• Original Referrer field is blank in CRM

    Hi all, I noticed recently that the Original Referrer field is not populating in our Salesforce CRM. It is fine in Marketo and seems to be mapped properly. Any suggestions on why this would happen, and how to troubles...
    Colin White
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  • Field Management shows "Field Mapping" and can not add "Custom Fields"

    We are stuck in a situation where we can not create new Custom Fields, when we try to click on Field Management it shows "Field Mapping" and none of the buttons below will turn us back. When we do click on "Finish Ma...
    Hossein Jalali
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  • Form field conditional on current vlaue

    Is there a way for a form field to show up based on another field in our Marketo instance? We want to have a checkbox on our forms, but we only want it to appear if it has not already been checked. I've been searching...
    Amber Hobson
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  • [Shared Blog]: I Want to Believe, But: Your Email Link Clicks Aren’t Real

    I recently came across this external blog post by Courtney Grimes and thought it would be useful to share with the community (great post, btw, Courtney).  Especially since there has been a lot of discussion/quest...
    Dan Stevens
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  • How to get the list of people who filled out the form?

    Hi,   My team recently executed a webinar. We have different forms to register. I am getting the following information:   How to get the details( Name, email id) of prospects who filled out the form? ( 61...
    Sagorika Das
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  • Curious Behavior: Users starting web journey from Unsubscribe link

    I see this too often for it to be a fluke:   - Recipient of nurture email or one-off promotional email uses the Unsubscribe link.   - Does not unsubscribe. Instead, travels to home page, demo page, etc. Th...
    Frank Elley
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  • Facebook Lead Ads not capturing leads

    Hi all,   For some reason, my the launchpoint service is not capturing some leads from Facebook. This only started about 2 days ago or so. Does anyone have the same problem?   Thanks in advance
    Andrew Chan
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  • Bulk Export File Download Errors - suggestion and question

    Currently, when you download a file on the Bulk API at  and there is a server problem on the Marketo env, instead of the CSV file you get   {"requestId":"3fd2#161992bc7e1","success":false,"errors":[{"code":...
    Kurt Koller
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  • Fwd to a Friend - customizable?

    I know this is probably a long shot from what I've read so far, but is it possible to customize the email that the friend receives after someone forwards it to them via the Fwd to a Friend pop-up form?  Would lov...
    Jennifer Bishop
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  • Benchmark / Assessment Tools integrated with Marketo

    Hi, We are looking for a tool that integrates with Marketo that helps us with the execution of advanced assessments and benchmarks.   I have found: Lose The Gate. Not The Leads. | SnapApp Interactive Conten...
    Frank Geldof
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  • Smart Lists

    I am looking to aggregate a list of active SL's that look for: Form Name "is any".  I can obviously isolate other campaigns off of knowing the form name or form ID; but would like to know what Smart Lists are act...
    Mark McGourty
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  • Embedding Marketo forms on Wordpress

    Hello, apparently you lose auto filling of forms when you embed marketo forms on wordpress, correct? What plugins or connectors do people use to embed forms on wordpress but still keep the auto fill or prefill functio...
    Nick Weirens
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  • Marketo Leads Entering Salesforce as Web 2 Lead

    Hi,   Very new to Marketo (might be a silly question) and wondered if anybody had the same problem.   When leads are passed onto Salesforce from Marketo, they are triggering an email in Salesforce which is...
    Marlon Agard
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  • Velocity for Custom Objects (Lead Source)

    Hi Nation, I'm searching for a Velocity solution to get the most recent Lead Source when there is more than one. Using only ${leadSource_cList.get(0).source} does not get the most recent source on record but the initi...
    Shawn Suttles
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  • Tracking Youtube Video Activity On Non-Marketo Homepage

    I am trying to find ways to track lead activity on a video on our homepage. This article was helpful: http://developers.marketo.com/blog/embed-a-youtube-video-with-lead-tracking-on-a-marketo-landing-page/   How...
    Jarom Hulon
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  • Tracking Tokens to Calendly

    When someone clicks the token link in one of my drip emails, it takes them to Calendly to schedule a call with one of our sales team members. I want to track which email drip is resulting in calls scheduled- is there ...
    Megan Messerly
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  • Using a Different Domain In The Same Marketo Instance

    Hi,   We are wanting to use a different domain name for several landing pages in our pre-existing Marketo instance. I found this article that walks through how to set up domain alias' and add a new CNAME that s...
    Courtney Tobe
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  • Marketo Database

    We are just starting to use Marketo. We have a current database system that contains all of our customer information that is always being updated. Does it make since to dump all of the customer information into Market...
    Jeffrey Paino
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  • Credit Union using Marketo

    Hello. We are a Credit Union that is starting to use Marketo. Our CRM is called Symitar, which is mostly used in the Credit Union Industry. I'm wondering if anyone else uses Symitar and Marketo. I'm not sure how to sy...
    Jeffrey Paino
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  • Sync Leads API Intermittent 611 Error

    Since yesterday morning (2/14), we have been seeing our Sync Leads REST API requests fail 1 out of every 10 times with 611 System Error response. Is anyone else seeing this behavior, perhaps with other parts of the API?
    Jon Leonard
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