• Adwords Tracking?

    How / Where do I add Google Ads Conversion Tracking Code?    And, similarly for Google Analytics code for *every* landing page? 
    Keith Appleby
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  • How to add "mailto" to a button link that allows a CTA to be clicked, and generate an email

    Hello,  When editing an email in Marketo, I have a call to action button that the text displays "email 'employee@company.com'". I would like for this button to be clicked and an email draft to pop up emailing th...
    Adrian Cardelle
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  • web services error 606

    Hi, I am getting a daily 'web services error' code 606 with a count of 1024. Not sure what is causing/triggering this error. Has anyone incurred this issue? Can you please help?
  • Can you 50/50 test a whole email?

    I want to set up an A/B test for an email send. I have 2 versions of the email. I want to send it 50/50 to everyone. Can this be set up through the A/B test option? I don't want the winner to be sent out since I want ...
    Michaela Morales
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  • "Sync Person Updates to SFDC" activity

    what does the "sync person updates to sfdc" activity under the activity log actually signify?   Example (highlighted in orange)     Does that mean Salesforce initiated a sync automatically? I'm lean...
    Malik Zafar
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  • Unable To Lock Row Error - Is this an example of MKTO fixing it?

    We are running across some of "Unable to Lock Row". Here's an example in our system:     The activity on the bottom is where the error occurs.   The two proceeding events, which can place over an ...
    Malik Zafar
    created by Malik Zafar
  • Extra whitespaces surrounding tokens

    Hello. I'm trying to use tokens in my emails, but I encountered with following problem: when I write sth like "{{my.token}}." there is a space between my token and a dot in a resulting email. As I understand it's bec...
  • Middleware Syncing 2 Salesforce Orgs to 1 Marketo Instance

    Hi,    I'm getting ready to integrate two Salesforce Orgs into one instance of Marketo leveraging a third party Middleware platform. We selected Workato as our Middleware provider. I'm curious if anyone on ...
    Courtney Tobe
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  • Form submission using POST menthod

    Is it possible to hit an form endpoint to submit the form? I was trying to do that using following URL:   https://xxxx.marketo.com/index.php/leadCapture/save2?formid=1234&munchkinId=xxx-xxx-xxx   but I...
    Amit Jain
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  • Advanced Forms

    Can we build advanced forms with Marketo? Forms with IF and THEN rules. Any tutorials to learn how to build them?
    Damien Serrano
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  • any implications of changing the timezone in your MKTO instance?

    we currently have our MKTO instance in PDT time, any implications of changing that to EST? Will it retroactively update  everything in MKTO or only information moving forward?   Thanks.
    Malik Zafar
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  • WHO bounced from an email

    Hi,   I think this might be a pretty simple task but not sure why it's not working when I try creating different reports/smart list. I am trying to create a report/smart list to show me WHO all bounced and wasn'...
    Mayuri Kumar
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  • reinstate marketo user

    I need to restore a Marketo user. She was deleted from the system by a previous admin. Now it's saying her user ID already exists, even though she does not appear under users. Is there a way to reinstate her?
    Randall Marcellus
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  • The only time you should use the + sign in Velocity instead of $math.add()

    For arithmetic in Velocity, the only safe approach is the so-called “tools-ish” one: use MathTool methods like $math.add, $math.sub, and  $math.mul.   The rule Aside from the one exception later ...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Web personalization edition and preview

    Hello community!    We are working on creating a web personalization campaign.    We are using the templates that Marketo is offering us to do so. However I have a couple of doubts on the edition...
    Nerea Eguia
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  • Can Marketo handle duplicate email addresses for different people?

    Hi all.  We have a database which includes family members who are using the same email address.   A few questions: 1. Can marketo cope with imported data for the same email address but with eg 3 different ...
    Sarah Samuels
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  • Constantly finding faults with Marketo

    I know most of you here are Marketo evangelists, but I have had nothing but issues with them since our signup about two months ago. My account manager is great, but there are SO many technical bugs and problems that n...
  • Math operators in Velocity?

    Hello all,   Has anyone tried using basic math operators in Velocity in Marketo? The documentation says I should be able to use simple arithmetic in my variables, but for some reason they do not work in Marketo....
    Ronnie Duke
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  • Reference triggering program using a global smart campaign?

    Using a global smart campaign, how can one reference the program ID and program name of the triggering program? (not the parent of the global smart campaign)   Right now I have a smart campaign in each prog...
    Jay Jiang
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  • Is a custom object dedupe field required?

    I'm building a custom object for conference attendance. My link field is "email address," but I want each year the person attended the conference to be a new entry to the object. To my understanding, the dedupe field ...
    Kim Gandy
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