• what is this wvw domain?

    Hi Everyone,   Recently I came up with an URL where wvw is used instead of www. Any idea about this as this is something new to me. I also wanted to understand what are the pros and cons of using it.  ...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • Strict Transport Security Header

    Hey There,   I sent out an email from Marketo and they are getting a site not secure error. After they get this error the were redirected to the 404 Error page on our Web site.  There was a good chunk of ou...
    Rosella Fernandez
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  • Marketo emails don't render properly in MS Outlook app for iOS

    Hi community,   Marketo Design "customized" some email templates for our organization as part of our Launch Pack, but these templates fail to render properly in the MS Outlook app. After opening cases with Suppo...
    Tyjen Conley
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  • Mapping your CRM fields before integrating with Marketo

    Are you getting ready to integrate your CRM with Marketo? To make the process smoother, be sure to map out your fields and their relationships before you connect the two systems. Check out this worksheet put together ...
    Meghana Rao
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  • Lead Scoring and Lifecycle Implementation

    We are going to be implementing our first lead scoring model and lead lifecycle model at the start of 2020. Prior to this, there was no real formal process for how leads are handled. This is all changing with the laun...
    Jean Borich
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  • Administration is the key(bunch)

    Through this post I intend to shout out to all admins in the community (and elsewhere). Admin is really like the key-bunch which could unlock/lock and maintain all the goodies Marketo has to offer. Like every other c...
    Vikram Ramesh
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  • Use of "other" when standardizing data

    I'm working to fill holes and standardize lead info in my database, particularly "job title" and "industry." When using drop downs in a form, which of the following is a best practice?   CEO, VP, Director, Other...
    Kim Gandy
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  • A cleaner way to write this email validation code?

    Hi Guys,  Can anyone help me slim down this code I came across?    It checks for both business emails ( I know its not all free emails, just the usual ones its checking) and a valid email address....
    Gerard Donnelly
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  • Is there any interest in a NetSuite CRM User Virtual MUG?

    My company uses NetSuite as our CRM and we connect to Marketo using Vertify as our middleware. Most of the Marketo support docs, community posts, etc. seem to be specific to users who use Salesforce so it can be diffi...
    Cayce Armstrong
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  • Find duplicate assets

    Hello Everyone,   I tried cloning a program that contained emails to another workspace. Unfortunately I kept getting the error message that the 'assets are already in use' I deleted the draft copy and any othe...
    Chemmalar Edwin
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  • MS Dynamics customers: Issue with Account (CRM) and company names (Marketo)

    Earlier this week, we identified a significant issue in Marketo with regards to the "Company Name" field for MS contacts that exists in Marketo.  Paul Wilson posted a very detailed description of this within the ...
    Dan Stevens.
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  • Significant delay in leads getting into a smart campaign or getting through a smart campaign

    Hi there,   Has anyone experienced significant delays (close to 2 hours for some leads), from when a lead is created and then should either, get into a smart campaign or a major delay in getting through a smart...
    Jill Lacey
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  • Best Practices/Suggested Reports from Marketo in Domo

    Hi Community, If anyone has integrated Marketo/Domo, what best practices, tips, and/or useful reports have you built out in Domo using Marketo data?  Share your best work   Thanks in advance!
    Valerie Armstrong
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  • Text Rich token displaying html in Text Version of Email - Partial Workaround

    Hey Marketo Community,   I'm fairly new to Marketo and I recently had a problem with rich text tokens displaying correctly correctly in the text version of an email.   Context - I have created a template f...
    Kelci Martinsen
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  • Branded Email Tracking Links for Multiple Domains

    We are using Marketo for three separate business lines that are sharing leads, but we aren't using workspaces, so we have come across a few interesting challenges. Most recently we needed to figure out how to use the ...
    Tara DAcci
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  • Just do it! Marketo so-called minor missing features

    Dear Marketo PM,   I know Christmas is over, but still we are in January and I decided to write that post with the hope that it would be read and taken care of, for good. It's about that long list of apparently ...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Product API Integration: Leveraging Marketo Custom Objects & Marketo Forms

    Hello Marketo Community,   QUESTIONS: 1. Do you recommend leveraging Marketo Custom Objects with Marketo Forms to capture Product API Post Scripts? For context, I'm trying to understand if using both CDOs and ...
    Andrew Slutzky
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  • Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean Email Fonts

    As a Western Email Developer I was asked to develop emails in Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean (CJK). After a lot of research, testing and actual sends here is my guide.   First of al...
    Frank Breen
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    Hi team,   I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing a copy of your standard operating procedure for how your company utilizes Marketo. This is our first automation tool and would love to understand how emplo...
  • Heads Up: Fix for stripmkttok.js

    It looks like there was a new piece of code deployed to all Marketo landing pages recently, /js/stripmkttok.js, and it has been automatically added to Marketo landing pages. This code is intended to remove the trackin...
    Courtney Grimes
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