• Talk Marketo to Me: A Glossary for Marketo Terms

    Smart list? Engagement programs? Clones? As a new Marketo user it can feel like working in Marketo is not just about learning how to use a platform, but learning how to speak a different language. If you're trying to ...
    Meghana Rao
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  • Alternating table row colors in Velocity

    Say you have Badges Earned Custom Object ($BadgesEarned_cList in Velocity) to store a lead’s community achievements. Values are like so:   {description=Onboarding, points=200} {description=Influencer, point...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • What We Learned From You: Making The Marketing Nation Community Even Better Survey Results

    Many thanks to the 407 of you who took the time to complete our “Want To Help Us Make The Marketing Nation Community Even Better?” survey earlier this year! We are also incredibly grateful for those who ta...
    Janet Dulsky
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  • Planning and Communicating About Your Marketo Onboarding

    While there's no perfect recipe for success for your Marketo implementation, most Marketo users can agree on two things that'll make the process a whole lot smoother: 1. Plan ahead of time: It's always a good idea to...
    Meghana Rao
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  • Auto-submitting a form for Known Visitors

    Marketo's Known Visitor HTML (If Known Visitor, Show Custom HTML in Form Editor » Settings) feature is the obvious answer to a few questions:   “How can I completely ungate an asset — no form f...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Marketo Master Class: Tokens, Templates, and Snippets in Emails with Beth Massura

    Email marketing is the foundation of a lot of marketing strategies. With the help of Marketo Champion Beth Massura, this edition of Marketo Master Class puts a magnifying glass on the role that tokens, ...
    Will Harmon
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  • Marketing Nation Summit @ Adobe Summit March 24-28, 2019

    By now, you've probably heard the exciting news: Marketing Nation Summit is taking place at Adobe Summit, March 24-28, 2019 in Las Vegas!   Why? Because, now that you’re part of the Adobe family, Adobe an...
    Janet Dulsky
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  • Simulating Wait step choices using Date Tokens and date math

    The post title is a bit of a mouthful, but if you've been bitten by a certain feature gap you'll know what I mean.   One of the first things you learn about Wait steps is they don't have a literal Add Choice opt...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Introducing your 2019 Marketo Champions!

    Hello Marketing Nation!   Today we are thrilled to announce the Class of 2019 Marketo Champions! Each member of this group has proven themselves to be a steadfast Marketo brand ambassador and a valuable asset to ...
    Will Harmon
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  • Marketo Email Editor 2.0 – Insights you should know!

    *****Originally Published on Grazitti website*****   What’s In It For Me? Risks involved when enabling the new email editor. Ideal way to make the full use of the new editor. Experience of marketers who...
    Alok Ramsisaria
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  • ABM Account Scoring

    ***Posted on behalf of Tallie Belitz, Senior Manager of Sales & Marketing Operations at Kollective Technology.***   Marketo’s Account Based Marketing module is a powerful tool, but it can be intimi...
    Conner Hatfield
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  • Introducing The NEW Marketing Nation Community Manager, Jonathan Chen

    Marketing Nation members, I’m thrilled to announce a new addition to my team, Jonathan Chen. Jon will be taking lead as Community Manager and, as such, will be working with all of you to ensure our Community rem...
    Janet Dulsky
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  • Using Munchkin on Multiple Domains

    You can use Munchkin on any page you like, but the thing to remember if you have multiple products or divisions in your company is that Munchkin cannot automatically track a lead across domains.  This only applie...
    John Clark
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  • Building an advanced email queue with Marketo Engagement Programs

    By Phillip Wild, original discussion can be found here.   Marketo’s Engagement Programs can do some extremely useful things for the marketer. What was once a series of complicated user journeys can now be d...
    Janet Dulsky
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  • SHA-256-ing an email address in Velocity

    Can't believe someone other than me has thought about cryptographic techniques in Marketo! But in this recent Nation thread, a user asked about attaching the SHA-256 hash of a recipient's email address to (email) link...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • Using Formulas in Marketo

    When it comes to formulas in Marketo, most users have doubts about how to use them and their real benefits. Formulas can be used for several purposes, such as data cleaning, formatting, validating emails, defining seg...
    Fab Capodicasa
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  • Marketo Revenue Attribution Explained

    By Tom Grubb, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Pi   What can you say about marketing analytics that hasn’t already been said? Plenty when you know how many well-intentioned marketers too often misrepresent,...
    Janet Dulsky
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  • Instructions for Creating a Custom Sync Rule

    I was reviewing all the great articles about implementing a custom sync rule and thought it would be nice to finally have them all in one location. Enjoy!   First, what is a custom sync rule? A custom sync rule ...
    Brian Law
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  • Adding an “Other” option to Marketo forms without adding db fields

    You often see Marketo forms with an "extension" field where a lead can type an explanation for their Other/None of the Above choice.     This works well enough from the lead's perspective. You can use Visib...
    Sanford Whiteman
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  • How to Update Email Address for a Lead Via the Marketo Leads API

    I recently received a request from a customer who was trying to update a person's email address via the API. He was trying to use the Create and Update Lead API, and because the lead had a new email address, he was ge...
    James Laughlin
    created by James Laughlin