• Dynamic Content Link on a Marketo Landing Page

    I have a global form being used across multiple URL's on our website's Resource Center pages(outside of Marketo). Upon form submission on each of these pages, the user is delivered to a Marketo based Thank You page an...
    Ken Ungaro
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  • Why is it failed to unhide fileds "Cookies" in Field Management?

    I could unhide all other hidden fields successfully, except "Cookies". Every time I unhide it, it just re-hidden itself automatically when I refresh the page.
    Alan Lai
    created by Alan Lai
  • Tracking with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

    Hi Everyone, We are using Google Analytics to track the performance of our campaign on Marketo. Is there a way to get the campaign name from Marketo API into Google Analytics? Thanks
    Damien Serrano
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  • is it possible to pass referrer url from form fill into a notification email

    We want to be able to pass the referrer url details from a form fill, into a notification email to send out to our sales team. I know this can be done into a field within a triggered smart campaign using trigger token...
    Stephen Popple
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  • How do you manage a marketo cleanup with CRM

    Hello, Our database is long overdue a cleanup but because of our CRM we haven't been able to make this happen. A big concern for our CRM admin is managing the previous unsubs. How do you manage your cleanup while mak...
    Christian Tovar
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  • SMS campaigns

    Hi Marketo community,   We're looking at starting sms campaigns to support our events and I'm just wondering if you guys are doing it? Whats is the current thinking about SMS among you guys? What are the leadi...
    Olya Zenchenko
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  • Bizzabo - Marketo Integration?

    Hi all,   I wanted to check if anyone has previously done any Bizzabo(Event Management platform) - Marketo integration using Zappier?   I'm trying to push any new registrations from Bizzabo to Marketo and ...
    Malay Chakraborty
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  • Include Content PDF Link in Form Fill Alert

    Hey, all!   We're switching to a global program/campaign structure for scalability purposes. As you know, the benefits of this vastly outweigh any negatives, but it does throw a wrench in some existing processes...
    Jenn DiMaria
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  • Is there a creative way to Include and Exclude Field Values that are within Other Field Values?

    So here's the situation: Our Contact Type field can have many values in it. Some of those values are Primary Contact ABC Primary Contact XYZ Primary Contact It is possible for a record to have 1 or more of these ...
    Danielle Chan
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  • Adjusting form field heights in custom landing page

    SUMMARY We have a custom landing page with a form (Client Survey). The form has 2 comment boxes that should have a taller height than standard fields. The Marketo form is set to show 5 lines, but we're just seeing on...
    Hannah Sears
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  • Nurture Campaign Design Templates

    Comrades, I am designing a Nurture campaign and need to showcase this to leadership. Wondering if there templates out there that will help me present to leadership before getting created in Marketo. Excel, PPT or Vi...
    Riz Alvi
    created by Riz Alvi
  • Personalize lead owner photo using tokens in emails

    In the email tokens, I see the facebook and linked-in lead photo URL tokens. But if I send an email to a client, I would want to put a photo of the account rep (lead owner) in the closing. Not a picture of the lead re...
    Geno Tokarz
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  • Good documentation to train Marketers to have "Marketo mind"

    Hi all,   I'm on a mission to convert our traditional marketers to equip with "Marketo mind" - means they should be thinking about lead nurturing instead of one-time email batch, and lead generation than putting...
    Huihsing Kiang
    created by Huihsing Kiang
  • We want your feedback: Getting easier access to Marketo resources inside Marketo!

    Hi everyone, I manage the User Experience Research team at Marketo and we are looking to provide easier access for you to relevant information from inside the Marketo platform. Please help us understand how we can bes...
    Viil Lid
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  • Email Analytics with an A/B tested Email Blast Issues

    Hi there,   I am trying to run an Email Link Performance report for an Email Blast that was A/B tested. The issue that I am running into is that I am only able to select the whole program, and not the individual...
    Jake Kalinoski
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  • Snippets and dynamic content

    Hello,   Two questions:   1. Are snippets essential for dynamic content in emails?   2. What are the pros and cons of using snippets for dynamic content in emails?
  • Content AI Editor vs. Launcher

    What is the difference between the Editor and Launcher role for Content AI?  I am not sure which to give to certain groups within our company.  Thank you for any guidance!!!
    Karen Black
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  • Introducing Agical.io, the smarter ICS file generator

    If you've used Marketo's dynamic ICS files (the "Calendar File" token type) you're probably not completely happy with 'em.   About a year ago, I published a (free) microservice that fills in the biggest gaps. Wi...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • random line breaks in email

    I have searched the forum for help here but can't find any recent posts to help me. Our email is rendering fine in preview mode, but when we send, it is inserting random line breaks. I have inspected the HTML code and...
    Becky Lyttle
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  • What is "Marketo Engage"?

    For those who attended the Adobe Summit this year, the phrase "Marketo Engage" kept getting thrown around when talking about the platform itself. I was waiting for some kind of introduction to the new nomenclature and...
    Jeff Smith
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