• Marketo Sales Insight Actions

    Hello ,   How can I disable some of the  Sales Insight functions in Salesforce please? We will like to disable the following options->  "Send Marketo email" and "View in Marketo".   Thank you
    Jessica Moros
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  • Am I able to cap registrations

    How can I cap registrations for a training
    Anna Schumacher
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  • Managing the lead life cycle with multiple products

    I am looking for input and recommendations on best practices in lead life cycle strategy when there are multiple products/BU's being managed within 1 Marketo instance. Traditional lead scoring and life cycle stages p...
    Jennifer Braathen
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  • MCE Test examn

    Hi guys,   I have read a couple of users taking the MCE "test" exam, I couldn't find it on the University platform, anyone has the link please? Are there requirementes liket he annual passport or something like ...
    Raul Ocana
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  • Marketo plugin for Gmail not clickable

    My coworker and I just installed the MSI plugin for Gmail and are now unable to click anything in the right side of an email composed from Gmail in Chrome. https://screencast.com/t/Tay5wm72C He's on a PC and me on Mac...
    Kim Gandy
    created by Kim Gandy
  • Connect web browsing data from different domains in Marketo

    Hi all   Is there any clever (preferably easy!) way to connect Web browsing data from a different domain to the same Lead in Marketo? We have a landing page with a form that is on our primary domain (content.qua...
    Gavin Drake
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  • How to track a form field?

    Hi Marketo Community!   I was hoping if someone knew how to track a form field ?   I created a form with a "select" field attribute. In this select field attribute, I had a list of all of our events with d...
    Ahmos Diaz
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  • Tracking traffic best practices (Source Fields, UTM campagins and others)

    Hello, I'm setting up Marketo in my company and I need some help with the best way to set up a tracking system of leads from different sources: email invitations, social media, partner invitations, organic search, pp...
    Santiago Salas
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  • update a video link in an email I already sent

    Is there a way to update a video link in an email I already sent out in Marketo, and that new link will be accessible in the sent email? I updated the link in the draft, approved the draft, but when I check the email ...
    Stacey Collins
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  • Wait Step in Email Campaign

    Hi - have a quick question regarding the Wait Step in an email campaign...   I set up and ran a campaign this morning where I have a wait step of 14 days included (and then the campaign will kick off a reminder ...
    Teri Thilgen
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  • Message deleted

    Message deleted
    Alexis Shamsi Hughes
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  • how to update lead info via REST

    hi i try update lead info via REST, i use java. and my access be denied. {"requestId":"6a5e#1610d0b1142","success":false,"errors":[{"code":"603","message":"Access denied"}]} can someone help me please.   URL u...
    Vic Chen
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  • Token {{lead.email}} don't populates in Marketo webform

    Hi team,   I've set up a Marketo Landing page with an embedded webform in it. Pre-fill option is enable.   We use this URL and I also add at the end of the URL those tokens hoping that if a user opens it a...
    Exe Carrizo
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  • "Id" in Smart Lists available in Revenue Cycle Explorer

    The "Id" field available in Smart Lists appears to be a unique identifier for a person/lead. I even see it used as a parameter in some Marketo URL paths under the parameter name leadId. Is this Id available for report...
    Griffin Deebach
    created by Griffin Deebach
  • Tie Custom Field to a Custom CSS Button

    My web dev and I are trying to figure out how to tie a custom field I've created to a customized button that will say "Get a Demo."   In Forms, we can't seem to find a way to associate a custom field to button w...
    Spencer Phillips
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  • Best Practices for PDF in Email

    Hi! Can you share best practices for creating an email that has a PDF? The PDF is not on the company website.
    Kayleen scott
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  • Transitioning Exhausted Leads into New Stream

    In one of my engagement programs which has three streams, I have over 21,500 leads in stream #1.  I thought they would automatically transition to streams #2 and #3 in that engagement program, but apparently I wa...
    Nick Nappo
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  • Marketo forms to send data to an external database

    What is the best way to use an embedded Marketo form that simultaneously sends data to an external database? Obviously, we can use an API to send data to Marketo, but if we want to use the advantages of an embedded ma...
    Nina Gonzalez
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  • Showing Program's Assets of a synced Salesforce Campaign

    Hey guys,   We want to show a Salesforce campaign/Marketo program's related assets (e.g. emails and landing pages) in Salesforce as part of a comprehensive view.   I've been peeking into the API, and I thi...
    Aaron Dear
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  • How can I tell if I can grab tokens from a folder?

    Hi there,   I'm digging into Marketo Asset database rest API. When I'm looking into Tokens endpoint, I noticed that the endpoint is in the format of: GET /rest/asset/v1/folder/416/tokens.json?folderType=Folder ...
    Jerry Toledo
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