• Success Path Analyzer  not loading

    Hello,   I've recently activated and launched our new Revenue Model. However, when I go to the Success Path Analyzer (properly setup), it just keeps loading and showing me the rotating dots.   Is this normal?
    Danish Meman
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  • Making some text Bold in a form

    Hi all,   I'm trying to do an activities registration form for our clients. We want to bold the name of the activity, but not the description of the activity. I was able to see it in the editor using <strong...
    Veronica Flores
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  • Capture IP, Device and OS or Browser in forms?

    Hi guys,   I want to capture the IP, Device, OS and Browser used by each filed out form. Is this possible with Marketo?   Thank you!
    Raul Ocaña
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  • Different unsubscribe links based on sender?

    We use an email subscription center to manage our lists and I need to set up two different unsubscribe links based on who is sending the email. (One of our departments sends emails related to totally different product...
    Brad Crabtree
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  • What's going on with SFDC Type?

    I need some help pretty please!   The SFDC Type field (the Person one that is) seems to have changed.   The available values in the list are now: - Contact - User - Person   In other words there i...
    Sean Richards
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  • Is it possible/feasible to SHA-256 hash user's email addresses in Marketo?

    I have a requirement where the client is asking to encrypt/hash users' email addresses in the unsubscribe link in any marketo email. Can we do this in Marketo, and if yes, then can anyone share their knowledge on how ...
    API Dev
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  • Ad Bridge Continuous Audience Sync

    We have heard from many of you regarding how important Ad Bridge continuous audience sync is to your business, so we are going to build it! We actually made this announcement last week at our Marketing Nation Summit, ...
    Frank Passantino
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  • Custom CSS code needed to show field

    I'm currently working on a form, specifically, I want to use visibility rules and show a field if the answers to two other fields are "no". However, I only see that you can make it dependent on one field. Is this true...
    Derrick Sanchez
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  • Have You Taken The Marketo Logo Survey?

    Marketo is exploring a modernization of our logo and brand identity as we enter our next phase of company growth. As one of the thousands of passionate marketers who are part of the Marketing Nation®, we value yo...
    Janet Dulsky
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  • Just do it! Marketo so-called minor missing features

    Dear Marketo PM,   I know Christmas is over, but still we are in January and I decided to write that post with the hope that it would be read and taken care of, for good. It's about that long list of apparently ...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Tokens for standard tracking codes

    Hi   We are just staring to use Adobe Analytics and we want to setup some standard tokens for different link types. The idea would be to then append these to the end of the different urls within our emails. The ...
    Mark Westerman
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  • Separate variable values for duplicate modules

    I've noticed that if I use a module more than once in an email, that both instances have the same variable values.   For example, I have a spacer module with the following number variable ${spacerHeight}. I've a...
    Shannon Dunn
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  • Can you hide some usable email modules?

    I have a client that would like to have a single email template that includes every module they would want to use in any of their emails. So, instead of one template for newsletter, another template for simple message...
    Shannon Dunn
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  • Reporting off Emails Sent as Alerts

    I'm trying to build a report to see the open rates on internal email alerts sent over to our sales staff.  However, I can't use the email performance report because the flow step in these triggers is 'send alert'...
    Chris Tulin
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  • Affordable RSS to Email Tools?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an affordable tool that allows you to send emails that are auto-populated based on the content of your RSS feed? I just looked at Digesto from Perkuto, and it is AWESOME, but we h...
    Marcie Fontecchio
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  • Remove from flow not working on opportunity campaign

    I have a post-demo nurture campaign running to any opportunity marked with the stage Post Demo Positive, Post Demo Luke Warm or Post Demo Negative.   Each has its own smart campaign. Below I've taken screenshots...
    Mariah Menendez
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  • How to find out the names of all lists a certain lead is a member of?

    In the past, when I need to know what lists a certain lead belongs to, I check the activity list for the lead, filtered for list activity.  It's a little clunky because you have to account for adds and removes to...
    Victoria Spah
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  • Add to SFDC Campaign Can Use Numerical Values (i.e. not the traditional SFDC ID)

    Hello Marketo community,   I recently discovered that populating a numerical value into the flow step, Add to SFDC Campaign, can cause it to add to a Salesforce campaign. Is this intended behavior? The flow s...
    Edwin Afable
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  • Tracking Historical Data - Best Method

    Hello,   I'm wondering if anyone is using custom objects or custom activities to track transaction/purchase history? We are a financial institution and hoping other financial institutions or retail companies cou...
    Raquel Babb
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  • Is there anyway to sort accounts by score?

    I know scores are held at the individual record level. Is there any way "bubble up" the scores of contacts within an account so that we can prioritize accounts against each other?   Our SVP of sales wants us to ...
    Steph Anderson
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