• Marketing Campaign Brief Templates

    Here are a couple campaign request form templates that were developed to capture all the information needed to build a webinar program in Marketo. I build a lot of these one-off programs and was finding myself spendin...
  • Email Deliverability Cheatsheet

  • Translation Library

    Over the last few years all these translations have been gathered together by my colleagues. One of them had kindly gathered them into this beautiful display and I thought it was worth sharing with you all. CTAs ...
    Gerard Donnelly
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  • Data Processing Addendum

    This document contains contractual terms necessary for GDPR compliance and Standard Contractual Clauses. See here for more information on Marketo's Data Processing Addendum (DPA).
    Jack Yusko
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  • Anonymous Lead Upgrades – Under The Hood

    Included in this article Summary Anonymous Web Activity Logging Triggered Smart Campaigns Smart List Filters     Summary The goal of the upgrade to the anonymous lead promotion process is to increase t...
    Mike Reynolds
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  • Consumers are Humans too

    Earlier in my career, I focused my work on assisting consumer marketers in their segmentation. One of my guiding principles was that Consumers are Humans and act like Humans vs. treating them as a demographic (which j...
  • Understanding Attribution in Marketo

    I created this as I was studying for the Revenue Cycle Analytics exam. I tried so hard to understand Attributions in Marketo by watching a video about attribution in Marketo University, as well as reading the Product ...
    Muhammad Ardhin
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  • What is Purple Select?

    What is Purple Select?Purple Select is Marketo’s new customer advocate program made specifically to recognize our rock star customers for personal achievement, company success or just sharing the purple love. No...
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  • Marketo Email Insights: Performance Review and Documentation

    Email performance analytics sits at the heart of every digital marketer, you want to be aware of how the performance has been and need the ability to report on the same using various dimensions relative to your market...
  • Testing Roadmap Example - Tradeshow Lead Nurture Email Content

    this is an example doc used in this post that shows how to create successful nurture programs   Lead Nurture: Email Content (EXAMPLE) Drop Date: MM/DD/YYYY Reviewers: Final Approval:   Overview Purpose: A...
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  • Marketo ExPeerience: Marketo-Fu with Joe Reitz

    Marketo Champion, Joe Reitz, has developed a video series for all Marketo users. From beginner to advanced there is something for everyone to learn from in the videos.   Below you'll find links to all of Joe's v...
    Katie Pedroza
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  • Roles Documentation

    Hi All,   I recently inherited a marketo database and am new to administrating the platform in general. I come from a salesforce background and have been spoiled at having the ability to look up what each permis...
    Janet Dulsky
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  • Adding Predictive Content in Email without an Email 2.0 Template

    If you are not using an Email 2.0 template, then adding Predictive Content in your email can be done simply by tagging an image in your template as a Marketo Editable Image Element.   See docs how to do this: htt...
    David Myers
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  • Opt-in workflow

    With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hanging over every marketing professionals head, stay ahead of the curve and set up your opt-in strategy right.
  • Email Best Practices

    Brought to you by Email Marketing Software by Marketo
  • Long Live the Funnel

    Contrary to what you might have heard, rumors about the Marketing Funnel’s demise are greatly exaggerated.  The Funnel is alive and well. And it should be leveraged extensively by Marketers. It provides a c...
  • Training Tomorrow's Marketers on Big Data

    Big Data is rock’n the Marketer’s world. It is signalling a wake-up call that marketers need to be more metrics driven, more technically savvy and more process oriented. At the top of the food chain, CMOs ...
  • Marketers need to make their own technology decisions

    Over the last year, the role of a marketing team within a company, particularly the CMO, has evolved drastically. Being able to market in its most traditional sense is no longer they key: businesses expect marketers t...
  • The Future of Marketing: Six Visionaries Speak

    Good tips to help prepare you for tomorrow.
  • Get Involved in the Marketing Nation

    Get Free Marketo Training Watch foundational videos and start building your Marketo skills. Marketo Certification Stand out by demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and expertise. Boost your career. User G...
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