• GoToWebinar Simulated Live Integration

    Has anyone tried using GTW's simulated live beta with Marketo integration. Both GTW and Marketo confirmed that Marketo isn't supporting the beta version, but I'm not really sure how to test the program without the Mar...
    Stephanie Ristow
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  • Request campaign API call - why does a overridden text token not work in a 'Change Data Value' flow step?

    Hi there, We are overriding a text token in a smart campaign via web service API. e.g. text token {{my.variable}} In the flow step, we use 'Change Data Value' to set a custom Marketo Field to the overridden token, s...
    Stephen Baker
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  • Marketo form for Wistia

    Hello, all of our marketo forms do not look that nice when selected for a wistia video. Does anyone have some simple CSS to make forms look nice inside a wistia video? Or how do you get them to look nice and clean wit...
    Nick Weirens
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  • Using Location Data in Email Scripting

    We have a JSON source of data with information on 150 locations. Based on a field ID in a person we would like to load the data for 1 of those locations into an email (Address etc).   We see two possible options...
    Eben Saputra
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  • Post form Data

    Hey guys,   I am looking to store data collected from a form on our website directly to a Custom Object. I do not think the type of data is appropriate for a field. Is it possible to create a form where the fiel...
    Jon Westover
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  • Is it possible to fill a Salesforce "Custom Object" through Marketo forms?

    I have already synced the specific "Custom Object" which within it for example has "Address 1" and "Address 2". This custom object is associated to an Account. Is it possible when creating a form to make the fields f...
    Hossein Jalali
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  • Possible to pass email as hidden field?

    We are currently setting up a landing page that will be associated to an EDM sent through Marketo (meaning no one else will have the URL to the landing page). In order to make the form smaller we do not want to have t...
    Hossein Jalali
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  • real time search field

    We are remapping our fields in order to increase data quality. Part of this process involves us either updating, merging, retiring and creating new fields. One of the fields that we came into realization that we need ...
    Saulo Avelar
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  • Instant Feedback Polls/Quizzes

    Hi all -   I will be releasing a trend report in the fall, and as part of the campaign, I look to field a short 5 question survey or poll that asks the participant to react to the trend. The workflow would look...
    Kevin Rettle
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  • Industry Standard Email Metrics by Segment (Customer vs Acquisition)

    Does anyone have any / know where I can find reporting or information on current industry trends / benchmarks for email open and click through rates?  I am mostly concerned with industry standard email metrics fo...
    Tiffany Tasa
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  • Approval Based Campaigns to see content

    Hello,   I want to create a program where the content is visible to the lead after he gets approval of seeing the content.   eg: If a lead fills a form on LP and then the request goes to the approver to ap...
    Raunak Challani
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  • Personalise URLs based on lead country

    Hello everyone,   I've had a look through old questions, but can't seen to find what I'm looking for.   We have one email that will need a different URL depending on the users country. At the moment, it ...
    Natalia Brady
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  • Custom Sync Rule from Salesforce to Marketo

    We plan to create a custom sync rule from Salesforce to Marketo that can prevent sales-only data in Salesforce will not sync to Marketo.   Now we followed the steps as "InStructions for Creating a Custom Sync R...
    Eve Yu
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  • MSI for Lightning

    We got a new instance of Salesforce and only use the Lightning view (as much as it allows of course), we want to connect Marketo to it, but reading some of the discussions on here, it seems like MSI is not Lightning r...
    Frank Breen
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  • Last Form Fill Out

    Hi All   I have a lead allocation model setup in Marketo for allocating the lead for three different business verticals (eg. xyz, abc, uvw) . For three business vertical I have three different forms in place tha...
    SSR Singh
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  • INserting Account Owner Contact Info into an Email via Tokens

    Has anyone been able to insert a Salesforce Account Owner's contact info into  an email via tokens?  We want to automate a welcome email when an opportunity is created that includes the sales rep who owns th...
    Tim Madel
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  • Success Path Analyzer  not loading

    Hello,   I've recently activated and launched our new Revenue Model. However, when I go to the Success Path Analyzer (properly setup), it just keeps loading and showing me the rotating dots.   Is this normal?
    Danish Meman
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  • Making some text Bold in a form

    Hi all,   I'm trying to do an activities registration form for our clients. We want to bold the name of the activity, but not the description of the activity. I was able to see it in the editor using <strong...
    Veronica Flores
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  • Capture IP, Device and OS or Browser in forms?

    Hi guys,   I want to capture the IP, Device, OS and Browser used by each filed out form. Is this possible with Marketo?   Thank you!
    Raul Ocaña
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  • Different unsubscribe links based on sender?

    We use an email subscription center to manage our lists and I need to set up two different unsubscribe links based on who is sending the email. (One of our departments sends emails related to totally different product...
    Brad Crabtree
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