• Marketing to Your Own Customer Data Base - Build Your Own /Integrations / Best Practices?

    Hello Nation,   I'm trying to understand the best way to integrate my company's list of active users to Marketo for things like product announcements, updates, PR, deals, etc.   Currently, all of that data...
    Spencer Phillips
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  • Marketo and Webex.com.cn integration?

    Does Marketo support to setup integration on Webex.com.cn? As far as I know they don't. Can anyone from Marketo advise if this integration setup is on any future updates and if yes what is the ETA for it?
    Adam Kery
    created by Adam Kery
  • Data management for GDPR

    We set up our Preference Center, and my question is in the backend, do you have a similar data folder breakdown like the CASL one (screenshot below), any best practice? In GDPR, do we need to capture why this person c...
    Suzy Lee
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  • What Marketo Swag do you want to see in Purple Select?

    Hello Purple People,   It's about time we refreshed our swag stock in the Purple Select rewards store! Rather than guess what you fine advocates want, I thought why not just ask you directly? Consider this your ...
    Will Harmon
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  • Velocity Scripting an equation with dates

    Here is what I'm trying to do:   Find the difference between todays date, and the lease creation date. Subtract the difference from 89 days. Display that number.   Here is what I have so far:   I...
    Katey Wang
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  • Pre-populated dynamic email content with Email 2.0 variables

    Hi there,   I am trying to make things easier for our regional users by designing a single template with modules - we have segmentation setup, and I'd previously used snippets to allow content to be regionalised...
    Phil Remington
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  • Marketo Email Template Partner

    Hi all, I'm looking for an email template builder, however, I received very expensive quotes from our partners, so I'm thinking to use Knak or Hoosh. I already tested the free version and had a demo. Does anyone ha...
    Andreia Norsa
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  • How to show a Lead URL

    Hi all,   I am new in Marketo and I really need some help.   In my flow, I added Create Task option. In the Comments, among other things, I want to display the Lead's URL, so the user could just click on t...
    Ivan Arsic
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  • B2B Multi touch attribution and lead source implementation

    Anyone have any good resources that would help us implement a robust B2B Multi touch attribution and lead source tracking program(s)?   I mean I understand a lot about it, but implementation guides seem hard to ...
    Sean Richards
    created by Sean Richards
  • Security problems with Preferences Center

    Hi guys,   Recently we implemented the preferences center, where you can enter and subscribe, edit your settings or unsubscribe. The problem here is that you can put any email for this without any validation, pl...
    Raul Ocaña
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  • Unsubscribe link doesn't work if scripts are disabled

    Hi guys,   Recently I received an email from a customer that requested a Unsubscribe via direct email, becuase the Unsubscribe link didn't work. She says that our "unsubscribe link does not work unless scripts a...
    Raul Ocaña
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  • Audit trail does not show changes in smart list rule logic

    Hi All,   We just discovered a limitation of the audit trail today.   A email program was supposed to send about 100 emails and instead sent hundreds... of thousands of them. Everyone in the organisation i...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • I want to know is it worth spending on Unbounce when you already have Marketo?

    I want to know Pro's and Cons of Marketo & Unbounce Integration.
    Charli Bagga
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  • Imported List & New Leads

    Hello,   I am new to Marketo. We imported our untapped lead list into Marketo and sent out an Email Campaign that leads to our web form.   The issue is, since the list is imported, anyone who fills out the...
    Bruce Robertson
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  • SEO Channel?

    My team is interested in adding SEO as a channel in Marketo so that we can tie our SEO-related efforts directly to leads and track ROI. Most of the recommendations I've seen for tracking SEO success is related search ...
    Katie Blakey
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  • Populate country in form field based on country selection in same form

    I have a form that asks users to consent to their data being processed by a variable entity based on their country. I need to setup the form so that once a lead selects their country from the dropdown, the in the next...
    Kiah Kennedy
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  • How to send an automated email report of openers?

    Hi all, I’m pretty new to Marketo and wanted your help in automating some reports.  I know how to generate an email report of leads that have opened a particular email? The process is manual by going throu...
    Jay Gohil
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  • Building an advanced email queue with Marketo Engagement Programs

    Marketo’s Engagement Programs can do some extremely useful things for the marketer. What was once a series of complicated user journeys can now be distilled into an email drip campaign (called “casts”...
    Phillip Wild
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  • Shutting off Munchkin on the Site- Link Tracking via Email- GDPR Compliance

    Hi-   Our developers have shut off the munchkin code on our site until the person opts into cookie tracking. With this being the case, when I send emails to a person with a link directing them back to our site- ...
    Tammy Chan
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  • Deleted Marketo Custom Object

    Hey guys! So I went to delete one custom marketo object in my admin section and the other 3 that were in there deleted. All of the article I read say there is no way to recover them, but I was hoping there would be so...
    Jeannine Croteau
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