• Preventing MEL/MCLs from syncing to Salesforce

    Hi All - Due to overeager sales reps, we've decided to prevent leads from syncing into Salesforce until they've become MQLs.   We thought this would be fine, until we realized as a result of this change we woul...
    Jessica Korn
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  • Can we continue with same marketo community account in next organization?

    Hi There,   If someone has changed his job and wants to continue with same marketo community account, how we can do that? Is there any way?   Thanks, Sant
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • Marketo Sales Insights Reports

    Hi All, I am rather new to Marketo so apologies if this is a bad question. I have MSI installed in Salesforce, and noticed that on an individual lead record I can track email clicks and opens as seen in the screenshot...
    Mark Gremban
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  • Can you cc on an email?

    Are you able to cc on an email. We are sending an emial to a large group and need to have people in our company cc'd.  If not, what alternatives are there? 
    Lauren Southers
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  • CC- Email Address in Sender/Reply:to

    Can you send an email from more than one email? For example, from info@gmail.com AND mirandabrown@gmail.com? We are trying to send them from sales rep but Marketing also wants visibility into the reply to's.
    Miranda Brown
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  • Can you "CC" in an engagement program.

    In an engagement, is there a way to have 2 names show up in "from field" an email?
    Casey Muller
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  • How to create Traffic cop campaigns

    Hi all Marketo Users,   I want to create nurture programs without using engagement streams. Please let me know if i can set up the campaign by using traffic cop also let me the steps to create traffic cop.
  • Best Practices for Integrating with CVent

    Hi,   I am looking for a best practices guide on Cvent and any caveats to know.   Thanks!   -Kait
  • Access Expires

    I have a situation were I have several users who are no longer with the company and I want to make their profiles inactive. I need to keep their profiles for auditing reasons, if I set a date for the Access Expires fo...
    Jeffrey Hanrahan
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  • Scoring Field Mapped From Lead to Account

    I have a field "Portfolio Majority" I am using that is mapped from the Lead to Account, where we only want to score specific values in the pick list and giving the person +1 in demographic score.   Trying to fig...
    Christopher Chito
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  • Sales Insights appearing when they shouldn't - why?

    Hi all,   I'm noticing that emails Marketo is sending are showing up in the activity history of Sales Insights in SFDC. For these emails, the Sales Insight option is not checked in the Email Settings within Mark...
    Alexis Falco
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  • Unsubscribe link didn't work when forwarding email

    Hi - has anyone ever heard of unsubscribe links breaking when forwarding an email? If so, what would be a possible reason?
    Noemi Aguilar
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  • Any Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Users?

    Hey everyone,   Are there any current or previous users out there? What are some advantages and disadvantages compared to Marketo?
    Valerie Whiting
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  • Adding CC: to Marketo emails?

    Hello Nation!   Is there a way to add CC email(s) onto a email sent via Marketing automation? I tried doing multiple, comma-separated emails in the reply-to section with no luck.   For context, I want to ...
  • Personalized "Email Me" and "Meet Me" feature after registering and downloading a whitepaper

    Hi all,   We spotted there is a feature in Hubspot - When you download the document they enable you to directly email/schedule meeting with someone from the download page. It looks like they've personalized the ...
    Huihsing Kiang
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  • unable to see the "submit a case" button

    can someone direct link me to the "submit a case" button?   Unfortunately, when I go to the support page I cannot see the button.   See screenshot below, where the button to submit a case would normally be...
    Malik Zafar
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  • Data Export Notification

    With data security becoming more and more important, we are looking to place additional levels of security when it comes to data exports. I know we can limit who has the ability to export data using roles, but is ther...
    Kevin McMahon
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  • Include a Marketo field in custom HTML for a known visitor

    I'm trying to include a Marketo field in a custom HTML message for known visitors. However, when I test the form out, I am seeing a "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined" in the Dev Console (re...
    Craig Boren
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  • Build a in-house Marketo team

    Hi all,   I'm building an in-house Marketo team from scratch. Starting from early next year, we'll be expanding to support 5 divisions instead of 1. Currently, I have one specialist under me but I've been asked ...
    Huihsing Kiang
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  • Customize Email Tokens

    Hi all, Quick question. We're switching from marketing cloud to Marketo. One of my colleagues are asking which tokens to use to replace this one pulled from marketing cloud:   Dear %%[IF NOT EMPTY(Salutation) T...
    Huihsing Kiang
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