• How can I accurately track website visitors (non-spam checker activity)?

    How can I filter out 'spam checker' activity?    I am currently filtering out anyone who doesn't view 2+ pages in a 24 hours period, but now I am running into the issue that the spam checker is clicking the...
    Roy Hegger
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  • GTM, Google analytics events and Marketo forms(iframe) tracking

    Hi there! I'm aware of the various solutions in the community regarding the topic but not sure which to follow, therefore sharing my problem and implementation here.     Problem: Below ...
    Ishita Chawra
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  • Form Issues :(

    I am working on a form from Marketo on my actual site and the form consists of text fields followed by some check-boxes, is there a way to make these side by side?? Including an attachment. I cannot include the link b...
    Brian Horace
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  • What do you primarily create for follow-up? Leads vs Tasks

    Hey all,   I'm just now back in Marketo after about 4 years in Eloqua, and at my new org we are dealing with some of the same issues I had in the past with Marketo in a large org.    Both orgs use the...
    Ryan Spaulding
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  • Can we stop SFDC sync for specific Marketo form?

    Hope everyone is doing well.    I had a question if there is possibility to achieve this. Can we stop SFDC sync for specific Marketo form?
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • Marketo is lagging behind

    After 6 or more years using Marketo, I can say Marketo is starting to dissapoint. Every release is slimmer than the previous, or out of focus. Why I am saying this? Basic missing features that for years are being re...
    Diego Lineros
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  • Endpoint or GET workaround for 30k+ list or program status? (using Klipfolio)

    We are using Klipfolio for Marketo reporting and so far I have used /rest/v1/list/0000/leads.json and /rest/v1/leads/programs/0000.json to create datasources.   But one limitation is "you will onl...
    Jared Eliason
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  • Event App - needs many taps to activate a field

    Does anyone using the Events app on iPad find that it takes multiple taps to navigate between fields? I've seen many comments that the app is slow and better suited for small events, and even a couple of reviews ...
    Basel Kirmani
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  • mktoMobileHide triggered by activating mobile version in LP editor

    I recently had a page stop working in Mobile view. Further investigation lead me to find the mktoMobileHide code had been added to my page and I had no clue how or what added it.  At first I thought it was the "V...
    Robb Barrett
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  • PowerBi integration has been closed

    As of now, the microsoft marketo powerbi integration is depreciated, Connect to Marketo with Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs - therefore we have no way to integrate Marketo data into PowerBI out of the ...
    Robert Nicholson
    created by Robert Nicholson
  • Implementing Dynamics 365 and Marketo

    I'm at an organization that's beginning to syncing Marketo with their Dynamics 365. I'm having trouble finding clear documentation on when a person is created in Marketo, do they push to Dynamics as a lead or a contac...
    Amanda Opitz
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  • Limit to Custom Activities - how to find out?

    How would you find out whether or not you've hit your custom activities limit? Is there a way to see that in MKTO or do you have to contact your MKTO rep?   Thanks!
    Mikes Jones
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  • best way to deal with accidental interesting moments?

    if you've accidentally pushed interesting moments to a batch of records, is there any way to reverse this? if not, what's the next best solution?   thanks!
    Malik Zafar
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    Hello, I'm building a Nurture campaign that will have emails going to three different groups. Listed below. What would be the best way to begin to set up the smart campaigns, transitions and triggers?   I was t...
    Todd Thomas
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  • Mapping Facebook Custom Conditional Question / answers to Marketo Fields

    Hi...Has anyone run a Facebook Lead Ad with a conditional question set up on their Facebook form and successfully mapped all the responses to Marketo fields?   The second (conditional) question and answer depend...
    Tony Membrino
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  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Form - Checkbox field?

    Does anyone here use the LinkedIn form for paid promotion with ebooks? We've connected all of the available fields in Marketo but we cannot see the field circled below.   We're not sure how this field is maintai...
    Ayan Talukder
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  • Marketo and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

    Has anyone integrated Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Marketo, particularly when an existing Salesforce-Marketo integration already exists? How does Marketo handle the FSC "household" data mode...
    Marissa Cookson
    created by Marissa Cookson
  • Google Analytics-Marketo Lead Attribution

    Our team is having trouble capturing the accurate person source for leads before they are pushed into Salesforce. We are currently using Bizible to piece all of this information together after the fact, but that means...
    Justin Cook
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  • Customer Feedback Needed - ABM Survey

    Hello All!    I'm on the Marketo product team at Adobe.  We are excited to take ABM to the next level and need your feedback.  Your input will ensure that we invest in areas that drive th...
    Liana Vagharshakian
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  • Revert changed Dynamic Content segmented element to Default

    What would be the best way to revert a changed module back to default?   Example - I have a segment based on Country. In an asset, I have an element I  have set to Dynamic Content. I have already changed 8 ...
    Frank Geldof
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