• Having issue with sharing Marketo landing pages on LinkedIn - image not pulling

    Having issue with sharing Marketo Landing Page on LinkedIn. When we share the page, it’s not pulling in the image on LinkedIn. It’s working fine on Facebook. I’ve adjusted the metatag a couple of t...
    Niti Shah
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  • Decided to not comply with GDPR

    Hi Marketo friends,   Our company has decided to NOT comply with GDPR because we are not actively pursuing business in the EU. So now, we need to adapt our forms and websites so that information from EU citizen...
    Yulya Toporochan
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  • Dynamic Content Segmentation Limit

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to set up a segmentation for a dynamic campaign that we're launching. Currently, I have 61 segments and when I try to approve it.   It's giving me this error message below. ...
    Albert Cariaga
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  • GDPR

    Hi All,   As part of our GDPR prep, I have come up with few scenarios on how we obtain and  could process our data in compliance with GDPR. I would really appreciate your inputs and correct me if I am doing...
    Vineela Maram
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  • How can admins can create standard MSI views in salesforce?

    Question: How can admins can create standard MSI views in salesforce?   Background: We would like to create standardized views for our sales team to utilize.  I have searched but can't seem to find a sol...
    Nate Oosterhouse
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  • The button to edit text disappeared

    Hi! has anyone experienced this before?
    Sebastian Cassis
    created by Sebastian Cassis
  • If our landing pages are SSL encrypted, are our forms encrypted as well?

    We migrated all of our Marketo landing page SSL encryption last year.  All of our forms were placed on Marketo landing pages and included on our website via iframes.  We are now using embedded forms (not ifr...
    Dan Stevens
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  • Lots of Webinars!!

    Guys, we have a need to increase the volume and frequency of our webinars - so let's say one per week. But it's the same audience each time. has anyone found a smart way of getting the usual email comms out for each ...
    Michael Collins
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  • GDPR: Opt-in with dynamic hidden fields?

    Hi folks,   In prepping for GDPR, I'm wondering if there's a way to create dynamic hidden fields on forms that will populate if certain values are entered. For example, I have a Date/Time field in Marketo to tra...
    Julia Campbell
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  • 'Get Import Lead Failures' and 'Get Import Lead Warnings' resources fail with HTTP 404

    I'm trying to test the 'Get Import Lead Failures' and 'Get Import Lead Warnings' GET methods against the Marketo Sandbox environment. When I send requests to these two resources, I get an HTTP 404. Below are the requ...
    Evanthika Amarasiri
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  • Is there any way to move prospect activity from Pardot to Marketo?

    We're moving from Pardot to Marketo and I was wondering if there is any way that I can take our years of prospect/lead activity and move it to Marketo.
    Jeffrey Fishwick
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  • Trigger Campaigns not triggering

    Hey Everyone,   It appears our trigger campaigns have stopped working.   This is a lead that came in through a form fill. As you'll see, there was an interesting moment captured. This also triggered our t...
    John Danielson
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  • Daily Newsletters - how to automate?

    Hi Community!   I'm trying to set up a daily newsletter in Marketo without using a third party or an RSS Feed (ie: Digesto). Does anyone one know the best way to automate this? The newsletter is dynamic everyday...
    Alexis Falco
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  • Affordable RSS to Email Tools?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an affordable tool that allows you to send emails that are auto-populated based on the content of your RSS feed? I just looked at Digesto from Perkuto, and it is AWESOME, but we h...
    Marcie Fontecchio
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  • Just do it! Marketo so-called minor missing features

    Dear Marketo PM,   I know Christmas is over, but still we are in January and I decided to write that post with the hope that it would be read and taken care of, for good. It's about that long list of apparently ...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Variable stylesheet selection in guided landing pages

    Hello everyone.   Situation I have one guided landing page template. This template will be used by four campaigns that each have their own branding. The scss and templates were built so that changes can be made...
    Nick Harberg
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  • How to trigger GTM event on form.onSuccess event?

    Hi, We have a need to call the form.onSuccess() event so that it performs the following GTM script to the page. Currently it is not working properly on all forms. What could be the cause?   Sample implementatio...
    Raj Ruprai
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  • People Missing from Wait Step (Requested Campaign)

    Hi All,   I put together a drip campaign for my organization but I'm having trouble confirming the presence of people in a wait step.  Program flow below:   Campaign 01 runs every morning at 5am and...
    Matt De Palm
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  • Exporting Marketo database periodically

    Hello guys, I have to periodically report on our database health which includes how many new columns/rows of people we added each week, how many of them had blank/no-blank/unique values and so on. Currently, it takes...
    Sid Patil
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  • GDPR: Email Opt In = Data Processing Opt In

    A few experts at webinars have mentioned that if your privacy policy is clear about what information is being processed, you can equate an email opt in with data processing opt in.   I was thinking about includi...
    Christina Zuniga
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