• Hi, It can be a very simple question but I am not sure why the Smart List is not working properly.

    Hi Sanford Whiteman   I have added a few filters in Smart list to find any member leads or members who do not have the correct preferences URL.  This should return zero results. But, it is giving me results...
    Vidhi Kare
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  • Embed Marketo form in an external landing page or connect it?

    Hello community!    We usually use forms in our website in order to get leads.    We are thinking on:    + Creating a form via Marketo and embedding it in our external website  &#...
    Nerea Eguia
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  • Form fill and submission - send email to internal team

    Hi all,   We will be looking to implement a form that once completed by a client, it generates an email to our customer service center with the details from the form included within it.   Can anyone p...
    Lisa Forson
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  • Apply to Become a 2019 Marketo Champion

    Hello Marketing Nation,   This week Marketo reopened the gates to the Marketo Champion Program and we wanted to extend the invitation to all of you in the Marketing Nation Community. Many of you have been impact...
    Will Harmon
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  • Velocity Scripting Issue

    #if( $lead.dSSiteID == "3670" )      #set( $ScriptTokenTEST = "www.bigstarhonda.com/special-offer/" )     <a href = "https://${ScriptTokenTEST}">Big Star Honda</a> #...
    Marc Comption
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  • What is wrong with my token?

    So I'm trying to script a token based on a custom object... most importantly I want it to display text field 2 if someone has that custom object on their record.   I see this option in the coding, but am not sur...
    Travis Schwartz
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  • Segmentation Processing

    Hello,   Does anyone know where segmentation processing falls in the priority chart?  
    Andy Zebulske
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  • Velocity Script - Clean Up First Name Field

    I'm currently use this email script token to clean up our first name field which often contains email addresses, periods, full names, and title case it, etc.   #if($lead.FirstName == "")    there## #el...
    Broderick Klemetson
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  • Communication Limits Failure

    We have communication limits in place in Marketo (1 per day, 4 per week, block non-operational emails) and we're noticing people who are surpassing those limits on non-operational sends. I've checked and confirme...
    Caitlin Findley
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  • How to add "mailto" to a button link that allows a CTA to be clicked, and generate an email

    Hello,  When editing an email in Marketo, I have a call to action button that the text displays "email 'employee@company.com'". I would like for this button to be clicked and an email draft to pop up emailing th...
    Adrian Cardelle
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  • mktoMobileHide triggered by activating mobile version in LP editor

    I recently had a page stop working in Mobile view. Further investigation lead me to find the mktoMobileHide code had been added to my page and I had no clue how or what added it.  At first I thought it was the "V...
    Robb Barrett
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  • Google Ads Tracking Through UTMs

    Hello,   I recently inherited a Marketo instance and my manager is handling Google Ads. She wants to be able to track leads in Marketo that interact with our set of Google Ads and has used UTM parameters to do t...
    Virginia Smith
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  • Middleware Syncing 2 Salesforce Orgs to 1 Marketo Instance

    Hi,    I'm getting ready to integrate two Salesforce Orgs into one instance of Marketo leveraging a third party Middleware platform. We selected Workato as our Middleware provider. I'm curious if anyone on ...
    Courtney Tobe
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  • Marketo Performance using Bulk Custom Object Import via API

    Hi Marketo folks! Has anyone used the bulk custom object import using the API? If so, have you seen any performance issues in Marketo such as delayed instance, back up in the campaign queue (if any), etc. We plan on s...
    Michelle Tang
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  • Is there any SMS tool which can help us send promotional & transactional SMS?

    We have been using SMSGlobal for quite a long time but they exclude everyone who has opted for DND. This is good but only when we are sending promotional SMS. If we have to send transactional SMS then it should bypass...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • Increase in Salesforce sync failures?

    Has anyone else noticed an uptick in Salesforce sync failures lately/started some time last year? In our specific case, we are running into the Salesforce lock error when trying to add/change Salesforce Camp...
    Jim Lam
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  • Multiple Leads from Site under Same Email Address

    Last month we had multiple leads fill out the Request a Quote form on our website...but many of them are attached to the same email address, even though they're associated with different companies.  There's nothi...
    Nick Nappo
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  • Administration is the key(bunch)

    Through this post I intend to shout out to all admins in the community (and elsewhere). Admin is really like the key-bunch which could unlock/lock and maintain all the goodies Marketo has to offer. Like every other c...
    Vikram Ramesh
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  • Getting Marketo to track a link created in a Velocity Token pulling a Custom Object value

    Having difficulties in getting this trackable by Marketo. Activity type should be 'Click Email' and not 'Visit Webpage'.   In Velocity Tokens: Setting Custom Query Strings: #set($campaign_days_map = {...
    Chris Politzki
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  • email link performance report not showing link that was in email

    I'm trying to gather metrics for links we have in the email. However, when i search for the link in the email link performance report, it doesn't show up at all. It's a bit.ly link - could that have something to do wi...
    Rachel Hamrick
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