• Form validation for multiple fields

    On occasion people fill out our forms with bad data, for example:   First Name: aaa Last Name: aaa Email something@gmail.com Company Name: aaa   I found this example written by Sandford Whiteman: https:...
    Frank Breen
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  • cookiebot

    Hi Community!   Has anyone had experience using cookiebot with Marketo?  What about OneTrust?  We are looking to implement a solution that will appear on our corporate site, but also work alongside our...
    Erica Solomon
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  • 「MailプログラムのEmail Send」 VS 「DefaultプログラムのEmail blast」

    <Japanese/日本語> いつもお世話になっております。GEです。   Marketoでメールを送る際に、プログラムの設定で以下の2通りが考えられると思います。 【Mailプログラムを利用する(Mail Program】-Email Send 【デフォルトプログラムを利用する(Default Program)】-Email Blast   これらの違いについて教えてください。  ...
    Koki Enomoto
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  • Live Closed Caption for Webinars

    We need to be able to add live closed captions to our webinars. Has anyone dealt with this before in the past? How did you solve it? We use GoToWebinar but we are open to change if needed. I've found several soluti...
    Jose Tarzian
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  • Include a Marketo field in custom HTML for a known visitor

    I'm trying to include a Marketo field in a custom HTML message for known visitors. However, when I test the form out, I am seeing a "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined" in the Dev Console (re...
    Craig Boren
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  • Adding or removing Program/SFDC Campaign Statuses Based on Active or Closed Campaign Status

    Hello,   I would like to present a few scenarios to see if others have dealt with this:   1. We want Marketo to control the leads or contacts that sync to a SFDC campaign based on their program progressi...
    Jesse Fernandez
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  • Web page visitor

    New to Marketo here and I am trying to create a report in Marketo that can tell me all the visitors to a particular page on our website?  I have looked everywhere but can't find it.  I don't want all visitor...
    Liz Campbell
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  • Nurture Transition Streams- How to set-up the transition smartlist?

    Hey Marketo Nation,   I am trying to set up a simple nurture stream, where members run through the three streams and receive an email weekly regardless of behavior. How do I set up the transition smartlist? I'v...
    Elise Stieren
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  • How to direct to different landing pages from different sources

    In Marketo, is it possible for example, when i send out an email with CTA directing to landing page, it goes to a specific Landing Page. Meaning i have 2 landing pages now, one is default landing and another (what im ...
    Elina Nasution
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  • Shopping cart / Payment transaction on Marketo LP

    Hi Everyone, Curious if anyone has ever implemented any kind of cart / payment transaction solution from within a Marketo landing page . Have a use case for this for paid events (we're trying to transition off an eve...
    Albert Alvarez
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  • Filter question

    Hi friends, i want to ask if someone knows about it; What is the name of the of item/filter in Marketo that tracks the last time we  interacted or had an activity with a lead/customer (assuming one exists)? I ap...
    David Tobon
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  • Facebook/ LinkedIn drop off part of the Smart List

    I have a smart list that has around 1,300 audience in it. However, when I send it over to Facebook/LinkedIn through AdBridge, it automatically dropped of most of my audience, which results in only 300 audience on the ...
    Cynthia Chan
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  • Import List Not Importing

    Hello,   I am trying to import a list of 850 and my list is not uploading. It is saved as an CSV file and the columns are correct. Any reason why?
    Karen Pellecer
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  • Why is Marketo creating a duplicate form Label?

    In trying to stay ADA compliant but the form generator creates a blank duplicate label for checkboxes. Is this a bug? Is there a fix? See screenshot.   Thanks in advance  
    Homero Cavazos
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  • My Tokens Not Showing in Email Draft within Email Template

    I am trying to hide specific elements within an email template by using My Tokens I have noticed that although the tokens below can be found in the template, they do not show up when looking in the code of the email t...
    Bryan Epstein
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  • Are contacts removed from engagement programs once exhausted?

    We have launched an introductory nurture stream, and our plan is to exclude contacts that are part of this nurture program from any of the other emails we send out until they've run through the entire stream. We plan ...
    Steve McAnany
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  • Virtual Tradeshow event tools and learning?

    Hi All,   We are trying to do a virtual tradeshow for the first time. If you have any experience in that, Can you please share the name of the tool, issues, best practices.   Thanks, Ravi Ansal
    Ravi Ansal
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  • Welcome our 2018 Marketo Champions!

    Hi all,   We're thrilled to announce this year's 2018 Marketo Champion class! The Marketo Champions are an elite group of our most advanced brand ambassadors who are Marketo Certified Experts and actively share ...
    Kevin Lau
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  • Sales Insights Licenses

    Hi all, We just have 10 licenses and the number that shows been used is much larger. What does the word "used in the last 30 days" exactly means? Can this number always be bigger that the number of licenses allowed? C...
    Carla Cabaceira
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  • Attribute primary campaign source in SFDC only for successful campaign member statuses

    Hi,   Is there a way to identify, in Salesforce, program statuses marked as "success" in Marketo?   Here is what I would like to achieve:   Currently, Salesforce is populating the "Primary campaign s...
    Marie Ligier
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