emails, Bulletproof email buttons. If you haven't seen it, it looks like this:     Their compatibili...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • How to schedule a champion challenger?

    Hello, I am trying to nest a champion challenger test under the email of an email send program. I was testing it on myself and I never got the challenger in the send when I scheduled the send from the "Sent" smart ca...
    created by 50568
  • Email Analytics - Ranges of %

    What do the range of percentages mean in open and click rates? The green is typically with the smaller number, but what does the larger percentage correlate to?
    Jordana Klein
    created by Jordana Klein
  • How to set the domain of the view as webpage token/link

    I have multiple brands under one Marketo account. While I can select the brand I want for each email, and that changes the redirect links to the corresponding brand, the view in browser token {{system.viewAsWebpageLin...
    Isabelle Kalekas
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  • Implementing Dynamics 365 and Marketo

    I'm at an organization that's beginning to syncing Marketo with their Dynamics 365. I'm having trouble finding clear documentation on when a person is created in Marketo, do they push to Dynamics as a lead or a contac...
    Amanda Opitz
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  • Event App - needs many taps to activate a field

    Does anyone using the Events app on iPad find that it takes multiple taps to navigate between fields? I've seen many comments that the app is slow and better suited for small events, and even a couple of reviews ...
    Basel Kirmani
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