• List Cleanout

    Hello, I've inherited my Marketo instance and am fairly new to the platform but would like to understand if this trigger is setup correctly. I setup an email send and it showed that there were thousands of people bei...
    Christian Tovar
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  • Drop down menus in Marketo Templates?

    Hi folks,   We're in the process of adding tokens to emails and variables to URLs in our Marketo email templates.   In order to make it as full-proof as possible, we want to use drop-downs for the variable...
    Tony Jackson
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  • Form Translation Next Steps

    I'm in the process of setting up forms to replace many current forms on our site. Each form has to be translated into at least 5 different languages so I'm trying to handle that with Sanford's translation code referen...
    Michelle Stunkard
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  • Using velocity script in different tracking links

    Hi,   I have a velocity script that outputs a certain value (say $value = 'abc') and I want to use this value in different links as a part of url parameter string.   I have 3 links that are generated from ...
    API Dev
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  • Marketo as a Retail Automation Platform

    Hi All,   I have been working with Marketo for six months and have really enjoyed the experience. I have recently accepted a new role where one of the initiatives I will be undertaking is the implementation of ...
  • SOLVED: "if x or x" syntax in velocity?

    hopefully a quick one. I'm just trying to find syntax somewhere for a little velocity script I have. Right now it's just a series of if/else statements. I'd like to include an or inside one of these. But I'm not reall...
    Charles Sanderson
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  • Update Copy After Email is Sent

    Hello, I deployed an email with a minor typo. Is there a way to correct this for anyone that hasn't opened the email?
    Christian Tovar
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  • Marketo Survey: Your Feedback Needed (~2 min.)

    The Marketo Product Team is gathering customer feedback, and we could use your help! This short survey will take approximately 2 minutes.   Link to survey: https://goo.gl/forms/AFAzIwaKIWjbyv6o1   Thanks in...
    Kristi Bielewicz
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  • Empty utm's from embedded form on lead records

    Recently embedded a form on our website using hidden utm's, but when leads fill out the form, the utm's do not appear.   Form with hidden utm's When I look at the activity log, I see the utm's are there ...
    James Zolinski
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  • Lead Source Strategy

    Thinking through how first touch and last touch params are stored and read on form submission. Assuming we use javascript to capture as here MarTech/UTM-Tracking at master · yanirclsr/MarTech · GitHub .I und...
    Gunpreet Kaur
    created by Gunpreet Kaur
  • ATTN: Check your webhook definitions, as Marketo has changed the {{Program.Id}} datatype

    On at least one client's instance we've just discovered a significant regression/unannounced change.   I'll retract this post if it gets corrected quickly, but for now you should be looking at any webhook defini...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Free form landing page template not centered

    I created a free form landing page. I can't get it to center in the browser. Any help appreciated. Here is the page: http://pages.advanced-energy.com/Precision-Performance_v6.html
    Megan Murphy
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  • lpeCDiv width

    Hi everyone,   Can someone tell me where to change #lpeCDiv_36896 to have 100% width #lpeCDiv_36896 {min-width:50px; z-index:15; min-height:50px; left:-434px; top:-911px; width:100%; }   I can see it when...
    Alessio Golfetto
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  • override Marketo "unsubscribe" system flow action

    We have customer profile on our website where the customer can update his mailing preferences. The form is on Marketo and the updates are pushed to marketo as well but i have recently came across a case that i'm as ye...
    Vlada Prasolova
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  • Summit 2018 Recordings

    Hey Marketo or anyone. Any idea on when the Summit 2018 recordings will be published? Thank you
    Jose Tarzian
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  • ['Not was delivered email' IS] versus ['Was delivered email' IS NOT]

    What is the difference between the two? I'm making a simple (engagement) program with a smart list flow like this:     I would expect that if the recipient has not previously received "Test Email C", the...
    Ludvig Brandt
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  • Marketo cookie updation

    Hi, In our website, we are submitting form fill events and requests by server to server calls(consuming the rest apis of marketo). But the munchkin tracking cookie _mkto_trk does not get updated as its server to serv...
    Maya Paul
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  • Pass Leads Between Two Marketo Instances

    Anyone heard of or know how to pass leads between two separate marketo instances? I.e. A partner who also uses Marketo is paying us to do lead gen, and we implement a form on our site. Could we easily push it from the...
  • How do I make a form in multiple languages?

    I have a form that is on our English website using embed code </script>.  This form has 20 smart campaigns. I need to make the same form in German with the same 20 smart campaigns. Is there a simple way of...
    ric Kolibar
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  • Marketo Real-Time Personalization & Google Ads

    I followed the steps to configure real-time personalization with Google Analytics. But there was no option to pull in data from a specific RTP segments. Instead, I followed the instructions and created an audience wit...
    Michelle McKinley
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