• Conditional Logic in Thank you page

    Hi Team, we have a form for our employees to fill in on events to register certain leads. I wanted to have some conditional logic of when filling out the form, the "thank you" page will display based if the lead exis...
    Itay Billet
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  • Do these contacts exist in Marketo or no

    Question:   I ask alot of questions here this one is related to Database....management...   So, I have a static list of people....once I upload yes it will update existing contacts in MKT.O......how to fin...
    Nimisha Garg
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  • Are Marketo Segments static?

    Hello,   I'm currently testing the Segmentation option in Marketo (for use with Snippets and Dynamic Content), and noticed that my test Segment isn't refreshing the numbers? Does a Segment in Marketo need to be ...
    Timo Reimann
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  • Marketo Survey: Your Feedback is Needed! (~4 min. needed)

    Hi everyone, I'm Carina, a researcher on the Marketo UX team. I'm currently working on a new project and would love to hear from you.   If you have some time, please follow this link to complete the survey. I tru...
    Carina Carlson
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  • Marketo LP not tracking clicks to embedded Youtube video

    Hi,   Here's my landing page - Presentations It tracks all link clicks except when someone plays a Youtube video on the page. We would like to create smart list for each video view and attribute those clicks to...
    Sonali Jadeja
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  • Tracking GoToWebinar {{member.url}} clicks?

    I'm wondering if has experienced or has a solution for this problem: We've integrated GoToWebinar with Marketo and sync our webinars to a specific program in Marketo to send autoresponder confirmation emails (that inc...
    Dimas Martadarma
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  • Why isn't Zendesk activity appearing / associated with person record?

    We have a Zendesk support / community site.  We want to track visits to the site, and to pages within the site. Accordingly, we inserted the async munchkin code on the site, and it is creating the _mkto_trk cooki...
    Erica Harris
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  • Translate contact properties

    I have a mail that will be segmented based on language. In the mail we use contact values like {{industry}} How can I translate those values from a contact?   For example I have a field holding the contacts ind...
    Franky Ruysschaert
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  • Using mytokens in a webinar campaign

    I haven't had time yet to learn anything about webinar and nurture campaigns. Can someone point me to instructions on how to create them and how to use them? I literally get zero results if I search Marketo Docs for "...
    Karyn Hill
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  • Subsequent activities association with custom object added activity

    Hello community, long story short. Our ultimate goal is to link each email status with exact "custom object added" activity.   Let me explain in more details our setup: We have custom object with details (toke...
    Karolis M
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  • Keeping unsubscribed leads?

    Hello,   I'm going through a bit of a data cleanse exercise and was wondering what people's views on keeping or deleting unsubscribed leads from their instance? Or even those where they have soft-bounced from c...
    Jessica Leung
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  • Revenue Explorer vs. Revenue Cycle Modeler

    When we went live with Marketo, we bought the Revenue Cycle Modeler tool as we were told it would be part of the reporting that would help us demonstrate our ROI.   We have the Modeler built and working, but so ...
    Kevin Keefe
    created by Kevin Keefe
  • Jumping around streams within an engagement program

    Hello,   We have an engagement program with multiple streams.  Program members can transition from one stream to another base on a field change.  So if the member was in Stream 1 and received Stream 1 ...
    Brenda Le
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  • Can Change our Email’s Content dynamically After It’s Opened?

    I just wanted to know whether its possible to change the content dynamically when recipient's opened the email after offers got expired.   Example: We're providing the offers on the specific date range which is ...
    Srinivasan Mohan
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  • Do we seriously need to know how to code to create a landing page template?

    I've used 4 different marketing automation tools and I've been new to Marketo over the past few months and I don't understand why there isn't a drag and drop editor for landing page templates and email templates. I fe...
    Leticia DoPrado
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  • Database inconsistency

    Hello,   My database says I have 46000 leads but when I look at my "marketable leads" list it says I have 27000. How do I find the 19000 "un-marketable leads"?   Thanks
    Shawn Granniss
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  • Microsoft Dynamics - Marketo Intergation Upgrade

    Hi!   We are in the process of CRM migration from Microsoft Dynamics on-prem to cloud/365. This means that we also have to connect Marketo to the new CRM, and as I've checked so far - and we've been told the sam...
    Matjaž Jaušovec
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  • Is there a way for SalesForce users to see the rendered email that was sent?

    Marketo Sales Insight has some functionality to preview an email, but it isn't the rendered message so tokens don't show up.   In the case of using Velocity to generate highly dynamic emails, is there anyway for...
    Mark Price
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  • Send Marketo Email button and SFDC Lightning

    Marketo's "Send Marketo Email" button with the Marketo Sales Insight package is not supported by SFDC Lightning because they are javascript based. This means the buttons will not appear when using the Lighting UI in S...
    Petyr Campos
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  • Can you Look up the historical content of a transactional email that's set on trigger?

    For context, we're always looking to update/optimize triggered emails such as abandoned cart emails. These updates happen directly in marketo meaning the old version of that triggered email gets updated.   The ...
    Arber Raci
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