• MCSA Workshop in Minneapolis- July 16-17!

    Hello, all!   Marketo will be in Minneapolis hosting a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) Workshop on July 16-17. This is a great opportunity to learn what it takes to get the highest certificati...
  • Trigger setup based on form response

    I am trying to setup a trigger email based on the response to the form. Is this the correct setup?
    Christian Tovar
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  • Multiple Product Line/Topic Nurture Program

    Hey Nation,   I'm working on revamping our nurture programs. We have 4 different product lines, and 6 different "topics" that we'd like to run people through based on actions they've taken, and I could use some ...
    Alex Firtl
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  • Spam Record (Honeypot and Captcha doesn't work)

    Hi all,   Unfortunately we have a lot of spam attacks. We already set up a honeypot field and also use a captcha field, but the spam go also through. At the moment we use a smartlist which are delete all leads...
    Felix Habenicht
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  • Discrepancy between Account Name and Company Name (and how we solved it) - SFDC & Marketo Integration

    What was the issue? We found out recently that when a synced SFDC Contact was filling out a Marketo form, and writing data in the field "Company Name", that new data input was being populated across every Contac...
    Daniel Martin
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  • Embedded Form submit not always working

    Dear all,   On the following page: https://www.hellotalent.com/request-free-demo/ the form submit event does not always work. What is weird is that intensive test shows it works about 50% of the times....
    Grégoire Michel
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  • Bot or Not? – Are you suffering from ‘bot clicks’?

    If you are a marketer, you probably have heard about the somewhat new and emerging enemy: The Email Security Bots. The war is on and we have been standing clueless for a while, watching from the side while the Bots we...
    Ronen Wasserman
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  • Marketo Sky Survey: Your feedback is needed! (~3 minutes)

    We’re looking to learn more about our customers’ experiences with Marketo Sky thus far.  Do you have a few minutes to take this quick survey?    https://marketo.qualtrics.com/...
    Carina Carlson
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  • Tracking Links in an Email that does not conform the Marketo Email Syntax

    We had an Agency deisgn an urgent emailer with their HTML expertise. They did not follow Marketo Email Syntax i.e. https://docs.marketo.com/display/public/DOCS/Email+Template+Syntax since there was not much ...
    Manish Khemani
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  • Form compatibility with reCAPTCHA v3

    Has anyone configured their forms to implement Google’s (newish) reCAPTCHA v3?   We experience waves of bot activity and v3 would be an ideal solution since it’s supposedly frictionless.   ...
    Dan Cunningham
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  • TUTORIAL - Marketo and Slack Integration

    In March 2019, I got a chance to go to Adobe Sumit in Las Vegas. This was my first time attending the Summit. It’s fascinating to meet several experienced Marketo folks and learn from them One of the Marketo Cha...
    Gursimran Chandhoke
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  • Marketo / Salesforce Sync Limits & Priority Info

    Hi Everyone,     Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working with Marketo support on questions around the limitations and priorities between Marketo and Salesforce.com syncing. I have recei...
    Jason Martin
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  • Email was clicked before it was delivered? It's a link scanner

    Hello,   I am submitting this discussion in case others may have wondered about this and were unable to find an answer in the Community.   I realized after an email campaign this morning that many leads we...
    Devraj Grewal
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  • Pulling Reports on Campaigns that Roll Up to the Program Level

    Hello,   Our analytics team is trying to create a report that has all the programs with their nested smart campaigns. We would like to have program details (i.e. channel tags, other program tags, program status,...
    Tom Kerlin
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  • SFDC Sync Issue

    Hello, I just came across a record that is actually a retail contact but it's not syncing in Marketo.   Anyone have an idea how I can trouble shoot this?   This one is shown in the "info" view:   ...
    Christian Tovar
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  • Why ITP 2.1 is worse for Marketo than Google Analytics

    ITP 2.1 explained On 21st of February 2019 it was announced that Apple was rolling out a beta version of their Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) version 2.1. The main focus is to prevent tracking across domains. ...
    Rasmus Dufresne
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  • Seperate workspace creation

    Hi There, I want to create seperate workspace for one of our region. Any guidelines or suggestion?
    Sant Singh Rathaur
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  • ABM AccountAI

    Is anyone using the AccountAI (powered by Mintigo) capability within the Marketo ABM Module? Curious to learn how others are setting the model and ICPs up, the value realized, etc. I haven't found the model to be very...
    Nick Hajdin
    created by Nick Hajdin
  • Whole email A/B tests in Smart Lists

    I've sent a huge campaign using Whole Emails A/B test (Visual vs. Text versions), and I'm trying to set up a smart list to capture leads based on the version they received to send out proper follow-up:   1. {ema...
    Mihai Bejgu
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  • Can I create Marketo program from SFDC

    Hey, Currently we create Marketo campaign first and then sync it to SFDC by creating new SFDC campaign. Do you know if I can create a Marketo campaign from SFDC?    Many Thanks, Diana
    Diana Jakubaityte
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