• override Marketo "unsubscribe" system flow action

    We have customer profile on our website where the customer can update his mailing preferences. The form is on Marketo and the updates are pushed to marketo as well but i have recently came across a case that i'm as ye...
    Vlada Prasolova
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  • Email no responsive to mobile phone

    Hi, so I am at a loss as to why my header and footer are not responding to mobile screen sizes.   Can someone look at this code and let me know what I am doing wrong...       <meta http-...
    MK McNerney
    created by MK McNerney
  • Lead Source Strategy

    Thinking through how first touch and last touch params are stored and read on form submission. Assuming we use javascript to capture as here MarTech/UTM-Tracking at master · yanirclsr/MarTech · GitHub .I und...
    Gunpreet Kaur
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  • Associating anonymous and known leads across different domains

    Hi there,   We have a tricky issue linking our anonymous and known leads.   There are 2 domains that our website traffic travels between, the website and the online booking portal, and the Munchkin script...
  • Confusing Action in Activity Log + Smart Campaign

    Hi there,   We have a smart campaign called Lead Source -> Web Direct.   It has triggers "Person is Created" and "Filled out form is any".   Here is the flow: There are no other flow steps aft...
    Andrew Seidman
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  • Impact of Deactivating a Smart Campaign

    Question: If I deactivate a smart campaign that has several hundred existing leads running through it, what happens to those existing leads?   Do they continue to run through the smart campaign unaffected and to...
    Andrew Johnson
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  • Editing batch campign logic after it has been run

    I've set up a batch campaign using a static list (batch). I set the logic in the flow and hit run.   A day or 2 later I needed to change the time a subsequent email in the flow went out so I edited the logic in...
    Eve Tate
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  • Salesforce Object Sync - User

    In Salesforce I have a lookup from Account to User representing the service lead for an Account. I want to sync the User object through that lookup relationship into Marketo. I have provided all the necessary permissi...
    Ben Neal
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  • Dynamic Button on guided landing page

    On my guided landing page, I have created an element which has an image and a button (CTA). I would like to have the button dynamic, so I should be able to define the button text as dynamic content, and the button UR...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Locating Campaign Deleting Leads

    We have a webinar campaign that had a handful of leads removed from it over the weekend. We're having difficulty determining which campaign may have deleted these leads. Besides digging through dozens of campaigns, wh...
    Jeremy Foote
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  • Image as dynamic content in guided landing page

    I have an image container in my guided landing page : <img src="${5050ImageURL}" class="img-responsive">   working together with a variable in the header : <meta class="mktoString" id="5050ImageURL" ...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Adobe Summit - will you attend?

    Curious - now that Marketo is part of Adobe, will Marketo users attend Adobe Summit?   Who here is going?   Secondary question:   Will Marketo Summit still exist?
    Pierce Ujjainwalla
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  • LinkedIn launchpoint integration broken?

    Hi community   We've been experiencing issues with the LinkedIn lead gen integration. We've been using it this year with no problems at all, but we discovered that LinkedIn recently changed a few things at their...
    Diana Watts
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  • Twitter id collected via Social App is meaningless (?) number

    I added a Social Button on our webinar registration confirmation page, to promote social sharing of our webinars while collecting social profile data as well. But in a test run I now see that the "Marketo Social Twit...
    Diedert Debusscher
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  • Partition Name Change

    I have a scenario where three teams would be consolidated into one and changing their name. We wanted to know if we were to archive a partition that exist and then change the name on the partition. After we change the...
    Jeffrey Hanrahan
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  • Facebook Social Share not working

    Hi, While working on the landing page, I found that the social share tag is not posting any content on my facebook wall where its working fine on Twitter and LinkedIn. Please let me know if there is any solution fo...
    saurabh Pal
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  • Is it possible to create leads in instance B based on the form fill out of instance A?

    Hi All,   We have a situation where we need to create a lead in instance B based on the form fill out of instance A. The problem here is we have different pod urls for instance A (//app-sj25.marketo.com) and B (/...
    NTTData MKTOSupport
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  • (CLOSED) Marketo Survey: Your Feedback Needed (~2 min.)

    This survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who was able to participate.   -------   The Marketo Product Team is gathering customer feedback, and we could use your help! This short survey will take appr...
    Kristi Bielewicz
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  • Can I get user based segments with API call rtp("get","visitor",)?

    Hi,     I'm trying to get visitor segments and show contents for segments not by RTP template.   I've got my own segments with API call like rtp('get','visitor',function(e){console.log(e.results)}) B...
    s watanabe
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  • Community Management Structure

    Although a community has existed for years within my organization, it has lacked strategy, governance, customer engagement, and a Community Manager. In 2019, my organization wants to change that. And, as part of that ...
    Rita Simmons
    created by Rita Simmons