• Smart Campaigns vs Email Scripting

    What is the best practice for creating a targeted campaign? For example:   - Customer purchases product A from category X. - A follow-up email is sent to the customer with 3 additional products from category X....
    Damon Brollini
    created by Damon Brollini
  • Velocity Script Issue

    I am using this script to give an expiration date that is one week after an email is sent. I can't figure out how to add the "th, nd, st etc" to the date. For example, August 20th instead of August 20. I am having a h...
    Nicole Mendes
    created by Nicole Mendes
  • Custom Questions on Event Forms

    I'm a fan of burner fields like the ones described in Jeff's article: A Marketo field for every occasion and also try to keep a minimal amount of universal forms (1 event form, 1 whitepaper/gated asset form, 1 contact...
    Nina Valtcheva
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  • Email Performance Report

    I'm having some trouble getting correct results from the Email Performance report (and campaign performance report as well) for a select group of emails I run regularly, and I'm not sure if I've set something up incor...
    Katie DenHollander
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  • Promotional Emails vs. Operational Emails

    This question came up on the Marketo exam, and I would just like to understand - what is/are the difference(s) between promotional and operational emails? Thanks!
    Nick Nappo
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  • Marketo Email Templates Not Mobile

    Hello, I reached out to support cause I noticed one of the marketo email templates out of the box did not look good in yahoo on my android and they said: "our marketo templates are not intended to work in all email cl...
    Nick Weirens
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  • Possible to use flame/stars icons instead of number value in SFDC relative score fields?

    Maybe I'm going nuts but I swore you could swap out the standard 1,2,3 relative score fields in SFC for the flames/stars icons used in the MSI window. Or maybe that was a custom overlay we used? Anyways just curious i...
    Naor Chazan
    created by Naor Chazan
  • Form Styling: Need field to span multiple rows in second column

    Hello,   I've been combing through threads and haven't managed to find this scenario. I'm trying to create an embed form to replace this form: Contact M-Files for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Solutio...
    Michelle Stunkard
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  • A report of 'leads by source' - with a little change

    Hi all, I think I know the answer is "NO" but I thought I should ask anyway...   I need to create a report like the 'leads by source' report, but braking down by UTM_source, the only close thing I found was le...
    Ronen Wasserman
    last modified by Ronen Wasserman
  • Possible Duplicates

    Hi all,   In the "Possible Duplicates" smart lists I find records that have no clear reason (no email duplication, no name duplication). What are other posiible reasons to be in this list?   Thanks, Ronen
    Ronen Wasserman
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  • sync with marketo (c) not updating correctly after changes are made in Salesforce

    I have a number of contacts/accounts in Salesforce that no longer need to be synced with Marketo. All of the accounts have been updated in Salesforce and the sync has completed in Marketo but all of those individuals ...
    Nikki Wetzel
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  • how to remove duplicate images in email

    I've created an email with an image thumbnail that will link to a video.  When I send out the sample, I can see the email just fine on my Mac.  But, some others show a duplicate image of the thumbnail:  ...
    Jesse Gonzalez
    last modified by Jesse Gonzalez
  • What should I do how to get the content of email when use webhook?

    I want to add the content of email to external databases when we sent mail to the users. So I found the way to be able to do that in smart campaigns. It is webhook. Therefore, the configuration is below.   - t...
    勝之 新保
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  • Show all data inside Custom Object in the alert email?

    Is this possible?
    Fern Almazan
    last modified by Fern Almazan
  • Erase extensions from Phone field

    Through a quirk in our system, we are not permitted to have extensions in the phone field. They must be broken out into a separate "Ext" field. This is an issue for many of our vendors who are unable to append their d...
    Sam Sweeney
    last modified by Sam Sweeney
  • String Field to Null Value

    Is it possible to change a string value field to a null value in a mass update?  We are cleaning up one of our name fields and we want to make the value null.  Thank you for your feedback!
    Karen Black
    last modified by Karen Black
  • Using multiple contains values in Velocity

    This is my first time using Velocity so apologies if it's an obvious answer. We need to populate based on multiple contains values in a single field, and have a default for anything that doesn't match but I'm not sure...
    Gally Articola
    last modified by Gally Articola
  • Tracking Clicks on ContentAi bar within Google Analytics

    Hello,   I am working on tracking clicks on our ContentAi bar in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. We are using the standard ContentAi bar, so I set up the trigger as a click on "all elements" with the ...
    Adam Wingate
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  • Exporting Custom Object Data?

    When I glanced at the documentation over at developers.marketo.com, I saw that it is possible to query records if one of the searchable field values is known. Maybe I am blind and missed it in the documentation, but h...
    Jim Lam
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  • Hey, does anyone know about a good website to use emojis inside an email?

    It worked for me sometime in the past but now I can't find a good website for it.   Does anyone familiar with a good platform to copy paste emojis?   Thanks!
    Roni Bergman
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