• Having trouble with Batch Export Activity IDs

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to set up a daily process to retrieve all of our unsubscribes from the activity batch export. However, when I specify the activity ids that I want, the batch is ignoring them and retur...
    FirstEnt Development
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  • Besides creating an additional token with the negative value of the original token, is there a way to negate a token value

    We are creating a new Lead Scoring Program, but we would like to accommodate for changes in jobs by wiping out the score value for the previous job title, and assigning the  score value for the new job title cate...
    Nancy Rosenthal
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  • Is there a limit to the frequency records can sync between Marketo and Salesforce?

    I was testing around our Marketo-Salesforce sync, and I noticed something peculiar.  When I update a record in one system, it will update to the other one fine when I do it once.  But when I update the recor...
    Nathan Hutchison
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  • Marketo reports delivered email but no opens

    Our campaigns run over the last month report as being delivered but zero opens (Not even one out of office reply). I know that there are in fact opens but it seems Marketo is not reporting them. Anyone else have this ...
    Tracy Boesken
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  • Copying Custom Activity Values into Lead Fields?

    An external tool sends Custom Activities to Marketo.      Is there any way to write values from these activity fields into the lead database?   Thanks! Michael
    Michael Florin
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  • Form fields for leads and contacts

    Currently the sales team don't want their contacts to get updated via certain Marketo forms so for it we have the custom HTML for known visitor however the challenge begins when those contacts don't have their cookies...
    Diego Villamizar
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  • How do I test if a form is updating a database record correctly?

    I've created a simple form that will be used on a PURL site. The form fields include: academic major, mobile phone, and parent email. I've got a test list with a test user. How do I test this form to make su...
    Kaye McClendon
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  • Benefits of Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Form vs. Marketo Form

    Hi Community! I am working with a third party on a paid social campaign that will be using a LinkedIn Lead Gen form. From your experience, what benefits do you see to using a LinkedIn Lead Gen form over a Marketo form...
    Megan Rublee
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  • Generate Preview Link is not displaying the page correctly

    When I preview a landing page, there is a "Generate Preview Link" on the top-left. It gives me a URL, which I copy to a web browser. However, when all the CSS is messed up.  Is this a bug in the system? What am I...
    Kaye McClendon
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  • Time metric in Marketo: How can we accurately measure trends?

    We are trying to accurately measure our audience trends, particularly how long it takes on average for a subscriber to advance in our engagement program based on email activity. However, it is almost impossible to gau...
    Joe Cymerman
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  • Checking if a large number of SFDC records are in Marketo

    Basically the title:   I have a large amount of records in Salesforce that I need to check and see if they exist in marketo. Is there a way to do a lookup on a large number of records (preferably looking at just...
    Keegan Connolly
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  • Recapture V2 / V3 implementation

    I had questions about exactly where the codes presented by Sanford Whiteman would be placed   Dealing with Spam or Bot Form Fillouts    Side note, I would love to implement ReCaptcha v3, but I feel li...
    Nii Tagoe
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  • Nurture Stream - Set Email timeframes.

    When it comes to Nurture streams and building the email flow, can you set up for the emails to go out on specific days or within a time period, or will they always go out weekly? I've set up one through a smart campai...
    Ciaron Zanelli
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  • Add Leads to Ad Network

    Hello,    I'd like to push a Marketo smartlist to an ad network. The setup is done and is working fine, but I had a few questions about how it works/runs after been creatde.     First, there...
    Emmanuelle Bissuel
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  • Muchkin Cookie is getting blocked by CORS Policy - How do I fix this?

    Hello,    I'm moving my munchkin code to Google Tag Manager to create some consistency across my 7 websites. I made the move and I cleared my cache to test it but the _mkto_trk was never assigned. Afte...
    Katie Delvalle
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  • How to set up Lead Partitions

    We have several Lead Partitions and each Lead Partition has only one Workspace.   We have an assignment rule in the Default Lead Partition to push the Leads to the correct partition based on a field we called "W...
  • How to set a date field to today in program smart list?

    We have a date field that must be set as today's date in order for the Smart List to yield the correct results. We are using this for a set of recurring, reminder emails for users to renew their membership. Is there a...
    Kerry Risley
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  • Event name in Webhooks

    I would like to make a single webhook to be able to handle all events from Marketo regardless of which smart campaign the webhook is attached to. Is it possible to be able to know what triggered the webhook such as a ...
    Zachery Miranda
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  • Outlook Email Not Rendering Correctly

    Hello, I have created an email template within Marketo. When previewing and sending tests it looks great in all platforms, (mobile Gmail, Yahoo etc) except for Outlook. I know Outlook is always wonky when it comes to...
    James Walsh
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  • How to setup whole email A/B test with custom conversion?

    This may be me, but it sure seems like a bug.  We are trying to create an Email Send with a "Whole Email" A/B Test.  We want to set the winner criteria to be the most clicks to the call to action button, whi...
    Blane McMichen
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