• Introducing Agical.io, the smarter ICS file generator

    If you've used Marketo's dynamic ICS files (the "Calendar File" token type) you're probably not completely happy with 'em.   About a year ago, I published a (free) microservice that fills in the biggest gaps. Wi...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Marketo Database Commit Lags

    I have recently been corresponding a lot with Marketo support/engineering about significant lags in database commits that are wrecking havoc with our smart campaign operations.   The final response from prod...
    Pam Hudadoff
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  • Marketo / salesforce integration needs a serious overhaul, don't you "sync"?

    It's been a very long time since the last improvement to the Salesforce connector. Browsing the community product and Idea sections enables to see how much some improvement is needed. So I wrote this recap on all the ...
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Is there a way to see if a field has been updated in the past X days?

    Basically what the title says  - is there a way to see if a field has been updated in the past X amount of days?   For example, a report that shows all records who have had their lead status updated in the ...
    Malik Zafar
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  • Passing Custom Params Through the Munchkin

    We're exploring how we can pass custom params -- say an add-to-cart $ value -- into Marketo. One quick use case: If the lead is known and the ATC value > $400 (lead doesn't buy), deploy specific messaging/sales ale...
    Dan Askin
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  • Where to store smart lists when they are used in multiple programs?

    *NOTE: this question was originally asked using the term "seed list". I use that to mean a group of contacts to enroll (or seed) into a marketing campaign. I am essentially talking about a smart list with advanced fil...
    Amanda Giacobassi
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  • Sending Marketo Sales Insight Email via Salesforce Lightning

    Has the process for being able to send Marketo Emails through Salesforce changed with Lightning? Is it true that MSI emails are not supported via Lightning at this time?   What is everyone doing to work around t...
    Mikes Jones
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  • Administration is the key(bunch)

    Through this post I intend to shout out to all admins in the community (and elsewhere). Admin is really like the key-bunch which could unlock/lock and maintain all the goodies Marketo has to offer. Like every other c...
    Vikram Ramesh
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  • Lead Feed and Sales Insights RSS Feed in Microsoft Dynamics

    Hi everyone,   I activated MSI on our Dynamics accounts yesterday. Everything seems to be working fine, the configuration went well.   But on Marketo's documentation, I saw something great which is Lead Fe...
  • Email Send Program Not Showing Metrics

    Hi there,   Has anyone experienced setting up email programs, approving them to send, and post sending (the mailbox flap is closed indicating it sent and the approval area of the control panel also shows that it ...
    Jill Lacey
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  • Can we use same login credential for multiple Marketo check-in app?

    Hello everyone,   I hope you are doing well. Recently we were facing this issue with our Marketo check-in app where check-in app was logging out very frequently and it was difficult managing audience due to that...
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • Workspace and lead partitions

    workspaces and lead partitions events    We have many global events and we need to send follow-up emails to those who attended. The issue we have is that the leads sit in different workspaces and when uploa...
    Malcolm Price
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  • How to use Splash with Marketo for Events

    I apologize as this should really be a blog post, but I don't have the ability to post to blogs, so here it is. I figured I would share my experience with integrating Zoom with Marketo and using it for the past 2 year...
    Broderick Klemetson
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  • Feedback Interview: Help Us Improve Our Webinars

    Hello Marketing Nation!   The Customer Marketing Adoption team is working to develop adoption webinars that will help you and your team better understand Marketo. We'd love to hear from you about the topics...
    Katie Pedroza
    created by Katie Pedroza
  • Dear user, how would you like your templates?

    Warm hello to all Designers and designers by heart Yes, I am inviting us all, for discussions on Templates. Getting your opinions, firsthand, which can help us enhance the experience of working w...
    Vikram Ramesh
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  • ATTN: Hotfix for broken embedded forms in Firefox 46 (release date April 19)

    Warning! On the near horizon is a version of Firefox that will break embedded forms.  As I noted in this post, Firefox 46 -- already in-the-wild for folks using Firefox Developer Edition -- is moving into Beta on...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Opportunities: Salesforce to Marketo

    Can someone explain to me what data from opportunities should sync to Marketo. I have tried everything but I can't get any of the fields to show up in Marketo. The contact doesn't even show the opportunity tab. &...
    Stephanie Chmielecki
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  • When to add designers?

    We are working to scale our digital marketing efforts at my company, building more campaigns, emails, landing pages, forms, etc. We have worked to developed a strong email 2.0 template as well as a pretty flexible lan...
    Peter DeMichele
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  • Token is not a valid token format

    Hi,   I am trying to create a cookie consent for our landing pages. However, when I try to approve my landing page it throws an error Error approving 1cbanner8Nov19 — {{header}}: Toke...
    Hass !
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  • Fetch the website content directly to the Marketo email

    Is there a way to fetch the website content directly to the Marketo email?
    Vipin Mp
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