• List Unsubscribe Header usage tracking?

    Is there an indicator in the activity log (preferably accessible to a filter/constraint) to know that the List Unsubscribe Header was the source of a user's unsubscribe action? Thanks. -Robert
    Robert Kelen
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  • Table headings not aligning in Gmail

    I have used an email script token to populate a table in an email with three bits of info. I have experienced this formatting issue only in Gmail where the top heading "The details of..." doesn't go full width, and th...
    Simone Du Toit
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  • Zero Total Members, Zero Members by Program Status, but Smart List Populated

    Hello,   I inherited a program and am actively onboarding with Marketo. It is a very simple program where someone fills out a form on the site, and they receive an email.   At the highest level view of the...
    Spencer Phillips
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  • Unsettling: Sales Alert Email Populates with Lead Email in Unsubscribe Line

    Hello,   My Sales Alert email includes a concerning line at the bottom. The "unsubscribe line" at the bottom is automatically pulling in the email address of the lead who filled out the form...Upon testing with ...
    Spencer Phillips
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  • Sync with Sugar CRM - tips anyone?

    Hi All, just wondering if anyone has used the Nepo connector and synced with Sugar CRM? During the integration some of our lead capture pages/forms sync to Sugar, and some of the new ones will sync to Marketo.  I...
    Julia Rosenthal
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  • Filtered Registered Leads

    Hi Fellows,   I'm pretty new on Marketo. We have a program that has a series of invites (e.g. Invite 1, Invite 2 reminder, Invite 3 final reminder). My question is, how do I filter those leads that already regi...
    Chris Sagudo
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  • Hyperlink isn't underlined

    Any idea why a hyperlink wouldn't be underlining? While in the email editor the text shows as underlined but it doesn't when I send a sample email. My email isn't approved either, does that affect this? The hyperlink ...
    Josh Hellenbrand
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  • Tracking multiple touches to the same program

    Hi all,   We have recently started running lead gen campaigns in digital channels such as LinkedIn Lead Gen and BrightTALK, where leads engage with our content through a hosted form. So, we now have multiple fo...
    Carmella Dunn-Hartman
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  • Effect and usage of the domainlevel munchkin Initialization Parameter

    I was told a while ago by support that when using the munchkin tracking on a domain which top level domain had only 2 letters, we had to set the domainlevel munchkin init parameter to 2.   Reading the doc, it se...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Random Sample in Engagement Programs

    I'm running an engagement program that I only want to send Email 1 to a certain amount of people in the pool every week day until it's exhausted.  I currently have this as the flow:     The first day...
    Sari Hegewald
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  • Sync to Salesforce and Record Type setting

    Hi again, so we import a list into Marketo, we maybe add it to a Program and sync that to a Salesforce campaign -net result is those new records end up in Salesforce. But...as we have 3 different Lead Record Types ...
    Michael Collins
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  • Marketing Insights not fully lightning ready

    We utilize lighting App pages to display visualforce pages.  Currently the only visualforce page that is available in lightning is the Contact_Mobile page which has limited functionality compared to the mkto_si__...
    Reuben Reynoso
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  • Exporting everything in Marketo

    Hello,   I was wondering how we can export everything we have in Marketo to have as a backup, should we decide to discontinue the license?   Leads - I know this can be manually exported as csv Campaign co...
    Kevin DFZ
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  • Mass-delete segmentations?

    I have inherited a Marketo instance where there are some segmentations being used in 500+ smart campaigns that are in archived folders. Is there any way to mass delete a segmentation without combing through every sing...
    James Leedom
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  • Segmenting on Account-Level Fields

    We are experiencing issues with a segmentation that is based on account-level fields. We have been informed that it is not always best practice to segment on the account level because if there is ever a change on a co...
    Kim Wieczner
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  • Issues Reading cookies on First Page Load?

    I have a script that parses my URL and writes parameters to cookies. I can see this functioning with proper cookies being set.   However, when I submit my form the cookies don't appear to be read. All applicable...
    Ben Brooks
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  • Exporting all Email and campaign content

    Is there a way to export all email content and campaign information from marketo?
    Emily Stone
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  • Rename Filled out a form activity when using /save2

    Not sure I'm asking it in the right place but worth the shot.   i'm using /save2 to pass data from classmarker.com webhook. I created a form called Attempted Test and every time somebody finishes a test, it send...
    Yaron Meiner
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  • Can you use modules from several emails to create one email?

    Hey all:   We are creating an email and there are certain modules from emails we like and want to incorporate to make one email. Is that possible?? Please let us know:) Much thanks!
    Brienne Edmonds
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  • Can you put an email token in a Alert Flow Step?

    Can you put an email token in a Alert Flow Step?
    Daniel Murray
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