• Send Alert vs Send Email for rep follow-up...

    Hi everyone! I wanted to ask this of the community.   I have a very important client conference coming up where we really need to try to reach everyone.  As we know, Marketing Automation never reaches every...
    Ryan Spaulding
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  • Munchkin Email click, prior behavior

    I have a question regarding munchkin. If a person who came into your system through a list import, through Salesforce, or some other way not involving a form fill, and an email is sent to this contact. The contact cli...
    Paul Johnson
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  • Marketo is lagging behind

    After 6 or more years using Marketo, I can say Marketo is starting to dissapoint. Every release is slimmer than the previous, or out of focus. Why I am saying this? Basic missing features that for years are being re...
    Diego Lineros
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  • Advanced logic in Nurture Transitions

    Anyone know if you can apply Advanced logic to transition rules in Nurture streams? I can see drop arrow next to Use All Filters, but nothing happens when I click on it, and I need to use parenthetical and/or grouping...
    Shelly Wilson
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  • Campaign Member Object

    can MKTO interact/update campaign member object fields? 
    Malik Zafar
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  • Benefits of Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Form vs. Marketo Form

    Hi Community! I am working with a third party on a paid social campaign that will be using a LinkedIn Lead Gen form. From your experience, what benefits do you see to using a LinkedIn Lead Gen form over a Marketo form...
    Megan Rublee
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  • Recapture V2 / V3 implementation

    I had questions about exactly where the codes presented by Sanford Whiteman would be placed   Dealing with Spam or Bot Form Fillouts    Side note, I would love to implement ReCaptcha v3, but I feel li...
    Nii Tagoe
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  • Add Leads to Ad Network

    Hello,    I'd like to push a Marketo smartlist to an ad network. The setup is done and is working fine, but I had a few questions about how it works/runs after been creatde.     First, there...
    Emmanuelle Bissuel
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  • Best Practices | Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics

    Hi all,    I would like to track Marketo Form Submission in Google Analytics and after reading many articles, it will be great to have best practices or step-by-step.   Can you please share your thoug...
    Andreia Norsa
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  • Setting up UTMs On Landing Pages

    How do I remove a discussion
    Kevin Gallagher
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  • Visual Studio Code - Marketo markup?

    Hey Community,   Before trying to figure it out myself, I was wondering if anyone had set up visual markup for mktoElements on landing pages/emails built in Visual Studio code? Justto colourize stuff like mktoIm...
    Justin Laberge
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  • Difference in "mkto-unsubscribe" link and "Unsubscribe" metric numbers

    After data download from Marketo, I have noticed that "mkto-unsubscribe" link clicks are much more higher than the "Unsubscribe" metric numbers, I want to understand which is the correct unsubscribe number and wh...
    Parvej Ahemad
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  • Lead Scoring and Lifecycle Implementation

    We are going to be implementing our first lead scoring model and lead lifecycle model at the start of 2020. Prior to this, there was no real formal process for how leads are handled. This is all changing with the laun...
    Jean Borich
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  • How to monitor Marketo Sync?

    Hi There,   Could anyone suggest me the best practice to monitor Marketo to SFDC sync on a day today basis to make sure to catch real time integration error?   Thanks You!!  
    Suman Sharma
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  • Monitor Email Deliverability with Daily Reports

    When something goes wrong with your email deliverability, you want to know as quickly as possible. Last year, the Marketo deliverability team helped me set up reports that I now monitor on a daily basis. Here's a...
    Meg Stout
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  • Lead Score / Interesting Moments Ideas

    Hello Community!   I write to ask for your ideas .  we have implemented a lead scoring system and I am looking for ideas to improve the model we currently have. All ideas are welcome!!!   Current...
    Tali Levi
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  • How can I remove SF integration

    Hi there,   We have got our Marketo instance back after long, but before we had integrated with Salesforce CRM, now we switched to Microsoft Dynamics, so I need to remove Salesforce integration completely but I ...
    Ibrahim Burhani
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  • Do you allow your sales reps to claim event leads?

    Do you allow Sales Reps to "claim" event leads that they speak to at events?   I've seen different orgs allow or not allow this... I see the value for sales to be able to do this, but feels this creates the opp...
    Bryant Chang
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  • Reverse Progressive Profiling

    Hello, hivemind!   Has anyone had experience with reverse progressive profiling?  As in, taking fields away from a form the more a user visits it?  I'm wondering how to accomplish t...
    Nick Nappo
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  • Integration of Marketo with Adobe products

    Hi Guys,   Now Marketo being a part of Adobe Digital Experience platforms. I am curious to know as to what all Adobe products our customers want/wish to have integrated with Marketo that could hel...
    Sreekanth Reddy
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