• Seamless Marketo - Google Analytics Integration

    Personal thanks to Stephane Hamel for providing this document. If you have an feedback, .. if you find it useful, if it helps you, if you see any errors or things that could be improved - let me know! Please let Steph...
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  • Lead Nurturing: Best Practices & How-Tos

      Basic Nurturing Advanced Nurturing Measuring ROI Calculating the ROI of Nurturing Understanding the Engagement Dashboard Basic Reporting - (Login Required) Measuring ROI Understanding Engagement Scores Engagem...
  • Anonymous Lead Promotion to Known Lead – Munchkin V2 Behavior

    Included in this article Summary How Leads Become Known Anonymous Web Activity Logging Triggered Smart Campaigns   Revised 2/19/2016 Replaced screen shots with corrected versions   Summary When a per...
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  • Fearless Forum - All the Editions

    Fearless Forum 01 Marketo Fearless Forum: Edition 01 The GDPR and The Marketer: A Practical Guide for the Marketo Customer Summit Places to Visit   Fearless Forum 02 Marketo Fearless Forum: Edition 02 Ma...
    Elise Hudson
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  • Countries-Regions-ZH-EN-DE

    Contains a list of all of the world's countries with 2-letter and 3-letter ISO and UN country code abbreviations, phone dialing codes (prefixes), in English, Chinese and German with columns of translated Chinese and G...
  • Content AI FAQ

    If you have not heard or seen it yet, in the Fall 2016 Release, we were super excited to launch our ContentAI (Predictive Content) for Email. This included a revamp of the ContentAI App (previously known as Predicti...
    David Myers
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  • Email 2.0 Hack - UTM Parameters as local variables

    I previously answered a question in the discussions about this topic and figured I would share a bit more details about it. Feel free to post questions/feedback and I'd be happy to update this.   UTM tagging, ext...
    Erik Heldebro
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  • Your Complete Roadmap to Becoming a Marketo Advocate

    The Marketo Customer Advocacy Program, Advocate Nation, aims to help customers showcase their success and engage with the Marketo Community. We have a number of opportunities available for our customers to network, sh...
    Deborah Kim
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  • Tips for Integrating with SFDC if You've Already Been Using Marketo

    A customer who has been using Marketo as a standalone system for the past year asked me recently for some tips for integrating with SFDC. Please note the following tips will also apply if the customer had a custom int...
    Brian Law
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  • Marketing Nation at Summit: Product Keynote Recap with Brian Glover

    It happens. You were under a work tsunami. Or better yet, you were on a long overdue vacation. Whatever the reason, you missed the product keynote announcements at Marketo’s Marketing Nation at Adobe Summit this...
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  • How 2B Fearless with Fearless 50 Member, Carissa Russell

    In this edition of the How 2B Fearless series, we sat down with Carissa Russell, who is not only a Fearless 50 member, but also a Marketo Champion. Carissa shares what being a fearless marketer means for her and what ...
    Elise Hudson
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  • Creating an A/B Test program in Marketo

    Creating an A/B Test program in Marketo   Create a new Program in Marketo:                2. Choose the Campaign folder, provide the program na...
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  • How to resolve MSI Section not showing on Lead/Contact Form in MS Dynamics issue?

    Marketo Users with  Marketo-MS Dynamics Integration may realize that they are not able to see the Marketo Sales Insight section on Lead/Contact Form in Dynamics after installing the Solution.   In this scena...
  • Marketo Training for Sales

    Our sales team is very new to Sales Insight, so I did a training with them last week to show them some of the features and how they can use it to interact with their prospects better. I figured this is probably someth...
    Sydney Mulligan
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  • Standalone DPAs (Updated- link below)

    Marketo Data Processing Addenda Marketo takes privacy very seriously. We treat the data that our customers collect and use on our platform with the utmost sensitivity and employ strict policies and protections to hel...
    Jack Yusko
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  • Champion Tips and Tricks Series with Marketo Champions

    As part of the bi-monthly newsletter, we ask Marketo Champions to share their Top 3 Best Practices for using Marketo. You can find each of the episodes below.   Episode 1 - Julz James: Champion Tips and Tricks w...
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  • Marketo's Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

    Data Processing Addendum (DPA) This addendum includes all required terms for GDPR compliance, plus Standard Contractual Clauses which serve as a safeguard to govern transfers of personal data out of the EU/EEA/Switz...
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  • Marketo Checklists (Getting Started)

      Simple Set up (Before you start using product): Setup Checklist - Marketo Docs - Product Docs Detailed Steps to Set up (Before you start using product): Setup Steps - Marketo Docs - Product Docs Configuratio...
  • Japanese Dual Language DPA

    This Data Processing Addendum is relevant for Japanese customers who will conduct business in the European Union / European Economic Area and need GDPR compliant terms as well as Standard Contractual Clauses.
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  • UTM Tracking & Marketo – Part Deux

    In our first post, we discussed the concept of URLs and UTM tracking. Now that those are in place, we will dive into the setup with Marketo. Here are the high-level steps: Create the UTM fields in order to have a pla...
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